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 The Music of it

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Fuuma Tera


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Kekkei Genkai : Sound and Darkness Manipulation

PostSubject: The Music of it   May 2nd 2009, 7:15 pm

Fuuma's weapons are designed by him with the time he used in the orphanage. His weapons are made to amplify his sound abilities and darkness. Not everything that's so fragile is weak.

Headphones: (Do Not need to be connected for sound waves to be used, but do need to be connected for the CD's abilities.)

These special headphones can give of sound waves, as well as nullify them to increase its own power. The sound waves burst from the ear peices, either to cause a loud sonic screech of to create a sonic boom of sound which could then be controlled. The sound waves through here are quicker than the ones through Skull Candy. There are a few metal strands inside the headphone cord, making it pretty durable and thick, it can be used as a whip in a sense.

Skull Candy-

Everything the regular headphones can do, but the cords are much more resist to elements, especially Darkness. My darkness can be mixed into the cords and the headphones itself to increase its power, flexibility, and mixing darkness with sound waves. Much louder than regular headphones, having more and stronger sound waves. it's unique design at the top gives it a fork type shape, allowing Fuuma to use it to nullify/negate sound waves.

Batteries: I can add a new pair of batteries to my CD player, doubling the power of my sound techniques. This can only be done once per match, since batteries are 5.95 a set.

CD player:

Stores one CD at a time. It is coated with dark energy and Fuuma's chakra on the inside, making it more stable. It gains an effect depending on what is being played:

CD 1- I can bend sound waves around the CD player, so it can act as a weapon of formed sound. I.e I could bend the sound around it to form it into an axe of some sort.

CD 2- Darkness forms around it, giving it a spiky coating of darkness. it can be used as a mass like this, but the cord can extend and harden with this track.

CD 3- Resist to Lightning/ Electricity.

CD 4- Resistant to Fire

CD 5- Pulsates darkness into the body, allowing greater speed to Fuuma.

CD 6- Pulsates darkness into the body, allowing more strength to Fuuma.

CD 7- Can disrupt wind attacks with it, canceling the attack.

CD 8- Sonic sound waves fill his body, allowing him to act as a fork which negates sound, allowing Mikazuya greater resistance to elements, though he can still be harmed, his body just has a slightly better resistance now. This was never practiced, the sound waves damage his body, so this is truly a last resort.

C.D.s: Each CD has a different ability, but with it being a CD at the end of the entire track, the effect wares off. That would be equivalent to about 7 post by me. This ability is resetted after every match.


CD 1-My Chemical Romance- This loud music has the strongest form of sound waves.

CD 2-Paramore- Fuuma prefers to listen to this one when its playing. While Paramore is playing, he becomes more flexible and physically enhanced. (not that way lol)

CD 3-All Time Low- This track allows Fuuma to disrupt electricity moves with its high base in the back ground. By disrupting them, he can cancel them out with sound waves on contact.

CD 4-All American Rejects- This music burns straight into the soul, and with that it allows Fuuma to block fire based attacks alot easier using the sound of the fire against it.

CD 5-Fall out Boy- This rock out music gives Fuuma enhance his darkness by a great amount. It increases darkness more than Linkin Park does.

CD 6-Linkin Park-This track enhances sound waves, not as much as My chemical Romance though. It on the other hand also powers up dark moves.

CD 7-Scratched CD- This is a messed up CD. The scratches make the sound waves sharper than they are, allowing them to pierce through many objects. It also gives off electric discharges with every scratch, combining a jolt of electricity with every sound wave.

CD 8-Mix CD of J-Rock- These lyrics are hard to understand, but they allow Fuuma to have complete control over the sound in the area, as well as increasing it's power. Because of that, this track is 8:00 minutes long, about 3 of my post.


Fuuma's one of a kind Scythe. With it he can manipulate the sound waves that are created with each of its swings. the scythe itself has condensed and compacted dark energy waves on it, giving it that glossy finish~. But the gloss isn't the purpose, these highly concentrated waves would shred off your entire hand if used wrong, and Fuuma made these waves so that his chakra is the only type of energy that can stabilize these waves. If anyone or anything else tried too with out Fuuma's chakra, the waves would become unstabilized, expanding wildly and shredding at the whatever is holding it. These condensed waves can also be used for battle, but even Fuuma himself has a hard time using them. Getting cut by the sycthe will cause the victim to have the attacked area break down due to the intense vibrations created by it, making every hit lethal.

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Fuuma Tera


Posts : 409
Village of Residence : Village of Reality
Join date : 2009-05-02
Cool Points (LOL) : 4
Kekkei Genkai : Sound and Darkness Manipulation

PostSubject: Re: The Music of it   May 30th 2009, 7:26 pm


I hate myself for doing this, but lets use our imagination here...>.> Couldn't find what I wanted.

This Snowboard is custom made by Tera, and aside from shredding though snow, it can be used to hover in the air by the manipulation of sound around it, and the sound created inside of it. Its black finish is actually dark energy that is mixed with Fuuma'c chakra in the same fashion as his Sycthe, keeping foreigners from touching it. Dark energy based attacks can be created from the board. It has a custom ability to split into, becoming something like skates, allowing Tera to maneuver better.

-The piece in the picture that would normally go into the computer (but won't because we're using our imagination here XD) is like a booster that is accessible once it splits into. Allows Tera to go at untraceble speeds through the sky.
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The Music of it
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