Tymonland, The Veritas (Dusk)
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 The First Dream: Enigmatic Memory

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PostSubject: The First Dream: Enigmatic Memory   June 17th 2009, 11:29 am

Dammit...=-Having still not recieved the materials to make a bed, I find a chair as my cloak my appears on me. I lean back and drift off into a sleep-=

=-A Dream-=

=-A group of people are staring at someone, angry scowls and sorrowful frowns amongst their face. Even little kids look viscious. Everything that is happening appears to be in a civilization in the sky. The large area appers to be falling. A man glowing and bloody looks back at the people. A look of sadness on his face. A young woman speaks up-=

???: Why? We could have done this another way.

Glowing Persona: There wasn't any time....

=-A young teen boy with a Katana at his side walks next to the young lady-=

???: You're going to leave us all behind! What about everything!?

Glowing Persona: Everything....is the price I'm going to pay... =-The man begins to glow even brighter as he jumps, descending to a world below, covering with dark glyphs

=-The voices of a few people can be heard-=
???: Come back A---!!!

=-I wake up quickly finding myself on the ground. Rubbing the right side of my head, I feel it's throbbing even into my eye-=
A migraine? ugh....and what was that dream for? =-Leaving the lab area, I go into the bathroom and take a shower-=
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PostSubject: Re: The First Dream: Enigmatic Memory   June 17th 2009, 8:05 pm

=-As I shower more dream-like images flash through my mind-=


=-A man in a cloak crashes to the ground, landing in a fountain on the outskirts of a town. A young woman accompanied by what appear to be knights is walking by as she sees the man in the fountain. Her long pink and white hair, stops at the waist of her long white and red dress. Seems like it could get tangles in the various belts around her hips-=

???: You're going to get in trouble for playing with that fountain. Need some help?

The Man: =-The man groans as he attempts to lift himself up, tired he fails and just lays there-= No, I'm fine.....

???: =-She giggles-= Alright then. =-She waves as she smiles heading off with the two knights-= Don't miss the celebration. =-Fireworks and ballons float in the sky above the town.-=

=-A sound like a screen cracking echoes throughout as the memories fade away-=

What the hell is that about?
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The First Dream: Enigmatic Memory
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