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 Zekiri's Weapons

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PostSubject: Zekiri's Weapons   June 30th 2009, 3:01 am

Kunai Knives
Giant Shuriken
Ring of Elements: ring when worn can use it to change my chakra nature at will. can change it to lightning,fire,water,wind,and earth.

Guujin: My first puppet. Has four arms and legs that can be retacted at will. Has a special Titanium/Uranium skeleton and skin that is invulnerable to all the elements and to most strong metals and doesnt rust. Since Kikeri strings are the strongest of all chakra strings, no one can take control of Guujin or any other puppet while I am controling them. It has many moves and weapons listed here. (summoned)

(Guujin, like this but without the light sabers)

Poisoned Darts: shoots poison-laced darts at opponent.

Fire Breath: Has flame-thrower.

Explosive Bullet Repeater: shoots bullets that when they hit anyone or thing they shatter into smaller bullets that spread out doing more damage.

Kikeri Refractor: when I use my kikeri strings to control, i can refract them in its arms and it can use kikeri strings technique too, but not elemental ones.

Dual Personality: can split into two puppets by uswing the extra arms and legs.

Cannon Ball: Can curl into an almost unstoppable ball which spins and can be used as a weapon by me.

Viper Tongue: Has a tongue made of the same material as its body that is thirty feet long. Has sharp point on the end that is poison-laced as well.

Devil Skin: Has extendable needles in its skin that are made of the same metal as the skin. They are also poison-laced. When extended, it forms a hedgehog like skin.

Bomb Lancher: Throws small bombs that only explode when I say they do. The bombs have a blast radius of 10-20 feet in diameter.

Four swords: has four swords that are made of the same metal as the puppet is. The swords are not laced with poison but can be at will.

Explination of Poison: The poison i use is a rare poison that I discovered. It comes from a special plant that I will not reveal so no one can make an antidote but me. It attacks the body by causing hypothermia in a very fast manner. The blood cells actually freeze in the process, and the target will die in a 10-20 minute time frame after injected.

Kugutsu: My second Puppet, made of the same metal as Guujin, Kugutsu resembles a large dragon, he has wings, which can create powerful wind gusts, and powerful tail which is good for swiping. He can fly, usually with me riding on him. As usually, no one else can take control of Kugutsu while Im controlling him.These are his moves/weapons.(Summoned):

(this is how big he is too)

Flame Shots: Has a large flame thrower which can release different degrees of flame, in different sized bursts.

Flight: can fly

Vortex: whips his wings around him in a circle, creating a vortex of wind around him to deflect things or people.

Tail Beam: Shoots a high focused lazer that is shot from the tail. Can cut threw most moderate metals.

Smokescreen: creates a smokescreen from the smoke that gathers in his head.

Sonic Boom: Sends out a large pulse of sound from inside his torso which can crush almost anything in a 15 ft radius.

Poisoned Darts: Poisoned laced darts, same as in Guujin.

Flaming Aura: Creates an area around the puppet that is incredibly hot, reaching up to 500 degrees Celsius. Kugutsu's metal will protect it from the flame as well.

Neck/Mouth Trap: Its mouth is a effective trap that snakes around while the puppet may be far away, the neck stretches quite far, and even if the puppet is underground or underwater, the neck can stretch towards the opponent, and try to trap them inside the mouth. Once trapped inside, the mouth seals with Kikeri strings, so it cannot be opened by almost anything.
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Zekiri's Weapons
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