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 Reika's Abilities

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PostSubject: Reika's Abilities   May 31st 2009, 2:19 pm

Kekkei Genkei: Kinetic/Potential Manipulation: Lets me manipulate Kinetic and Potential energy, on solid, using gas control.
((Note: They blow up on my command only. This Kekkei Genkei gives me a boost in speed, stamina, and agility.))

Radiant Eyes: Allows me to see the amount of energy a person is using. It also helps me to sense the presence of something by the amount of energy consumption.

Absorbtion: Allows me to absorb kinetic and potential energy at the touch of something weak. The more I absorb, the more speed, agility, and stamina, I gain from that opponent. NOTE: I don't absorb energy from attacks or regular energy, I absorb from things that were recently in motion.

Kinetic Explosion: Allows me to charge kinetic energy into an object and then explode.

Impulse: When someone touches me, I can put in energy on that spot and explode that part.

Potential Touch: I can take away potential energy, causing them to feel more tired, slow, and lose stamina and speed. It also causes them to feel wobbly and weak.

Atomic Breakdown: I have the ability to break down the atoms and molecules of gases and plasma. I can detect the type of gases and break it down to a molecular level, separating them and causing a different element to be formed.

Uranium- 238: Complete control of nuclear and atomic explosions. I can bring together these gases from a wide area.

- Also, I can dry the liquids with ease, depending on how much force is used, changing their state of matter. To control things, they have to be in a gaseous state.

Dire Beam: I can send an intense red beam, and thicken it to a wide width and height. It doesn't hurt them physically, but gos through their body, and damages internal organs.

Kinetic Waves: After collecting kinetic energy from an object in motion or heat, I can send waves of it, mixed with seismic waves.

Ability: Can form kinetic energy into hot, thermal energy. Can also take chemical energy from any creature/human.

Plasma Control: I can take gases and most things in the form of plasma, using those to attack. Mostly use it for my explosions. However, I do not have complete control over plasma. As it is contained in many varieties of things. I can gather ionized gas from nearby, especially from my lightning.

Chidori Eisou: I can form any weapon made of pure lightning, though I usually prefer a whip. This can cut through most things, and can easily cut through a human. It can extend at any length.

Chidori Senbon: I can form tiny senbon needles made of pure lightning chakra. These are invisible to the regular human eye.

Raijins Bolt: I can send electric bolts from any direction into the opponent.

Electric Jabs: I can send electric currents into my hands and fingers and jab the opponent. One jab can be fatal.

Summoning Pillars of Lightning: I create invisible pillars around my opponent, trapping them in a somewhat dome-like lightning. Trying to escape by going through, will only shock them for a while.

Quick Sand: I can soften the ground underneath and create quicksand or mud for them to sink.

Distortion: I can break down the earth and create holes and pits for people to fall into.

Collision: Change the land form, using tectonic collision.

Granite: I can form rock harder than granite on my body and skin for protection. I can even form my body into pure earth or mud.

Earth Dome: A dome of earth surrounds the opponent and sucks out their chemical nutrients and kinetic energy.

Earth Spikes: Pointy, spikes come out from under ground.

Pillars: The ground breaks into pillars, where we only step on those, or fall down onto the electric layer running under.

Rocky Shower: Large, granite rock pieces fall from the sky and shower onto the opponent.

Mud Flow: I can sink underground and stay there. Also, the ability to create landslides, mudslides; destructive ones.

Exploding Geysers: Sudden explosions will form under the opponent or near them.

Mud Scrolls: Swirls of mud will come out of the ground to grab the opponent and follow them.

Explosive Shower: Explosions fall and shoot out from the sky.

Elemental Table: Using the ability to control gases, I can control most of the elements in the periodic table.

((These are used with my kinetic energy and gas control))
((NOTE: The stars, nebula's, and nuclear explosions are not the one's that happen in space, these are the earth version of it, smaller.))

Nebula: I can gather gases, circling them and combining them into a destructive nebula, baby star. However, this nebula is much, much weaker than a regular one. It has extreme thermal (changed from kinetic) energy, and can cause a lot of damage to one.

Nuclear Fusion: After pulling together most of my chakra, I can take atoms and nuclei's((different charges)) of a variety of gases that have low mass and combine them, shining brightly, luminating against dark.

Exploding Star: It is not near the luminating strength of a nova. It is a nuclear explosion, in which the radiation of gases explode. Usually, it takes time for a star to excel and burst, but I can do it in short time. Once, the explosion happens, it reaches all areas in usually a second, expanding with extreme heat.

Neutron Star: After gathering, subatomic particles and neutrons, I can dispel it into this. It causes the balance of the area to stumble. Somewhat, creating a weak feeling for the opponent and causing them to feel as if gravity is lost.

Black Hole: No, it does not suck people into another dimension. The abilities of this black hole, is so it can escape light. On a sunny day, with a black hole around, there will barely be light around. Since, my black holes are weak, it usually leaves out most things. I also use it to surprise attack. For example, if I create two black holes, I put one hand into it, the other part of my hand will stick out in the other hole. ((You'll see in battle))

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PostSubject: Re: Reika's Abilities   June 10th 2009, 5:31 pm

Hmmm, I have a lot to say about this, but it wouldn't be fair, you are fighting my other character. <.<
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PostSubject: Re: Reika's Abilities   June 10th 2009, 5:34 pm

Please tell me. I really won't mind. I was hoping for a higher-up to tell me if anything in my jutsu list was out of the question and was not allowed.
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PostSubject: Re: Reika's Abilities   June 10th 2009, 5:37 pm


Can you please look over this, I don't want to seem bias. But let me finish our fight, I think its my post.
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PostSubject: Re: Reika's Abilities   June 10th 2009, 6:16 pm

*grumble at Rose >>; *

Yes, I've already approved of all this in PM strings and such. Reika seems like she has a level head and is responsible enough not to abuse the seemingly potential godhackery in these moves, and knows her limits. If anything she posts proves otherwise, they'll be appropriately nerfed.
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PostSubject: Re: Reika's Abilities   

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Reika's Abilities
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