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 Veronica's Equipment

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Veronica Tsunami


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PostSubject: Veronica's Equipment   June 15th 2009, 1:26 pm

Veronica's sword and shield…sort of.

Veronica has two items she uses in battle with her. When her chakra is inserted into either one of these pieces, they can morph into other specific things.

The wood stick…of doom

Roughly a meter long, Veronica can carry up to 5 of them at a time. (Two on either side of her waist, 3 on her back). While you would think they would be rather easy to break, they are infused with her chakra for strength, and are specially made so that they won't get…burned or something xD.

Each wood stick can transform into different sports equipment. It can be transformed into a hockey stick, a baseball bat, golf/cricket club, or a really long pole. (Like…the poles they use on those high jump things in the olympic/gymnastic things…)

While the transformations were made to use in the sport-based chakra attacks, it isn't exactly uncommon for her to try and crack an opponent's head open with the baseball bat xD.

The leather glove…of death

Veronica wears a leather glove on both hands. While they look perfectly normal, they are actually a unique, and powerful defense. While the wood sticks can transform into offensive equipment, the leather gloves are used for defense-and the occasional offensive move. The leather gloves can turn into a baseball glove, goalie gloves (for hockey), or boxing gloves. The baseball glove has the power to repel *some* fire attacks, and can grow big enough to shield Veronica's entire body. The catcher glove (for hockey) can generate a shield of light element chakra, to defend against other elemental attacks (And is especially useful against dark element attacks)

The other hockey goalie glove (the 'blocker' for lack of a better term…you need to know a lot about hockey equipment to understand this I guess xD) Can expand into a very large, solid shield, much bigger than what the baseball glove can expand to.

As for the boxing gloves, they're used for offensive attacks. Only with these gloves on can Veronica use the earth element. The boxing gloves give her 'super strength' again, for lack of a better term, and make her punches a hell of a lot more effective. When she adds chakra into her punches, while wearing the gloves, she can cause mini-fissures by punching the ground. Other attacks with the boxing gloves will be listed under 'jutsu'.

Some reference pictures, for those who aren't hockey lunatics like me XD

The LEFT one is the blocker, while the RIGHT one is the catcher.
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Veronica's Equipment
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