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 Terry's Jutsu

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PostSubject: Terry's Jutsu   June 29th 2009, 9:18 pm

Super Dragon Punch- Uses Fist to punch an opponent and the opponent will feel like they been hit by a dragon (can stun or paralyze and opponent)

Super Dragon Kick- Uses feet to kick an opponent and the opponent feels like they been hit by a dragon (can stun or paralyze and opponent)

Dragon Dagger Strike-Strikes a opponent with quick speed and leaves poision wherever it hits. (can Poision and opponent)

Dragon Axe Stike- Strikes an opponent and leaves a whatever it hits temporary confused

Dragon Sword Strike- Stikes an opponent's charaka.

First Gate Opening- I get 20% stronger.

Second Gate Opening- I get 40% stronger.

Third Gate Opening- I get 60% stronger.

Fourth Gate Opening- I get 80% stronger.

Fifth Gate Opening- I get 100% stronger and all my attacks can stun or paralyze opponents

Stealthy Dagger Strike- Strikes opponent without a sound with daggers

Stealthy Axe Strike- Strikes opponent without a sound with axes

Stealthy Sword Strike- Strikes opponent without a sound with swords

Stealthy Punch or Kick- Punches or Kicks with a sound

Lotus Dragon Combo- strikes with his fist or feet 1 to 50 hits

Dragon Combo- attack with weapons in hand only 1 to 50 hits

Lotus Dragon Hurricane- Kick opponent in the and kicks so fast to make a hurricane. (combo 12 hits)

Eye of the Tiger- Can sense if a person or opponent is still alive

Eyes of the Dragon- Paralyzes the opponent or anyone i glare at using this power.

Shadow Clone Jutsu

Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu

Silver Dragon Rasengan: charaka fused into a silver orb that has a stun effect with its impact.

Earth Orb: (a green rasengan)

Fire Jitsu:

Fireball Jitsu

Fire Blast Jitsu
Fire Rasengan- A rasengan that use the basics of the fireball jitsu but is formed into a orb

Kekki Genkai- Lets me use the power of the silver dragon that lives within my body. Can call upon dragon claws, dragon wings, and dragon armor.

Silver Fireblast- shoots a silver flame from my mouth.

Silver Tornado- Using my dragon claws aquired from my dragon claws can make a silver tornado that can suck up a opponent and hurt them badly.

Silver Fireball- A silver fireball that is shot from my hand or my mouth.

Silver Blast- Blast energy waves from my hands/ claws.

Mega Silver Blast- A focused energy beam like the kamehama wave that inflicts major damage to opponent.

Rasengan Enchancements- All my rasengan gets a 40% boost while in kekkei genkai form

Healing Fire: I spread a silver flame around myself and it heals my wounds.

Dragon X Attack!- uses two elements of my choose in an X formation shot at the opponent.
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Terry's Jutsu
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