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 Veronica's Techniques

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Veronica Tsunami


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PostSubject: Veronica's Techniques   June 15th 2009, 1:23 pm

VeRoNiCa'S tEcHnIqUeS


Veronica's chakra is of the 'light element' and all her chakra based sport attacks rely on it.


A huge ball of chakra, in the shape and size of a soccer ball, will form at her feet. She can either kick it at an opponent, when, upon impact can cause devastating damage, or, she can make one under each foot, and leap into the air at amazing heights, using the chakra balls as a sort of trampoline, attached to her foot. The chakra-soccer balls will also increase her speed a tenfold, and can make for some damn painful kicks.


To use her 'hockey' related attacks, Veronica uses what looks like a long wood stick. (listed under 'weapons') She makes a 'hockey puck' shape with chakra, and hits it towards her opponent. The hockey puck is the fastest attack out of all of them, as well as the most powerful. Due to it's small size, the chakra puck is made of pressured chakra, which is why it's fastest and most powerful.


She makes a ball of powerful, compressed chakra, and can hit it with a baseball bat. (The baseball bat is the transformation of her wood sticks. Under 'weapons' of course) This attack's speed and power are second to the hockey attacks, but is still damn strong. The advantage to the baseball attack, however, is that the ball can grow bigger while rushing towards her opponent, being able to reach up to the size of a person before the attack hits, while still retaining it's speed and power.


While wearing her boxing gloves (a hybrid of her leather gloves, if you've seen 'weapons') Any physical attack to do with her hands, is dramatically much more fatal. Her boxing gloves also have limited control over the earth element. This just means, she can use simple earth attacks that are related to her hands. These are, when she punches the ground, she can make a 'geyser' of powerful earth and dirt come out where she chooses, the location of the geyser being directed by her chakra. She can also apply this to chunks of earth, which she can later manipulate with a transformation of her wood stick (EX. Whack the dirt with a baseball bat XD)


Rarely used due to the fact that golf is…boring, Veronica makes a little golf ball of compressed light element chakra, and hits it with a wooden golf club. (Which is-you guessed it, a transformation of her wood stick) Fourth powerful of her direct attacks (soccer being third), golf is useful due to the fact that she can fire many 'golf balls' at a time, and still have accurate aim.


This one isn't a direct chakra attack. When the basketball of light element chakra is formed, she throws it up in the air (Similar to shooting a 'basket' except it can go MUCH higher) Where it will burst open, releasing a blinding light, rendering the opponent unable to see for as long as she can hold it (So far, her longest time was 7 minutes)


Shadow clones

Simple shadow clones. Useful for firing many attacks at once. Unfortunately, the shadow clones disappear after suffering a direct hit.


She can transform her appearance…pretty much the same as in 'Naruto'…Not especially useful when it comes to battle, but if she ever need a hasty and clever disguise...
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PostSubject: Re: Veronica's Techniques   June 16th 2009, 9:25 am


But just for clarification, only the soccer ball increases your speed ten fold correct?

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Veronica Tsunami


Posts : 76
Age : 24
Village of Residence : Kingdom of Chaos
Join date : 2009-06-12
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Kekkei Genkai : Sports Obsession..?

PostSubject: Re: Veronica's Techniques   June 16th 2009, 9:39 am

Yup, only the soccer ball :]
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PostSubject: Re: Veronica's Techniques   

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Veronica's Techniques
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