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 Vaxiclex's Weaponary and Items

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PostSubject: Re: Vaxiclex's Weaponary and Items   June 12th 2009, 2:48 am

Dealing with your shit is a real headache....
Katana - A katana. I currently have 4.

Chaos Voyager Set - A set of equipment I wear.

World Destroyer - A weapon that can cut through anything. It can cur through because of the magic inserted into it. Though the denser the object a bit longer it takes. Things that are around 50x the strength of steel will only need one weak slash to cut in half.
Um, yeah, Not fucking acceptable. A weapon that can cut through anything? and as a gennin? Try again. Even for a jounin, that is too damn much. and cut through in one slash anything 50x only need one slash? Nuh uh, this entire weapon will be removed.

ChaosVoyager Book - A book about my families secrets and the kekkei genkai. It helps me unlock all the powers of my kekkei genkai.

W.D. Gun - Same as the World Destroyer except it is in a gun form. The bullets are unlimited and also the bullets are a bit stronger because of the the amount of speed it travels around with. I control these bullets, so if I shoot it straight at you, and you move, I can direct the bullet to follow you.
Godhack, or extremely close. Once again, your a gennin, you won't, can't and shouldn't have anything that can "go through anything". And to make it worse, the bullets follow you at your will? nope, and just like your first W.D weapon, this one will be removed entirely.

Water Rocker - A sword made out of water. It uses the water and moisture around to aid it in battle. With enough moisture, it can extend as far as possible. Once something touches the blade, they start to instantly freeze.
Extend to any length is a bit much, it needs a limit, especially at genin. And even if you do rank up, that will only be effective depending on the enviroment in which you battle. Freezing whatever it touches is a no, and how does a WATER sword FREEZE what ever touches it, but it doesn't freeze it self? The struck out section will be removed, and you will tone the underlined part down.

DracoEye - An eyepiece that I wear on my left eye. It lets me see very far and clear, such as letting me see the stars as if I was next to it or as if I was in space. More abilities will be found later.

Space/Time Gravity Training Room - I have a pill and when I throw it on the floor, I can activate it. It will turn into a small room where I can train for 3 years in the room which in real life would be 3 days. A year in the room is 1 day in real life. That's an advantage. Also you can change the gravity in the room to help you in your training. You can go 2x gravity or even 500x gravity. You can also go 1000x gravity. This is what I use a lot
Don't even know how this counts as a weapon. Only way you could possibly use this would be to, well, train. but thats what training topics are for, and this bs is not going to be your little loophole for gaining more god like jutsu {yeah, I read that} or more cheap ass weapons. This will be omitted until a SANNIN or up say so.

Re-think your weapons, tone your stuff down ALOT, and stay within your rank. No offense with my horrid comments, its 2:40 and I wasted my time doing this, not happy. <<
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PostSubject: Re: Vaxiclex's Weaponary and Items   June 12th 2009, 7:20 am

By the way... change the name of the "world destroyer" thing. Because you called it the "world breaker" one time. People will think of my jutsu before they think of your sword
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Vaxiclex's Weaponary and Items
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