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 Vash's weopon list.

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PostSubject: Vash's weopon list.   April 30th 2009, 1:20 pm

Vash's weopon list.

Dark paladin
Vash's comfort rating; 100 %
Vash's ability to direct chakra; 100 %
Overall might of the sword ; 6/20
Elemental attribute : darkness

Vash's old sword He found it One day Before he got out of the acadamy On a dead Anbu outside of his home and kept it ever since

. He ended up finding his favorite old sword to be
usless to him after he found his scythe so he gave it to Kazeneku.

However he has taken it back since For no apparent reason and It has changed twice in shape and form through simple training exercises.

This swords special ability's
Dark Attacks recieve a boost up when being channeled throe the sword instead Of hand signs.
It has the ability to grow a bit but not to much.

When stabbed into the ground it creates a dark barrier for about 20 meters. The sword overall isn't that tough and it's mainly only used for it's strong dark barrier skill.
Now and then Vash can be seen sitting on his roof next to the sword . Nobody Knows why but he himself once said that He felt like receiving a sword from an anbu while in the acadamy felt like a Sign for great things to come.
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PostSubject: Re: Vash's weopon list.   April 30th 2009, 1:31 pm

Giga abyss burster

A weapon like a large buster sword engraved with purple symbols on the
side the feeling of it is stronger then that of his death scythe but
Vash isn't as comfortable or skilled in using it.
Vash's comfort rating :60 %
Vash's ability to direct chakra; 40 %
Overall might of the sword ; 20/20
elemental attribute: Darkness and earth.
gained this weapon while exploring a cave in a mission. In this cave
vash came across a portal to another dimension of trials.

There he had to Hang upside down for three day's by using just his toe as strength for the ledge.
Battle a dragon.
And get through a seemingly never endless maze only using his mind to see.

Vash was successfully able to get through all of the trials and received this sword.
Vash Still every now and against travels to the Abyss to see if the Cave is there. As it Vanished When he left it. But every time he goes there is no cave and no evidence there ever was a cave to begin with.
vash has been practicing alone with this sword to increase his ability with it. but the sword hardly allows him to get comfortable with it enough to ever master it. Even after all this time he still can't fully use this sword to it's potential Even thou it is stronger then any other in his arsenal.

Special ability's
:If anyone else touches the Sword a large surge of black energy keeps pulsing into there arm. if they don't let go the Sword will cause the arm to rot right off.

: There is a rip cord in the handle . It extends to 50 meter's when pulled out completely. Vash has found numerous way's to use this feature to his advantage in battle.
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PostSubject: Re: Vash's weopon list.   April 30th 2009, 1:41 pm

Beam swords

Vash's comfort rating ;80 %
Vash's ability to direct chakra; 100 %
Overall might of the sword ; 15/20
Elemental attribute: Pure energy.

The day he gained this was the day that the Nightmare took down xemnas and Vash intregated him into his body and mind. With the help of all the other shinobi he now has the ability to use pure energy. he uses a few jutsu's with these as well .

Mostly however he uses these beams swords. In xemnas memory He found a way to create this weapons . They can cut throu nearly anything and can appear and vanish faster then he can think about it.

Special abilities of this weapon :
: It can change shape at anytime. He used it once to clash with a sword then have the beam sword like rubber around the sword snatching it in and pulling it away.
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PostSubject: Re: Vash's weopon list.   April 30th 2009, 1:50 pm

Death scythe

Vash's comfort rating :100 %
Vash's ability to direct chakra; 100 %
Overall might of the sword ; 20/20
Elemetal attribute: Darkness to the max.

vash had begun immediately using this scythe a upon gaining it.
It was Stolen from death the day of the most fateful encounter that the abyss nightmare and chaos ever seen. Vash thought that if he stole the scythe he would lose a lot of his Power . He seemed to be wrong as Death kept up with all the legendary abyss fighters still.

This has become Vash's trade mark weapon and smart people will run away if he draws it. Not only is it one of the most fearful weapons he has seen he almost completely mastered it upon the first week of gaining it.

Special ability's
:Darkness Atribute Skill's get a Huge Boost.
:It can produce slowly it's own dark Chakra in battle . Vash can send this buildup out as blades of energy getting big enough to cut down mountains. Vash Has never fully built up the chakra in the scythe before.

:Vash is able to invoke Bankai with he scythe. (See jutsu's) . It allows him to take on a ghostly Death esque form and the scythe changes to gain many more ability's
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PostSubject: Re: Vash's weopon list.   

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Vash's weopon list.
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