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 Uhh... Hyuuga Style Secret Taijutsu?

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Kero Hyuuga


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PostSubject: Uhh... Hyuuga Style Secret Taijutsu?   July 23rd 2009, 9:56 pm

For starters, I have the Byakugan

Byakugan: When activated, it allows me vision of the 64 chakra points in the body PLUS lets me see how the energy enters a person's body to predict how they will move next. In addition to that awesomeness, I can access the Field of 8 Trigrams.

Field of 8 Trigrams:

When I'm in my field of 8 Trigrams, my speed is GREATLY increased (or time is slowed down or whatever the hell you wanna call it, either way, I'm tons faster in here). Being in the 8 Trigrams lets me use special jutsu that I can only use inside there.
Note: As my speed increases like we all know it will X3, my speed will also increase in the 8 Trigrams.

The three jutsu that I can use in the 8 Trigrams are as follows...

8 Trigrams Palm Rotation: Chakra pours from my body and I spin at a hellish speed, creating a grinding field of repelling chakra. Good for fending off attacks.

8 Trigrams 64 Palms: Using the Gentle Fist Style and my huuuuuge speed boost just for this technique, I attack the 64 chakra points with my chakra, thus hindering their activity OR stopping them completely. I wanna use it on someone though...

8 Trigrams (I made this one up myself) Palm of Destruction: You know how a Palm is in a hand, and a hand holds stuff? Like weapons? So yeah, in this one, I don't move as fast as I would in the 64 palms, but still fast enough to malice the opponent with my chakra weapons. They can try to hit me, TRY, but I'd still move around them and find an opening and break them in two with my chakra weapon style of attack until all my chakra is gone. If they can get up after that, then I don't want to fight them.. BUT I WILL BECAUSE I HAVEN'T KICKED THEIR ASS YET!

My regular jutsu include...

Hyuuga Style Gentle Fist: I attack the opponent while forcing chakra from my body, hands or feet. That way, even if they block, they are still hit by my chakra and their insides and stuff will be messed up.

Kero Style Gentle Weapon: Also an original. Hehe... I mold my chakra into makeshift weapons and attack the opponent just like it were a real weapon. If the attack connects, then massive damage is done to the chakra network of my opponent. I've been known to take ninja careers... X3

Kero Style Gentle Damn: More or less a kamikaze attack. I expel all my chakra from my body and it comes in the form of millions of kunai, shuriken, and senbon that annihalate the opponent's chakra network and body. Not so much the body, but it would still get hurt too.

That's all the jutsu for now, but I will grow AND PWN. and get stronger through eternity. I'm dead, what better do I have to do? I'm not dead so now I can just train with my wind moves... I have some pretty killer ideas too X3
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Uhh... Hyuuga Style Secret Taijutsu?
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