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 Inari's Jutsu

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Lt. Inari
Phantom of the Depths
Phantom of the Depths

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Kekkei Genkai : Kitsune no Fungeki

PostSubject: Inari's Jutsu   May 2nd 2009, 9:42 pm

Being a guardian of the Earth/Heaven, I naturally have domain over earth chakra and a little bit of light. I don't use light very much, which is something I hope to develop here.


Upheaval - The ground is either lifted or dropped.

Splashdown - A tidal wave of earth and rock. It moves a quick pace as if it were liquid.

Seismic Crush - The earth is lifted into 4 pillars of granite that surrounds the opponent ramming into them until the

Drop-off - The ground below the opponent quite literally drops from beneath an opponents feet to a pit of sharp granite spikes.

Roots of Wrath - The roots of any trees or plants in the surrounding area area shoot out of the ground to either impale or capture an enemy.

The Fallen - Leaves or grass blades are used as weapons against an opponent. The leaves/grass are much more resistant than normal(the density of high-carbon steel) and can easily cut through stone.

Wither - Any plants in the area will begin to feed off the chakra of an opponent in small amounts(if they are grounded). By doing so, that energy is then replaced in Inari's reserves.

Sandtrap - Using the earth around him, Inari can pass between places within a short amount of time. It similar to using the earth as a wormhole of sorts, which can also be used with his weapons.

Immersion - Inari has the ability to bind his physical structure with the nature surrounding him. i.e. trees, rocks, plants, etc. When the technique is used, a false body or empty shell of himself is left behind letting him pop up wherever an element of similar properties may be.

Tectonic Plating - Inari is covered various stone armor plates to protect him from attack. Depending on the elemental properties of the attack being used against him, a different kind of stone will be used. The downside to this technique is that Inari becomes slower than normal. Lead being the heaviest and obsidian the lightest. Another tactical advantage is that it may be used to protect or confine others when in the vicinity of various forms of terrestrial/extraterrestrial rock.
Fire = Granite
Water = Obsidian
Wind = Limestone
Sound = Lead
Brute force = Diamond

Rollout - This technique encases Inari in a hollow boulder in which he uses to charge enemies at high speed(think sonic, just a bit slower). Inari's spear protrudes from the center of the ball on both sides and can still be used defensive/offensively.

Fury Swipes - Blades of earth slice through the air toward the opponent originating from Inari's fingertips.

Illusive Step - Inari moves at great speeds leaving a plethora of after images to confuse the opponent, Unlike normal after images, these can deal damage/produce attacks for the brief moment they are in a stable state.

Fox Clones - Any hairs that detach from Inari or Mother's body can immediately be turned into clones.

Light((all light attacks move at light speed. Its physics...nothing i can really do about it. ))

Refraction - Beams of white hot sunlight rain down from the sky aimed at the target. These beams can be reflected to bend around objects with the use of my spear.

Heaven's Calamity - Similar to refraction in that beams of light rain from the sky, except home in on the opponent and cut through most things except diamond(at this point in time) followed by a series of explosions.

White Balance - The intensity of the light on the battlefield is spiked to a blinding quality; used to confuse opponents or blind them temporarily(2 post duration).

Solar Bomb - A large ball of light energy is formed above Inari and shot towards the opponent. Upon contact, the ball compresses into the size of a marble and unleashes a wave of light the vaporizes whatever may be in its path.

Fungeki Breakdown - 6 small orbs of light are shot at the opponent in an erratic fashion. Direct contact results in a brilliant flash of light and a dead hostile((wherever the attack does hit, be it indirect i.e. not the head or abdomen will still suffer the effects of the attack)). Fungeki energy pierces the body completely vaporizing everything inside except the outer shell/skin.

Nova Burst - Allows user to traverse any plane using white light or fungeki light energy (Either can be used interchangeably in various scenarios). Travel is based on the presence of photons in an area and results in a burst of energy capable of breaking down matter i.e Fungeki Breakdown when user abruptly stops traversal. Close or far, the speed of light is constant.

Red Shift - 5 beams of constant light are shot from Mother's hand. The can freely move independently of time and gravity as they consist of Fungeki energy/light. As the light bends it turns to a crimson red. Direct impact doesn't do much damage but the light is capable of slicing through any surface material. When all 5 beams converge on a single point a Red Giant is formed.

Red Giant - After the beams from Red Shift join, a small marble sized ball of Fungeki light forms. It swells to enormous proportions overtaking an area of about 30square miles where it then collapses leaving a crater in its wake. This process completely obliterates all matter within its path superseding its resistance to an atomic level.

Eclipse - ???

Revelations - ???

Gradient - ???

