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 Ember's Jutsu

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PostSubject: Ember's Jutsu   May 2nd 2009, 7:55 pm

Ember is a ninja from the Reality Village so...here's a list of Jutsu!

Kekkei Genkai: Chiyu Te
Roughly translated, it means 'Healing Hand'.

When Chiyu Te is used, it looks somewhat like orange chakra. Chiyu Te varies in uses and forms, and can be applied in battle techniques. It is basically a highly advanced form of medical justu. the 'orange chakra' can heal almost any wound, as well as protect against poison, etc.

When used in battle, it targets an opponents inner organs, becoming the opposite of a medical justsu, instead becoming a deadly weapon. (Could be similar to the Hyuuga clan's 'gentle fist' effects). It also strengthens the impact of physical blows when applied in hand-to-hand combat.

Sword summoning:

It isn't much of a jutsu...but it's a big aspect of her fighting style. She swiped two fingers down her right arm and *poof* a sword appears. She uses her sword in many of her techniques.

Lightning Attacks:

Ember's chakra is lightning natured, causing lightning attacks to stand out in her arsenal. SHe has the ability to transform her chakra into lightning or electricity, making for a deadly attack. She commonly applies this ability with weapons, causing commmon things such as senbon or kunai, to carry the lightning element.


Ember only knows one kind of genjutsu, but prefers not to use it. It is deadly, but can be named a 'double-edged sword' and is therefore more of a last resort...
It's named 'black hole illusion' after the darkness that surrounds both the caster and victim when cast. All jutsu and weapons are useless inside the blackness, and your senses are killed. SHe then strikes with deadly weapons when the vistim is unable to dodge...
unfortunately, the jutsu requires mass amounts of chakra, and leaves her both physically and mentally exhausted after only mere minutes.

One year time skip~

In the one year time skip, Ember worked on improving all elements of her battle, as well as developing jutsu within another element. Water.

Water attacks:

Water bullet jutsu:
It's exactly as it sounds. She fires water bullets from her mouth, pakced with chakra, and extremely powerful upon impact.

Water Sword:
Ember applies water jutsu with her basic katana. She swings her sword, making a powerful, huge wave of water erupt from the side.

A second sword:

She now uses double swords as a weapon...it's the same method of summoning, except she swipes two fingers down her left arm.
her right sword is primarily used for Lightning and electric attacks, while her left sword is used for water.

Combining the elements:

...Lightning and Water...do the math Wink

Hmm...I'm having a total brain fart at the moment...I know I'm forgetting something...but I can't remember what. Sorry if it didn't make much sense... :scratch:
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Ember's Jutsu
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