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 Jiro's Techniques

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PostSubject: Jiro's Techniques   May 31st 2009, 3:12 pm

Note: I can make iron sand out of anything that has iron or is affiliated with it. Also iron sand cuts through things more easily than regular sand and is more sharper.

I am NOT limited to these sand jutsu because say someone threw a kunai at me, I can make the sand go and catch the kunai and throw it back or the sand will just block it, depending on what I choose. I can also make the sand just go at the opponent and just use it like that to attack because of my kekkei genkai and its ability to easily manipulate sand just like that.

- Sand Techniques -

Sand Land - When I need more sand, I can use my sand that's left and make it go onto the ground/underground. It will create more sand in many different ways such as crushing some of the earth and such. Any crushed pebbles and rocks become sand and stuff.

Desert Dragon - I would form a dragon(s) out of the sand and they would go at the opponent and a very high speed, and if they hit the opponent they would try to crush the opponent. They opponent will get cut by the teeth if touched since the teeth are like spikes.

Sand Wall - I can use the sand and make a wall so it can protect me.

Sabaku Fuyuu - Lets me make the sand come up into the air and then let me and/or other ninja to stand/sit/rest on it and protects us from any danger below.

Desert Prison - Can make sand come around the opponent and encircle them. Then it shall go around the opponent in the form of a sphere. I can also use it and make it go around me for some protection.

Desert Armor - Creates an armor of very hard and dense sand around me.

Desert Coffin - I manipulate the sand and and make it wrap around the opponent. It goes from there legs to the top of the opponents head. It crushes the opponents bones as it happens.

Desert Funeral - Once the opponent is encased within my desert coffin, I'll use desert funeral which constricts and crushes the opponent fully. It is a very strong technique and causes severe injuries when attacked by the technique.

Quick Sand Waterfall Current - Using the sand around me, I will manipulate it so a large tidal wave size amount of sand will go and cover the opponent and area. As it covers the area it will try to crush the opponent and it will crush everything else, turning things into sand.

Desert Imperial Funeral - When there's enough sand around, I can pick a lot of it up, and throw it over the opponent, making it hard to dodge and also it will break there bones.

Halberd Of Shukaku - I can use the sand to create an shukaku like halberd that is very strong. It can penetrate very strong defences. It can break through many types of metal, stones/rocks, diamonds, and etc.

Shield Of Shukaku - To stop an incoming attack, I will mainfest a small form of the Shukaku demon out of sand. my collects extremely solid minerals from underground and mixes them into my sand using pressure from my chakra. This creates a very strong defensive barrier.

Sand Shurikens - I can use nearby sand to turn them into deadly sand shurikens that can inflict large amount of damage.

Sand Shower - I make large clumps of sand near the opponent to distract them. It can send sand projectiles and makes it easier for me to use desert coffin by dropping the sand on the opponent.

Cocoon Of Sand - Lets sand orbit around me and then make a cocoon of sand around me protecting me from things such as regular punches, grenade type explosions, and many different projectiles.

Desert Shield - When there is sand, I can use the sand to go anywhere around me, protecting me from the danger.

Sand Clone - Lets me create a clone of sand. It takes a few hard punches to destroy it.

Sand Spikes - I can use the sand and harden it and turn them into large spikes that will go into the opponent, cutting and slicing them.

Sand Whirlpool - I can use the sand and sucks the opponent into the ground/sand. When in the ground/sand, the pressure will crush the opponent. While your being sucked in, the ground/sand will try to cut and slice you.

Iron Sand Whirlpool - Same thing as sand whirlpool except that it cuts easily and it sucks you in quicker.

Iron Sand Wold Method - I would mix in my deadly poison to bolster the techniques lethality. Using a massive amount of iron sand, I will cause a huge 3D lattice work of spikes to form, piercing most anything in its path. If one gets scratched by the poisoned sand spikes, the individual's body goes numb almost instantly and stops moving. The poison will not effect me.

Iron Sand Joint Attacks - I can make the iron sand connect and turn into any shape I want. Then , depending on the shape, I can do different stuff such as ride on it, drop it on things/opponents to crush them under the pressure, or pierce through things/opponents.

Iron Sand Shower - I will form the sand into small piercing clumps which can rain down on my opponent. Because of the deadliness of the attack, a ninja must do all they can to avoid it, rather than make any attempt to block it.

Iron Sand Swords - Using the iron sand I can swords appear oon my hands that are made of iron sand. They are sharper than regular metal and can cut easily.

Iron Sand Dragon - I make a dragon out of iron sand that goes and attacks the opponent cutting them severely. Also it has poison in it making it deadlier and more of a reason to avoid. If hit by this jutsu a lot, the person may become paralyzed or numb.

Iron Sand Wall - Same as sand wall except that when an opponent touches it, the iron sand with shave/cut the opponent.

- Poison Techniques -

Poison Mist - I exhale poison all over the place making it hard to not breathe the poison in. The poison is very effective. It also makes the place hard to see.

Poison Inhaler - I can inhale any poison or toxin and it wont effect me.

Poison Mist Hell - Same as poison mist except I throw one shuriken, flail, kunai, and senbon which turns into around 1000 of those projectiles.

Poisonous Punch - When ever I hit you poison will be injecting onto your skin, which will quickly go inside you, but slowly spread for now.

Poison Destruction - When poison enters me I can easily take it out from my mouth as a blob of the poison and then I can use the poison as my weapon.

Poison Blast - I send continuous blasts of poison all over the place. The blasts go at a very high speed.

- Lightning -

Chidori - Lightning chakra forms into my hand and I hit something, to cause some devastating damage.

Lightning Laughter - I send a barrage of lightning bolts out of my body that go and follow the opponent.

Lightning Absorbtion - I can absorb lightning.

Lightning Beam - I send out a beam of lightning at the opponent.

Lightning Waves - I send waves of lightning at the opponent.

((Will finish soon))

Last edited by Jiro on June 22nd 2009, 2:47 pm; edited 5 times in total
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Posts : 89
Age : 23
Village of Residence : Kingdom of Chaos
Join date : 2009-05-31
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Kekkei Genkai : Sand Waves

PostSubject: Re: Jiro's Techniques   June 1st 2009, 9:38 pm

Medical Jutsu -

Healing Palm - A basic healing technique that causes my hands to glow a green-ish color. It can easily heal cuts, bruises, and minor wounds.
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PostSubject: Re: Jiro's Techniques   June 11th 2009, 2:18 pm

Needs to be removed until Higher rank is achieved... just strike it out for now till you get a better rank.

Lightning Hate - I send out a very strong bolt of lightning that can cause a lot of destruction and is very dangerous to touch. It can easily destroy a very large area.

Raikiri - A much stronger version of Chidori.

Heaven's Lightning - I shoot as much lightning from the sky as I want, which go at around the speed of lightning. They are much hotter and stronger than regular lightning.

Jiro wrote:
Note: I can make the iron sand out of nothingness and I can make the iron sand out of any nearby metal/metallic substance.

Uh... One thing is that even garra and sasori had to sand or iron sand come from a source. Garra had his gourd that continuously created new sand, if I'm correct, and Sasori had his body house the iron sand, memory is fuzzy. So creating sand out of nothingness seems impossible. As for the nearby metal/metallic substance, you called it Iron Sand for a reason therefore I suppose you can only pull out iron sand if and only if the object has iron in it.

Other than that I have no problems with the rest of your jutsus.

Let your rapidity be that of a wind, your compactness that of the forest.
In raiding and plundering be like fire, in immovability like a mountain.
Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.

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PostSubject: Re: Jiro's Techniques   

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Jiro's Techniques
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