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 Una and Yoko Maze's Partner

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PostSubject: Una and Yoko Maze's Partner   April 30th 2009, 3:13 pm

Una is a carefree person who loves to mess around. Una may appear as a child but is really older. Una has multiple weapon changes but her favorite is her keyblade form. Why? I don't know.She is very important to Maze and Maze is very important to her. Una is normally found floating then walking and loves piggy-back roads. Needless to say she is very childish but is serious from time to time. Una is a very skilled ninja and has great strength ((like Hercules strong)). Una has a special power of Earth Molding and. She is Maze's best friend and they will be together always.
Una has been changed into Staff for Maze's own needs. Una is still not to happy about the change but she'll get over it.


Una's Weapon Form:

Earth Molding:

Gives Una the power to reshape earth as she sees fix.

Una Hyper Mode: Una has a hidden power that she taps into from time to time a goes into Hyper Mode. While in Hyper Mode she gains great speed in and a power increase in addition to her already god like strength. Even though she appears as a child she hides her real self but when in Hyper Mode she does not hide it.

Soul Resonance

When Maze's soul and Una's unify into one they achieve Soul Resonance. With in this state Maze's Magical powers increase 100 fold and has no need for chants or hand sighs. Also while in this state Maze's power over gravity is greatly improved.

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PostSubject: Re: Una and Yoko Maze's Partner   April 30th 2009, 3:13 pm

Yoko is the manifested darkness in Maze's soul. Thanks to training from Evangeline Maze was able to release said darkness and it manifested in a small girl named Yoko. Yoko like to stay quite and is very shy around people she doesn't know unlike Maze's other partner Una. Yoko my of been created from darkness but she is a very loving girl. Yoko transforms into a spear. The spear is made from the will Maze and can not break.


Yoko's Spear Form:

The art of Shadows:
Yoko seems to have the powers to control darkness energy. Not only is she allowed to control darkness she can form and use the darkness in people's hearts against them.

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PostSubject: Re: Una and Yoko Maze's Partner   August 25th 2009, 10:29 am

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PostSubject: Re: Una and Yoko Maze's Partner   

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Una and Yoko Maze's Partner
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