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 REVAMPED Aya's Jutsu list

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Anima of the Depths
Anima of the Depths

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PostSubject: REVAMPED Aya's Jutsu list   June 2nd 2009, 4:14 pm

(Coming Soon to a list near you.)

Basically I use every element.

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PostSubject: Re: REVAMPED Aya's Jutsu list   June 11th 2009, 12:48 pm

Aya wrote:
Red Lust- my well known servants as you know are bats. They take their leave from my surrounding area and they attack my enemy by flying around them. Their skin is made like a sponge, they can attract chakra like a magnet. When they fly around or swoop down toward the enemy anywhere within a five feet of the enemy the enegry is drained from the body. My bats draw out the natural scents from the persons body as they absorb the chakra. Once they have gathered enough from the opponent they swoop down going in for a drink of blood, normally aiming for the neck or the arms. One of the sweetest spots for their fangs. (They absorb 2/8 of the chakra which makes the enemy light headed)

One thing about this... 2/8 of someone's chakra is 1/4... Considering you can literally absorb any person's chakra in a matter of seconds with a multitude of bats swarming them, if they were unable to deal with the bats, that take 1/4 of chakra each time they bite seems unfair since they take 1/4 of their total chakra each time they bite. (Correct me if I'm wrong.) So if you have a Kage or someone else with an extremely large chakra system/pool/whatever you want to call it and you bats managed to take several bites. Their chakra is now 3/4 with one bite and then it continues to decrease in that steady rate that reduces their chakra pool to a mere nothing. If this is the case a more reasonable amount should be used instead, more around to likes 1/100 of chakra with each bite.

Other than that I have no problem with anything else.

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REVAMPED Aya's Jutsu list
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