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 Tj's Stuff

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PostSubject: Tj's Stuff   June 2nd 2009, 6:05 pm

Usually my weapons are manifestations of my bones, their overall slicing power and strength is relative to my own... being one of the universes hardest substances it would take quite a bit for them to break, but they can slice stone, steel and othe hard substances. My bones are embodied with the storm flame, they are super condensed magma and are very hot as well. I can make anything from Axes to Chain Swords... as long as I have the creativity.

The Phoenix Feathers, these specifc quills are that of Al'Ar and their destructive capabillties are huge, a series of these specail kunai when applied to the critical point of an opponent and when fused with my psychokenesis can have billions of destructive capabilities. I can throw them quite fast, and they are virtually indestructible as well. I usually throw volleys of them at a time.

Phoenix Contract

Being the Herald for Al'Ars power TJ has made a contract with him granting her an in depth arsenal of power to use at her disposal she is more than capable of summoning the Giant Phoenix at her discretion or turning her limbs to his or using his power the phoenix contract tattoo looks like this:

An example of TJ using the phoenix Contract would be using Al'Ars wings to fly

Al'Ar being the size of a jumbo Jet
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Tj's Stuff
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