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 Dias' Weapons

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Spectre of the Depths
Spectre of the Depths

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Kekkei Genkai : Mahou Tsukai, Materialization, Alchemy, and Malevolent Rhythm

PostSubject: Dias' Weapons   June 2nd 2009, 4:07 pm


The only thing Dias had when Rion found her. As a fan of music Rion named it Beat. This gun has several different shots, it's similar to Rhythm, because it can be called to it's master, and it is made of a very similar material.

Void Pick

Dias' pick which is used to charge her form of Flow.

Void Rhythm

A guitar with dominion over sound, the ability to alter anything that she has injected sound into, and materialize. Its abilities allow it to manipulate sound waves and manipulate things that emit sound, or anything that Dias has put sound waves into.

Malevolent Glaive

This is an updated version of the Demon Glaive, it still has it's chain, and it can still extend infinitely from the users arm, but now it also alters the arm of the user, making it of the same material as the glaive, the glaive has melded it's existence with Void Rhythm and therefore it is made of the same thing, as is the arm when it is coated with the same material.


Dias's Hat is a living being, it is also an amplifier ((Guitar amp)) with the ability to emit, as well as eat sound and shock waves. The hat can see and talk, so it helps Dias in fights.

Weapon Form

This is my form as Rion's Soul Partner. I wasn't sure if I should put it as a jutsu or a weapon, so I'll just put something for it under both topics.
((I also revamped some of the things above XD))


This hammer has the ability to alter the gravity around it, as well as the gravity of anything it hits. Since this hammer is Dias, it is made of the same thing as Rhythm, since she's a Rhythmist and she owns a form of Rhythm

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Spectre of the Depths
Spectre of the Depths

Posts : 190
Village of Residence : Village Lost in the Depths
Join date : 2009-05-13
Cool Points (LOL) : 0
Kekkei Genkai : Mahou Tsukai, Materialization, Alchemy, and Malevolent Rhythm

PostSubject: Re: Dias' Weapons   June 2nd 2009, 4:20 pm


An ancient Japanese Sword Blessed by the gods and stolen from them buy me. the sword has been imbued with demonic and holy powers yet oddly enough it works excellently. the sword is the very soul of flame and can never be melted or negatively affected. can only be heated through my technique High Heat and even then it wont exceed 200 degrees farenheit.

Void ARMS Kusanagi

(Dias' is the one on the right)

has similar abilities to the Kusanagi but can absorb Fire and Lightning (since lightning stems from fire) and a little energy from Darkness based attacks, if to much energy is absorbed at once then the energy explodes outwards instantly and without warning in a 3 kilometer radius,. to avoid this the absorbed energy must by emptied out into my body and then dispersed from there in some way (attacks, speed enhancements, healing, etc.). the more energy that is absorbed the hotter the sword becomes and the more powerfully it burns, as it is made from Void Fire the sword can absorb if i want it to. the energy absorbed cannot be expelled directly through the sword but can be sent back to the sword and then used after it is purified by Void fire in the body

can ONLY be used in Deity Mode, which is only usable when the Heart of Hell is opened


Custom made handgun only imbued with demon magic. Made a very strong alloy , easily withstands attacks from other metals, very few can overcome it. a variety of shots (bullets) are used with it of 50 caliber bullets. Can be melted but is hard to do and requires high temperatures. Anubis can be broken and repaired but only once in a fight and only with enough time and concentration. not likely to happen during a fight.

Void ARMS Anubis

the shots are stronger and faster and there is more stuff in my jutsu's post

Loading Bullets
With Anubis load time is low since the bullets can be melted and then loaded into the gun quicker than just loading them solid. even reloading while running is easy, or while in a dangerous situation.

Anubis Bullets

There are many bullets, they are the A-E, O, and X bullets (more bullets coming soon XD)

Void ARMS Anubis Bullets

these bullets are only usable with the Void ARMS Anubis
these Bullets range from Alpha to Epsilon, and then skip over to Iota and Omicron (see greek alphabet)
cannot use the original Anubis Bullets, gun must be changed back for that.

Demon Glaive

A 3 bladed glaive. the chain is made of a similar material as the kusanagi but can be melted and also reformed with a bit of time. the chain can extend anywhere from my arm but only below my elbow it can extend more than 300 meters but becomes infinitely harder to control. the direction can be changed in mid flight using Burst Acceleration or Flame Wheel . Demon chain can be shattered and can be repaired in a fight but is not usable during that process.

The Demon Chain, he chain extends from my body and is connected to the Demon Glaive. it has various abilities, is unbreakable, and can be sealed from any distance, it also has immunity to fire and does not conduct electricity, however the glaive does. the chain is ub=ntouched by electricity.

Void ARMS Demon Chain
infinitely superior to the Demon chain the Void ARMS Demon Chain is a Dragon named Tiamat that extends from my body the way the original D.Chain does except it can extend from multiple places at once and it is able to move faster stretch further and in drastic situations act on its own. it is not an actual dragon, that is just the form of the Demon Chains soul in a physical form. Probably one of the greatest improvements is thtt the direction of Tiamat's flight can change with a simple flick of the wrist. all attacks with this weapon are stronger and it will have it's own unique attacks soon. here is a picture of Tiamat the Void Arms Demon Chain

just make the flames on it purple, it is Void Fire after all

Anti-God packs

A plastic bag (kinda like a zip lock bag except sealed shut instead of zipped) with an upside down cross on the front and back, it holds the blood of an ancient demon king in it.
burning these allows one to make clones of himself. Can also act as a cost for other things.
only 3 per match

Prinny Brigade

my personal workforce, these are the souls of humans that need to atone for their sins in life. unfortunately for them i was the one to buy them so they will work to death or be killed. Prinnies are used as bombs or a work force in my home. (it's obvious which one applies to this weapons topic)
Prinnies explode on contact after being sent flying (this includes throwing, kicking through the air, tripping and flying a bit, and flying towards a target on command, or of there own accord.


This sword allows exemplary control over darkness, The sword itself is forged of all elements, it's resistance to them is very high, it can absorb elements and it can unleash vast amounts of dark energy. The sword weighs thousands of pounds, though in th hands of someone of Aschereit's bloodline, it's feels as light as a feather.
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Dias' Weapons
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