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 New Shipment- To 'Overlord Zenon'

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PostSubject: New Shipment- To 'Overlord Zenon'   July 6th 2009, 8:02 pm

*A portal opened up in Rozalyn's office, and from the portal came out a row of prinnies, marching in a single file line. Rozalyn would fade into the room from Rion's house, wondering why the fuck are prinnies being dropped off in her office.*

Demon Lord- I have came to drop off this patch of prinnies to a...Overlord Zenon?

*Rozalyn walked over to the demon, giving him a what the fuck expression as he spoke. "Uh, I didn't order anything."

Demon Lord- Yes you did, it clearly states-

Rozalyn- Hold on. First things first my name isn't Zenon, It's Rozalyn.

*The demon lord looked at the card harder, even resorting to putting on a pair of reading glasses.*
Demon Lord- Oh, well you see, Rozalyn works too.

Rozalyn- What the Hell are you talking about? You came in here with a card that has two names on it? What kind of shit is that?

Demon Lord- Shut up. Apparently this Zenon is the same as Rozalyn, and if your name is Rozalyn, then you must be Overlord Zenon.

Rozalyn- Thats one hell of an assumption. *Before she refused again, she would want to know what the hell these things were, since it would be a free deal for her apparently. "So, these, peg legged peguins are....?"

Demon Lord- Prinnies. Humans that have done alot of bad shit over the course of their lives. They atone for it by becoming these things and doing whatever they are told.

Rozalyn-Wait...WHATEVER they are told?

Demon Lord- Yup....Hey, what a minute, you can't be Zenon...

Rozalyn-W-what do you mean? didn't you just say I was? I am Rozalyn.

Demon Lord- Hmmm, you have the pretty face, the bust and somewhat revealing outfit, but your title, it says Infernal Megami...not Overlod Zenon.

*Rozalyn would have one of her hands behind her back, making a handsign to manipulate her own title, since this office is apart of the realm she controls, the distortion realm.*

Rozalyn- No no, you see, I am Overlord Zenon, I was just trying something new.

Demon Lord- Nope, I DEFINITELY saw-

*Onyx arms came from all around the demon lord, and converged onto his body before crushing him into oblivion. His remains would be deleted from existence as well as the arms that commited the crime.*

Random Prinny- Look dood! She killed that Demon Lord! We're free doods! FREE!!!!!

*The room suddenly got dark, and Rozalyn's red eyes pierced through the darkness like a hot knife in butter. "Free? Aren't you all atonning for your sins? Do you NOT have to obey me?"

Another random Prinny- Doooood, shes scary, just like Master Etna.

Random Prinny- I have a bad feeling about this dood...

*The portal now closed, and the office was filled with over 10,000 prinnies, of multiple different classes. The room expanded as more prinnies came, so it was easily able to contain them all.*

Rozalyn- Hehehe, don't worry, as long as you do what I say, you won't end up like him.~ Okay, Prinnies?

*They began to sweat out of pure fear, and gave their usual solute to Rozalyn. She felt proud, and devious for accepting this shipment that wasn't hers. It wasn't her problem. She would chuckle as she pointed for the door, letting all the prinnies scurry about. She was going to have sooo much fun with this.*
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New Shipment- To 'Overlord Zenon'
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