Primal Light - Allows Mother or Inari to create an orb of light capable of reverting any and all visible light to its roots, ultraviolet. Ultraviolet light is invisible to the naked eye making all light based attacks more than difficult to dodge. Due to the nature of ultraviolet light and the amount condensed in the area at the start of the attack, its radiation is amplified and immediately degenerates all living and non-living things in the area back into a smoldering carbon base. Attack last 5 posts

Nisshoki - This technique allows Mother/Inari or both to use the sun light to propel them across great distances. The rays emitted from their backs burn immensely and act in akin to "Heaven's Calamity", the major difference being that the rays are continuous and spin rapidly. They can be extended, retracted, and curved. The rays are notably red, signifying some deeper connection to Mother's tattoos and originate from the miniature sundisc on her back.

Hinomaru Flare - This technique allows Mother to unleash a wave of photons from the sun disc on her back in a way that is similar to a solar flare. The light radiation emitted completely incinerates the surface of anything in the area; charring it to a crisp. The flare is instantaneous and is not a continuous technique; meaning it only occurs once and not at set intervals.

Feral Laser(Zubuno Kitsune no Fungeki activated) - A beam of fungeki energy is shot at the opponent from Inari's eye. The beam can pierce through most material due to its high heat concentration. If an object is touched by the beam it will explode similar to "Heaven's Calamity".

Daze(Zubuno Kitsune no Fungeki activated) - A flash of light is emitted from Inari's eye making opponents drowsy and temporarily defenseless(at least 3 posts).

Nocturne(Zubuno Kitsune no Fungeki activated) - Foes that look into Inari's eye will be immediately put to sleep and thus immobile. If the opponent manages to avoid looking into the eye, anywhere the light reaches will fall under influence of genjutsu. Very similar to "Daze" above except those effected will be transported to the land of Nocturne(see below).

Fungeki Barrier(Zubuno Kitsune no Fungeki activated) - The fungeki energy that pours from Inari's eye creates a dense dome shield. It is capable of absorbing and reflecting all light based attacks and converting them to Fungeki energy. Being a light based defense, it is the most effective against dark attacks as well.

12th Hour - ???


Inari's summon/battle partner is "Mother", the goddess of foxes and agriculture. She has severe limitations on what she can and can't do as a divine being as has had limiters put on her by "the Kami Council". As of right now she doesn't do to much besides dictate what Inari does. Her main purpose is to teach me how to use my kekkei genkai successfully(since it is hers). During battle she may sprout from my back(ala Ah!My Goddess) and overview the match or completely take over my body much like a puppet. She can produce attacks as well and similar to Sadi's "Bird of Paradise" replenish my chakra.
After a recent meeting with the Kami Council, she was granted 45% of her power so as to combat the likes of Raijin alongside Inari in a possible future encounter. Though not even half of her full power, a plethora of new techniques have been unlocked as well as some nifty passive abilities. To ensure that she doesn't unbalance the natural order of things in Vescrutia, she operates on a different plane, between the spiritual and physical realm(an avatar of sorts). This has its perks, as whatever happens to Inari physically/mentally won't have an effect on herself. It also allows her to use tactics specific to Inari, either through weaponry or his earth based jutsu since she will still remain in control over his body.

Kitsune no Fungeki

My kekkei genkai allows me to use the attributes of foxes, greater speed, strength, and stealth are all gained. I also retain the ability to produce illusions(cuz foxes are tricky) through the sound of my voice. The most notable trait of this Kekkei Genkai is my "Feral Eye", which is always active in my left socket. To prevent it from being used unnecessarily it is covered by my head bandages(like Kakashi or Kenpachi).

Zubuno Kitsune no Fungeki

This is the second level of my Kekkei Genkai. When activated a blinding golden light is emitted from the eye and washes over the entire area. It constantly emits a golden smoke/vapor which can act as a source for my light based attacks. It also makes my genjutsu leaps and bounds more powerful than before. It is said that an enemy can be put to sleep by a single glance.

The Land of Nocturne
The "Land of Nocturne" is indeed a dark Bamboo forest(for the most part), yet it is always sunny, the landscape producing no shadow...as odd as that may sound, the sun is seen but not seen. The landscape is typically seen in shades of gray, but with Inari's light bending capabilities any color can produced at will. This mythical place is artificially created by Mother/Inari's fungeki energy. Its unknown what goes on here...

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Lt. Inari
Phantom of the Depths
Phantom of the Depths

Posts : 314
Village of Residence : Village Lost in the Depths
Join date : 2009-05-02
Cool Points (LOL) : 2
Kekkei Genkai : Kitsune no Fungeki

PostSubject: Re: Inari's Jutsu   August 10th 2009, 9:43 am

[[New Element Acquired]]

Dusty Plasma

Taught to Inari by the Depths Kishoukage, Rozalyn Han, He gained the unique ability of Dusty Plasm control. Dusty plasma are essentially a collection of micron sized solid objects that have been introduced to plasma consisting of various ions, electrons, and neutrals. These dust particles always have an electrical charge and can be found anywhere. Because the basic structure is under domain of earth i.e. dust, dusty plasma can be manipulated into various forms of liquids, gases, and solids.
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Inari's Jutsu
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