Tymonland, The Veritas (Dusk)
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 Potential Tools in Motion

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PostSubject: Potential Tools in Motion   May 31st 2009, 6:26 pm

- Reika carries tiny molecular balls, that she uses to form into any bomb at any seismic level, perhaps even greater. These balls are used in battle to also absorb energy.

- Elmer: This whip is able to extend into any length and when it attacks, it sends electric currents. Elmer can absorb in kinetic and potential energy. I also use it to blast the opponent at touch. Another ability is to stretch out electric wires from the sides that are extrememly strong to grab hold of things from a far distance. The electric currents that it sends, passes on with every touch. This electric current doesn't blast or shock, it sends in signals to the opponents skin on a sticky substance like glue. The sticky substance can only be removed by burning it off with fire. The glue-like substance burns into the skin, going inside and destroying internal and vital muscular parts.

- Piercings: The piercings can be found usually inside Reika's mouth, all over her tongue. After chewing on a ring or stud, she spits it out as casualty. Once the ring is touched on the opponent, the saliva is entering their body secretly. The saliva grows until its puddle sized and soon enough a sea of my poisonous saliva is created. The saliva is made of poison that shreds the skin and starts to pull it apart rapidly. Some can be unseen due to its speed or its clear color.
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Potential Tools in Motion
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