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 Jutsu's of Ren

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PostSubject: Jutsu's of Ren   May 2nd 2009, 8:45 pm

- Emotion manipulation: calming the nerves or exciting them to make the opponent go through a different feeling/ characteristics such as feeling (happy, sad, angry, nice, lazy, boring, stuck up, snobby ext...). I create illusions with the emotions so the opponents mind is actually convinced and tricked. Since my chakra nature is wind and aroma, i use wind to increase my range in manipulating the person. I also send an aroma with the wind to confuse the smell directly. I can take the aroma of someone and the opponent might think it's someone else. (For wind, I can create it from my very body but it takes up a lot of chakra, unless I am near a breeze. I use the breeze/wind to attack.)

- Illusions: -
Create illusions of different people, place, or thing using the aroma of "anything". The aroma will cause the "clone" form of the person, place or thing, to have the exact natural feeling/touch/smell.
- Sight: An envelope of darkness where nothing at all can be seen. Special eye techniques will probably not work, because it is all an illusion for there is nothing to see.
- Hell Fire: Illusion that you are burning in the real Hell. It feels as if you have been in Hell for a hundred years, though it has only been 1 minute.
- Unconscious: The puts you to sleep and makes you unconscious at my will.
- Control: I can cause the opponent to see me as someone that they are close with, such as, friends/loved ones/enemies, using the exact natural aroma of the person.
- Nowhere: The opponent will see only blinding light and feel that they are in the middle of nowhere. Nothing can be seen, because ultraviolet/gamma rays will spread in.
- Triple: On the count of my voice, an illusion of seeing hundreds of thousands of me will appear.
- Mental Issues: I can project an emotion that I am feeling and bring it into another.
- Empathy: Ability to feel and read the emotions of another. Without talking, I can tell someone what I'm thinking, by sending an aroma into the nervous system. It will not tell them exactly what I am thinking but will sending a small message, enough to understand.
- Memory: I can enhance the memory of another with feelings. It will not bring their memory back, but will help them remember some feelings that they used to go through. It does not work on me for some reason.
- Overload Insanity: Can fill the persons mind with excessive pain, forcing them to think about only pain and can make them go crazy at my will.
- Petal Drop: It will appear for the sky to turn dark and it will start raining on the opponent, however, it isn't rain, its really tiny, sharp bugs made of pure wind, ready to pinch and slice. They crawl like bugs and continue until their on the opponents skin.

- Infiltration: Large and small holes will be created in the ground, infiltrating any liquidized substance.
- Vibration: I can sense how much force the opponent is using in their attacks.
- Wind Phoenix: A phoenix made of pure wind is formed and can go through objects.
- Wind Ball: throws a fury of wind towards the opponent from the back and front.
- Wind Palm: I give my sense to my wind chakra and face my palm towards them, so the wind is attacking them continuously from every direction and follows them.
- Slash: With wind and air already near the opponents surroundings, it will attack them quickly, since it is already next to them.
- Air Dome: Surrounds the opponent in a dome of wind. The air inside traps the opponent, so that it will be hard for them to move and crushes, pressurizes, and squeezes them.
- Burst: I inhale a large amount of carbon dioxide and fill up my body with it. Soon enough, every millimeter of skin on my body is blown up and I disappear. What happens is, once I blow up with my old layer of skin, I form into a toxic and gaseous state for a few minutes. I can over power another toxic gas in that form.
- Fist of Fury: I punch the ground with great strength and send wind down the ground so the wind attacks them from below, while at the same time i send it from above and next to them. This wind type cuts through skin and shaves it with it's waves. It slices very smoothly, so it cause little destruction. Whatever was cut, falls smoothly and lightly to the ground, like paper.
- Wind Slice: The wind rolls into extremely thin disks, which will be hard to see, allowing it to slice down into strong objects, including some types of metal, like iron or steel.
- Spinning Fan: Can inhale in the upcoming fire or wind, which is coming at me, and then blow it into the opponent with 2 times the greater force from my mouth.
- Snake Vine: Use wind and aroma to surround the opponent like a snake and squeezes them with great force along with making them feel sleepy and tired. . I create illusions with the emotions so the opponents mind is actually convinced and tricked.
- Inhale: I can inhale any type of smell, gas, poison/toxic, dust, in a small molecule form and send it back flying towards the opponent.
- Re-generate: If there is enough wind, breeze, nearby, I can use the air from it, to re- generate it into my chakra, if its low.
((My lungs/throat have a protection from whatever I inhale, so the toxic won't hurt me. They are generated by the wind inside.))
- Holes: I can create holes in my body, so my inside dissipates into wind. It is useful in defense, because when I create a hole, and someone throws something or attacks, lets say a kunai, the kunai will go through the hole in my body and come out the other side. From the hole inside my body, wind comes out, blowing into he opponent.
- Razor Touch: I can form razor sharp air currents on my body so when someone touches me with their skin or anything that connects to their body, the razor air currents will run through and slide onto the opponent.
- Chakra Layer: Forms a layer of pure chakra on my skin, protecting my pores and some gases.
- Dense: Using my aroma, I increase and decrease the density or mass of certain things. Such as on myself. I can decrease the density, so it will be easier to travel and flow. This only lasts with the aroma on my control.
- Absorb: I can absorb the air/wind for a while and then blow it back out.
- Katrina: Using enough wind I can form hurricanes around the opponent. It is just like any other hurricane, breaking things in its way.
- Wind Swirl: A circle of wind forms on top and bottom of the opponent and encloses them with pressure.
- Orb: Surround myself with cool moist air. Inside the orb, the temperature is always the same. It protects me from hot and cold.
- Typhoon: During a storm or windy area, my legs disappear, and I gather wind to form a whirl of tornado under me to help me travel. It is also destructive and very fast.
- Disc: I can create a sharp disc out of wind. It helps me ride far distances without walking. This disc moves at a very very fast pace.
- Cyclone: Helps me travel with wind.
- Access: (Not use-able) Using my Holes jutsus, I am starting to feel like wind. Meaning I am starting to go through a wind phase. As of now, I am too weak and low to do anything near that.

-AROMA- ((It does not effect me, since i am immune to it and have a different aroma around me. Also these aroma's go through open spaces in your body, such as, ears, nose nostrils, mouth, sweat pores. I can make these affect me on my own will.))
Harsh Aroma: It enhances the opponents smelling ability by 1,000. This way if they try to close the nostrils, it still might not help, depending on the persons stats and ability on the 5 senses.
Deceit : The aroma sends signals to your brain, causing the opponent to remember their most painful memory. If they have never felt pain before, they will feel it now. So it will bring them to think of something, they never want to happen.
Paralyze: An aroma that causes the opponent to lose their sense of hearing and seeing.
Aroma of Nectar: An aroma that attracts bees from a wide range of areas and directs them to the opponent.

Jizno: My summoning of a Phoenix.

-Soul Partner- Tyven ((Met him from Sadako))
Tyven: Vampire
Abilities: Will put later.
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Jutsu's of Ren
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