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 A little Storage

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PostSubject: A little Storage   May 3rd 2009, 9:07 am

My katana is a wind based weapon. I use it to defend me by creating a sheild out of wind and protect me from regular tools like shurikans, knives, and missile based weapons, ext.
- Small circular Bottles filled with scents and aromas of other people.
I can also put the scent of the person on my guns and bombs so that way the bullet will be sent directly to follow the persons scent, where ever he/she go. Helpful when someone is very speedy and tries to dodge bullets.
- Spinning Fan: A giant fan that can spread my aroma to any specific person and send my wind to a wider range.
- Angel: A bazooka with little weight. I use my chakra into the gun so there would be unlimited amount of bullets. The bullets are also bombs and are poisonous, so even a scratch of poison can spread throughout you, it is deadly.
- Air Bombs: They require no chakra, i throw them at the opponent and a teraton of wind force and seismic waves are blown at them.
After some work with the air bombs, I was able to compress it into a much smaller form. Without special eye vision, a regular person wouldn't be able to see them.
- Machine gun: To attack weak or regular things. (I dont usually carry )
- Titanium Rods: Used for some jutsus---trapping opponents.
- Effects of a special machine gun: Can form a deadly gas all around the area over-powering many things. It can melt metals, trees, and the surroundings will become cold-humid. The air becomes so strange that it burns right through you.
- Pistols and revolvers that do not throw bullets, they throw wind. As they are being thrown, they mix with all the heat and humidity that passes them, creating a heat technique so the opponent is blasted and burned. (I carry different weapons in different battles)
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A little Storage
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