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 The Prophets Weapons

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PostSubject: The Prophets Weapons   July 14th 2009, 8:59 pm

Katana on back: a normal katana
giant shuriken:
kunai knives:
paper bombs:
Frostbite:a katana which freezes whatever it touches.

Armaggedon: A katana with a black blade that kills by eating its victums souls, leaves black in the wounds it leaves.

Seals:there are three seals on each arm, can call forth octapus arms out of them. There are also 2 seals on my neck, one on each side, they can form into gills.

Boomerangs: I have many different boomerangs that I can summon at anytime. They always return to me when thrown, but can be cantained but takes a huge amout of chakra. They cannot be picked up and used by anyone else, they only obey me and anyone who I let them be used by.

Flamerang: Made of molten substance, has fire at each tip. Can set things on fire and evaporate water. can burn though limited substances.

Frostyrang: Made of sub-zero temperature substance: can freeze water and enemies. can also put out fires.

Zapppyrang: Made of electrical substance; can electricute people and substances. If thrown far into the air, can create lightning storm.

Kaboomerang: Made of explosive material. Will explode when come into cantact with anything except me. Will destroy some hard metals.

Megarang: Will pinpoint targets and seek them out. will also keep targeting enemies until they are eleminated or i call it back.

Multirang: Can multiply itself into more rangs when thrown, like a self shadow cloning.

Zoomerang: can travel farther than any of the rangs, and will pinpoint one target locking on till I call off or enemy is eliminated.

Smasharang: Packs a powerful punch, could punch a hole in a sheet of very hard metal. More forceful than Kaboomerang but doesn't make explosion.

Chronorang:slows everything down that it touchs

Realityrang: Made with the Prophets chakra, will disinagrate anything through which it passes. I can also completely control the path of this rang because its made of my chakra.

From the mission to the Astral Plane, I have gained three weapons....

Yin-Yang Pendent: I allows me to manipulate any Light and any Dark/Shadow energies, and to be able to mix them into something called gray matter. Example: a person throws a spear of light energy at me, I can use the pendent to convert the spear into gray matter, and then control it. Gray Matter is a substance that looks a lot like dust, as it can crumble apart. When energy is added to it, the gray matter can be shaped into almost any substance, as it then takes most of the attributes of that substance, but it will be slightly weaker, but not by much.

Andromeda: The sword used by Uilleag, this swords blade is pure mental energy so much that nothing physical can stop it. When it slices, it cuts through a person's mind, making them go brain dead, insane, etc, or start to, as it depends on the cut. The Blade then cannot be used for Physical attacks, or to block them, as it has no physical blade. The weapon appears semi-transparent.

Mana Heart: This pendent gives me an extreme chakra and energy boost. It has the ability to continually multiply my chakra and other energies, as well as convert other outside forces of chakra to my own pool (like sage mode naruto has, without the frog effect). With this, my chakra/other energy pool has increased vastly. When I am hit by any attack, a partial percentage of that attack will be absorbed and added as chakra for me. (the % is like 15-25%, depending on the strength of the attack, and what kind of energy)
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The Prophets Weapons
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