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 Kira Kat's Magic!

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Kira Kittredge


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PostSubject: Kira Kat's Magic!   June 5th 2009, 12:24 pm


Hello, My name is Kira, and I am on of the
Reality's/Vericrution witchlings. Yes, Yes, I know... The key, the staff, the magic
circle, and the top two chants are from Cardcaptor Sakura, but when I
looked up pictures of staffs on Photobucket, Google, and Yahoo; their
were no good ones. Also, since I am using one of the CCS staffs, I need
some of the CCS chants to summon the staff and to prepare attacks.
Also, the fire and earth, the invisibility, the levitation, and healing
spells are from witchcraft sites, but after that it is all original. ((The ones that rhyme are the original ones.))
ANYWAY... This is a list of my magical objects that I use and my spells or chants.

  • My key: (They change as a I Rank-Up)
My Key as a Genin:

My Key as a Chuunin:

  • My staffs: (They change as a I Rank-Up)
My Staff as a Genin:

My Staff as a Chuunin:

My Magic Circle:


  • Transforming the key into the staff:
Key of the Star With powers burning bright, Reveal the staff and shine your light! Release!

  • Preparing to Attack:
I call upon the power of my star Ancient forces, near and far. Transform all your might and draw your power from my light!

  • FIRE style attacks:
Fire's burning, higher and higher; talking to the stars in the sky above.
Witches gather round the fire, sharing the warmth, and the light of
love. The drum keeps beat with the chanters singing, the dancers
ringing the fire because; they are the ones who with the spirits, soar
with the embers to the sky above.

  • EARTH style attacks:
Tall trees, warm trees,
Strong winds, deep waters,
I feel it in my body,
And feed it to the source.

  • Invisibiliy spell:
Bright night,
Dark night,
Cloak me in light,
As dark as the night.

  • Levitation spell:
As stone is to earth,
So, staff is to stone,
Death and rebirth,
Heart and bone,
May light fly, I call awy stone,
I summon you sky, Call me on.

  • Healing spell: (As of now only smaller injuries, but it will get stronger)
This is the spell that we intone,
Flesh to flesh and bone to bone,
Sinew and sinew and bone to bone,
and each one shall be whole again.

  • Soul draining spell:
Heart to heart and hand and hand,
Give me your soul is my demand.
When you wake you will have no soul,
You will have feeling that you will not be whole.
You will walk this earth knowing that you shall go to heaven nor hell,
This is the power of my spell.

  • Charkra draining spell:
I call to you my little star, In my time of desprite need,
I am using the last of my strentgh to cast this spell.
Draw energy from my enemy, So I can finish the fight,
This battle should end swell.
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Kira Kat's Magic!
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