Tymonland, The Veritas (Dusk)
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PostSubject: -Complete-   June 15th 2009, 9:32 pm

=-Time Skip-=

=-I walk to the Grocery Store and into the room where I kicked the hole in the ground. No longer is the hole there, instead there is a metal circle with a blue center on the ground. Smiling I stand on the circle.-=

=-The circle begins to glow a bright blue as lights swirl around me. Before I know it I'm directly on a matching circle in the area underground.-=

Good job. =-The 3 Epitaphs float over to me-=

Skeith: I'm tired....going to sleep now...

Tarvos: I think we all are... =-The 3 spheres plunge into my chest as I look at the beautiful sight-=

=-A new llab stands before me. Computers flashing around, firm desks and cabinents. The light blue walls giving out clear images.
Numbers run on the computers, streaming all around. I walk to the flight of stairs across the lab. Walking up the stairs I see that the rooms are complete-=

This is amazing...but I can't relax just yet... =-Walking back to the main teleporter, I exit my lab, and from the grocery store I head out into the village-=
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PostSubject: Re: -Complete-   June 16th 2009, 3:44 pm

=-I return home after my fight with Grave-=
Hmm let's see if everything is working.. =-I strech and yawn as I press a button on my wall. An orb shaped chair appear underneath me as it rolls over to a large screen-=

Password....okay =-I enter my passcode as a bunch of windows pop-up on my screen along with various guages and bars.-=
Good, things are starting up well. =-More lights glows as the beeping begins to start. The beeping more soothing and rhytmic than annoying-= Perfect...
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PostSubject: Re: -Complete-   June 16th 2009, 5:06 pm

Damn, =-I strecth my arms as I yawn-= I'm tired =-Typing on the keyboard I activate a few codes locking up my main files and programs. I head upstairs into one of the rooms that was recently created. Looking around the room I see there is no bed, just the frame-=

Oh yea..I didn't get any bed materials. argh....=-I rub my head and head to the teleporter. From there I exit the Grocery Store and walk to the back of it-=
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PostSubject: Re: -Complete-   

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