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 Menori's Fun

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Menori Hitachi


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PostSubject: Menori's Fun   July 19th 2009, 6:52 pm

The appearance of my poison is unseen until it is absorbed into the body, the normal body can withstand it's effects for a good hour before it takes full effect, by causing the blood stream to run slow due to the progess of the blood, roughly takes 30 minutes to travel throughout the body, visual skills weakin due to the poison and it's not lethal the poison wears off in a few hours.

A Red Lily
- a single lily can fill the field up with it's scent, the smell of lilies cover's up his poison. This poison can numb the body, if the person who's attacked by the scent moves any muscule then that limb will go numb which in turn causes the scent that was inhaled into the body to shut down the specific part that moved. The smell has a coating of chakra and so the poison is now swimming about in the blood stream.

*Illusion (the field is covered with petals forever raining down endlesses)
- pressing my lips to this flower creates an illusion with the mind, my body has a reaction to the poison which only increases it's effects to the recieving person. The field is surrounded by red lily petals falling everywhere. The petals react to the feelings at that moment, the illusion is present. Placed on the original petals are small blades, when the petals land they instinctively react on their own. They fall in a pattern of randomness to cut the person, tiny cuts that cause them to shed a bit of blood.

The element of Water
- a small orb of water forms around the field occasionally draws in other water around it every thirty minutes. This orb of water has a small dose of poison within it, burns on contant rottening away the core of something like wood or steel. Breaks down the structure of the molecules to get rid of it's existence.

* a large rainfall is created from using the oxygen in the area by adding a hydrogen to it to make water, it falls to the ground in heavy droplets of water creating a vast area covered in water.

The element of Earth
-by simply dropping my lily on the field the roots move by my will digging their roots into the ground releasing my chakra within the earth I can control up to 30 square feet around me.

* a large portion of poison is created by planting a lily on the field, once it's watered the earth becomes lethal. Tall grass grows and it can be manipulated as easy as the wave of my hand, which contains a large amount of poison. ( A no landing zone xD)

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PostSubject: Re: Menori's Fun   July 19th 2009, 7:43 pm

A description of the poison you use is needed to avoid any misunderstandings and such, like all or most poison users, in your first post. Such as, what hue does it give, how much poison can a normal body withstand, how fast does it circulate the body, how does the body react to the poison besides numbing, is it lethal, are a few questions for my sake and for other who may venture upon your jutsu list for any confirmation and such. :]
Also with the rainfall tech you described, what do you exactly mean by water is stripped from oxygen in the area? Are you trying to state that water is being extracted from the atmosphere or are you just plainly creating water without oxygen? Because if it was the latter decision that really isn't possible because of chemistry and what not; however, I will accept this explanation: The hotter water is, the less able it is as an environment to contain free oxygen. The Water molecules themselves aren’t losing the Oxygen, it’s the free O2 density that the article is talking about.

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Menori's Fun
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