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 Jutsu of the Shadow

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PostSubject: Jutsu of the Shadow   May 4th 2009, 7:11 pm

Shadow Possession Jutsu: Atra connects his shadow with the shadow of his opponent or any object rendering them frstly immobile all their movements correspond with Atras unless he doesn't want them too.

Retard Possession- Atra would stick his wargliaves in the shadows binding them like a ball and chain, the foe would be immobile but also unable to think, use chakra passively and remove any sort of passive abilities they have in store. This also paralyzes the mind as well.

Reflection Possession- Using the shdaow water atra can posses people by sending his chakra to their reflection the result would be an ordinary shadow posesion

Sun Flame possession- By using the sun flame the possession happens quicker and the sun flame infects the foe rendering them to hyper activate more than their body allows causing everything that they try to do in response to hyper activate and explode this also hyperactivates the use of flames, box weapons and other things as well.

Shadow Step: allows me to step through one shadow, into the shadow realm and out of another shadow appearing in that chosen shadow instantly.

Shadow Destruction Jutsu: it simply detaches a person from their shadow energy destroying their shadow permanently removing them from existence.

Shadow Force: With a mere thought, atra repulses anything with mass or a shadow away from him for miles by repelling it's antimass from the range of him or des noir, he can also pull shadows towards him a great ways lessening the length it takes for a shadow possession to occur.

**Various Elemental Improvising***
***Various Shadow Improvising***

Shadow Form
My Shadow form fuses me with shadow energy, making me intangible or tangible at will. It also makes me very fortified and flexible. My shadow elemental powers are doubled, and I can control the shadows of anything as long as they are in the area. Shadow possession no longer needs to travel along the ground, but threads of shadow jet out from my body contacting to another person. My strength is increased and I begin to feed off shadows around me restoring my chakra passively. I can use the shadow elements at will as well and the Shadow Force has increased to very concussive damage.

The tentacles that fan out from the shadow form allow me to use shadow energy to posess things should the tentacles touch it, from there I can convert it to shadow energy or consume it.

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Jutsu of the Shadow
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