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 The Drill Rapier, Sting, and the Piercing Soul.

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PostSubject: The Drill Rapier, Sting, and the Piercing Soul.   May 31st 2009, 4:25 pm

Sting is a Drill Rapier, and can shift between Drill or Rapier, or combine them both to make an extremely slim drill blade on a rapier handle that can turn like a drill but still work as a rapier. Pictures will be posted soon.

Sting's Piercing Soul allows him to use a special ability called Soul Pierce, and is also highly corrosive to all substances. This means that he can basically pierce through any sort of wall of soul energy, or pierce straight into the soul itself without touching the body or harming the body. It also allows him to basically pierce through all hardened substances, so long as the Piercing Soul is active (it activates with a faint glow).

Sting's Soul Bind, which is another ability of his, allows his wavelength to curl around that of others upon physical contact or when they come within range of his soul and makes them unable to use Soul Energy or use Soul Resonance. Quite useful.

Weapon Abilities:

Heavy Spin: (Drill) Creates a giant forceful tornado of soul energy from wherever his drill is.

Spiral Funnel: (Drill) Spins the drill and concentrates slashes of soul energy that fly at a foe from every direction so long as the drill is spinning.

Helix Destroyer: (Drill) A swift, large, powerful spiraling drill of soul energy extends from his drill, making it longer and able to reach long distances quickly.

Destructive Drill: (Drill) Stabs drill into something and spins it at an incredibly high speed, making the air around it create a vacuum that literally warps the space around it temporarily and makes the thing it touches swirl into the form of the drill before being forced a GREAT distance back or being shattered instantly.

Sonicboom: (Drill) Spins drill at an incredible speed in a short time, making a huge sonic boom capable of easily breaking through a boulder come from around him.

Rotary Wind/er: (Drill) Drill spins so fast that it creates a vacuum around Sting or around the drill, and the vacuum either 1) Rotates the attack around Sting and makes it not hit him or 2) The vacuum makes the energy around the drill focus intensely, then it is fired as an incredible, spinning blast infused with soul wavelength or soul energy.

Piercing Fate: (Rapier) Stabs the rapier through the air and a slim, but extremely fast beam of concentrated soul energy shoots from it that goes through just about any defense.

Pinpoint Piercing: (Rapier) Moves at an extremely fast speed in a straight line, rapier glowing with the Piercing Soul, ready to stab into critical points of the body and the soul. It is difficult to avoid.

Rapier Machinegun: (Rapier) Stabs at a foe at an incredibly high speed. It can be used with or without soul energy, but when used with soul energy, it can rupture one's Soul Wavelength as well as draining Soul Energy.

Twin Needle: (Rapier) 1) Makes 2 rapiers from both hands come out and he brings them parallel to each other, shooting his Soul Wavelength between them swiftly, making a current that can be sent in the form of a lightning fast soul energy bolt. 2) Same as 1 except instead of a bolt, he stabs one of the rapiers into you and shocks you with his soul wavelength, first shattering your soul energy then the second one comes in and seals your soul wavelength, making resonance impossible for the moment. 3) Stabs into the foe or cuts the foe and shoots his Wavelength into them, forcing them back a great distance.

Bee Sting: (Rapier) Makes thousands of tiny soul energy rapiers float around him and stab at the foe at a high speed.

Poison Sting: (Rapier) Stabs the foe with his weapon infused with Soul Energy and his Wavelength, which infects the foe's wavelength and soul energy, slowly draining them and corroding them until they are no more. It works the same way for the actual SOUL, unless his wavelength is forced out of them.

Piercing Night: (Rapier) Once the foe comes in close, he shoots his wavelength into them to temporarily paralyze them, then proceeds to cut them endlessly with thousands of super fast, super speedy slashes from all around and from every direction until the foe can move again.

Midnight Slash: (Rapier) The foe comes in close and he shoots his wavelength straight into their optical lenses, making them unable to see until this attack is done. He slashes at them with an extremely powerful slash, sucking out his wavelength and their soul energy at the same time, leaving them depleted of energy.

Black Sting: (Rapier) Signature move of Sting. Upon making contact with his rapier, which will glow with black soul energy, the foe will be temporarily paralyzed via shocking and numerous blasts of Tear's Soul Wavelength on their souls. In a matter of a second or two, Sting will quickly deliver 100 or so slashes to various places on the body of his choosing. Finally, with the foe still paralyzed, Sting will release an incredibly large blast of Soul Energy from his rapier and last but not least, deliver a final piercing stab or slash to the foe.

Infinite Shining Blade: (Rapier) Points sword straight into the air and releases piercing, slim beams of soul energy from just about every direction. (Drill Rapier) Same as above, only the beams spin and cut up everything in their way.

Maelstrom: (Drill Rapier) Drills rapier spins at speeds that are so incredible, they are able to create vacuums of wind with suction higher than an F5 tornado, sucking in and utterly shattering and destroying and... well... erasing whatever gets caught in the spinning drill blade.
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The Drill Rapier, Sting, and the Piercing Soul.
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