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 The bugs of Orca

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Orca aburame


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PostSubject: The bugs of Orca   July 4th 2009, 9:04 pm

kikai-this are my main bugs. they are called the bugs of destruction. one of these bugs can drain a humans chakra in under an hour since that is what they need to survive. they live in my body and I use them for a number of jobs. recon, offense defense.

shadow bugs-these are mutation of the kikai bugs. they have the ability to copy a person and make copies of them. i do not get the copied shinobi's skills but the clone may use them. i rarely use these bugs for they require to much chakra to leave my body.


over the past year I have worked with my bugs to further there development. My mutated bugs now have the ability to copy the anatomy of other bugs. They have also obtained the ability to mutate there chakra nature. This occurs effect when my bugs are exposed to another chakra nature. They take on the attribute of that nature and become completely immune to that nature, but if yo hit a fire based kikai bug with water it will just become water. These bugs do not copy a person jutsu and Orca does not have this ability.

Kikai bugs and there chakra conversion: using a type Fuuinjutsu. is a Fuuinjutsu technique is used by Orca to absorb the substance of incoming attacks. There is a seal will absorb both plain chakra and elemental attacks. His bugs do this does this by reversing his chakra flow to draw the external attack deep within his body and nullify it completely.
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The bugs of Orca
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