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 Lukas' Puppet Gallery

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PostSubject: Lukas' Puppet Gallery   May 31st 2009, 7:36 pm

Alright Lukas’s new puppet’s with them having so many joints and pieces their more destructive and more lifelike since Lukas’ accident and turning his arms into hollow arms and in his old real human body his arms are able to hold about 100 strings each hand, or more.
(I don't own these picture in anyway)

First Puppet: Iron Ogre - With his height and wideness of this Puppet it seems like a most toughest. Well yes it is Lukas’ powerhouse puppet sometimes called upon in rough battles. It having the sight of a Tyrannosaurus, it’s hearing is very powerful that it can hear a pin drop miles away. Using supersonic waves are the cause of this like a bat it’s mouth vibrates releasing these supersonic waves. Able to see it’s location easily and the prey. It’s power not stopping there. He can manipulate the Earth Element, which fits his bulky characteristics. Some say it’s mouth can open and reveal barrels of a energy beam that can cause the earth you form and deform when the beam touches Earth materials.

Second Puppet: Scorpio - With possessing no legs it’s scorpion tail helps it keep balance the tail can expand and spear an opponent miles away with great speed and accuracy. It’s four arms having completely different weapons. Each holds an explosive attack. The scythe blade can release waves of energy of unknown elements. With two arm’s being the top two having spear like arms keeps the Puppet more balanced and more of a spider and scorpion character.

Third Puppet: ??? - Having a Mohawk and a appearance as a rock star. It is the total opposite. Having a long sword attached to his back, It can release water vapors unnoticeable, and can even create thick mist. Having the ability to control water and freeze it into the ice property it gives the ghost like puppet a more advantage. Having no arms yet a ticking time bomb for a stomach it can explode and release thousands of blades almost impossible to dodge. Since the bomb would explode the whole puppet this puppet can reform anywhere with the mist he would create from swinging his sword. And able to redo the process of exploding and reforming. Able to destroy thousands with ease.

Fourth Puppet: Phantom - Having the ability to control fire and dark energy it is said to be a skeleton of a sorcerer. Able to fuse these two element creating a deadly green energy that acts like a poison and can slow the prey down. It’s four arms able to detach and reattach any given moment gives this puppet a chance of dodging quicker and easier. Still more is unknown about this puppet.

Fifth Puppet: Mecha - Having the ability to control wind, and lighting it is said to be a unstoppable puppet. With it’s high defensive abilities, it can hold it’s own in most battles. Able to create wind itself within the giant orb where his stomach is the orb can open and release a HIGH and POWERFUL wave of wind or a jet of wind similar to Aero-Blast. Able to absorb wind based moves most of the time if the puppet’s arms and held in front of it, and the puppet is within the air. When on the ground using the machinery through his body his metal claws can release jolts of electricity. Even through the ground is this possible.
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PostSubject: Re: Lukas' Puppet Gallery   June 13th 2009, 9:09 pm

Hm...Interesting choice of puppet's and power spread into each single one....

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Lukas' Puppet Gallery
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