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 Xeno's Weapons

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Spectre of the Depths
Spectre of the Depths

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PostSubject: Xeno's Weapons   May 3rd 2009, 12:35 am

Xeno has a few weapons. A black jewel that is embedded in his forehead. A black gauntlet that covers his entire left arm. A large buster sword. And an incredibly powerful Nodachi Katana.

The Jewel

The Gauntlet

The only difference is that it covers his entire arm. The Gauntlet is made of an unbreakable metal. The Gauntlet is called Jericho. Xeno has made modifications to the Gauntlet, most notably the ability to manipulate sound.

Apocalypse (Four Horseman)

A mechanical blade that's made up of several smaller blades. Each blade type has a certain ability.

(Look at the diagram above)

Blade #1: Pestilence - Creates misleading afterimages of the user. Makes melee combat difficult for the opponent.

Blade #2: War - Uses Destruction energy. Able to destroy most things with ease

Blades #3 and #4: Famine - Able to inflict disease and poison on the user's enemy.

Blades #5 and #6: Death - Injuries caused by these blade don't heal quickly, even if you have superhealing abilities, the magic that theses blades are coated in counter acts the healing process.

Final Form: Apocalypse - The ultimate in terms of power and defense. The massive blade is strong enough to shake the earth or level buildings in one strike. An expert can swing this large sword relatively fast (for its size).


Named after a legendary devil who wielded it with such accuracy and speed, this sword grants the user an insane boost in speed. The blade of the sword is 7ft in length. The sword is so sharp and so fast, that its attacks can cause a slight distortion in the air and light around themselves, making the attack appear to happen earlier than it actually did, making the opponent block too early. Or making the attack seem to happen later than it actually did, making the opponent block too late (or not at all if the attack was fatal). This is Xeno's strongest weapon...
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Xeno's Weapons
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