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 I forgot I had jutsu...

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PostSubject: I forgot I had jutsu...   May 4th 2009, 7:42 pm

Mahk-X/Kham specializes in taijutsu. So the vast majority of his moves are physical in some way. His Ninjutsu base is mostly that of his advanceed earth bending where he synchronizes various motions ((stomping, arm motions, finger flicks arm thrusts)) to "bend" the earth to do whatever he wants

Kekkei Genkai
Mahk-X is a Kage of a village, it is obvious that his power is recognized by a vast amount of people for him to be placed in such a seat. He is also recognized by a supreme number of Advocates of other planets to serve as the Master of Earth. Like most Kage's of Vescrutia Mahk-X has a wide array of abilities in his arsenal, he learned most of these over a period of 1000 years making him a deadly foe.

Kekkei Genkai Carbon Infusion: A very advanced earth release that allows the user to mentally control carbon atoms of all things. Initially a member of the Michio clan can use this to alter stone to create diamond, but through training Mahk-X has used his kekkei genkai to control the carbon atoms of all things even turning a table into a diamond table, or exploding someone in a series of diamonds. He once compressed a human being into a diamond ring. He also rearranged the limbs of an individual for his sheer amusement.

Diamond Eye: Mahk-X's left eye grants him the ability to see the carbon structure of all beings, he also has a degree of enhanced sight. He told Kay-no one day when he said that he could stand atop his house and use his diamond eye to see the back of his own head. Whether he was joking or not was unknown, but the advanced sight of his eye is constantly used. When he was fighting Jeff Stringer who blinded his average sight he used his diamond eye to maintain a constant lock on him at all times. He admitted that his diamond eye carbon vision is better than his regular human vision, but with it on all the time he cant see his wife's beauty. Only he out of the entire Michio clan was born with this power. Such was the mark of damnation. Kham cam manipulate and control every thing that is carbon based against it's will which means he can control human beings, change their carbon make up ECT. His control is absolute.

Seismic Energy: Mahk-X has advanced his Kekkei Genkai to a state where he can harness and manipulate the energy that causes earthquakes. The appearance of this energy is green and it was first put to use to fire in concussive blasts that could reduce villages to rubble, now every time his muscles move it is powered by seismic energy amplifying his ordinary muscle movements 100 times their own rate. An ordinary punch from Mahk-X can cleave a mountain in two pieces.

Atlas Strength: Mahk-X's base strength is superhuman, but when he is using his chakra to improve it he calls it Atlas Strength, that's because when Mahk-X is at max chakra he can lift the entire globe for ten minutes. When he runs out of chakra his strength is still vast just not as powerful as it is when his chakra is maxed out. When he fights opponents he uses half of his power so that he does not kill them in one blow.

Geass: Mahk-X obtained his geass from L.L when he joined the Twilight Village. He calls his geass the power of "Absolute Influence", in short his geass can manipulate the probability of all things by coating his attacks with probability manipulation fields, once the attacks colide they can pierce the un pierceable, touch the untouchable and even do things that should not be done relative the amount of chakra kham puts into the attack. Essentially, its a buff from God. Once the probability of it is increased he can make it happen. In order to influence evens that may alter the cosmos he must give up a part of his soul, he has already given up his happiness and his love for friends

Cosmic Energy
The Power Cosmic is a timeless pool of energy that aided in creating the universe, it's power comes from a supernatural cosmic being and is bestowed upon the advocates of the universe to protect their respectie sectors of the Universe. Mahk-X has this power, and it is specific to every individual. Mahk-X's power cosmic takes the form of crimson lightning staticy energy, that is the embodiment of destruction having the power to destroy anything it comes into contact with. Cosmic energy also has other uses, but in mahk-x it awakenend feats of stregnth, chrono chakra (the essence of time), and molecular manipulation. It's full extent is unknown. As far as it is used as an energy substance, cosmic energy has no elemental affinity, cannot be broken down by any means and cannot be manipulated unless done by the user. It can take on the property of any energy substance (it can be used to melt, burn, reflect, freeze, ect) and it is concussive. Because Cosmic Energy is linked to all possible energies of the entire cosmos, with some exceptions... it has endless possibilities. If I were to die, I can be reborn through the power cosmic, but only exist in cosmic particles. I can bring someone back to life with the power cosmic by surrendering a portion of my power to them. I can control minds with the power cosmic ect.

Hyper Dying Will Mode
Essentially, Kham goes Super Sayian. With his base strength increased, speed, reaction time and chakra control goes to supernatural heights, his base strength is increased and his chakra control is increased as well, along with his overall stamina. His Crusher Flame ignites on his forehead. In thing state Kham can use Zero Point Breakthrough, where he can shatter the very fabric of all matter and harmonize it to nothingness.

Now an adult Khams powers have been fully restored, his body functions as if he's 21 and has full access to all his abilities including his TRIGGER. Him being a nobody grants him full access of the use of dark corridors which are portals between the realm of darkness and the real world. He can also summon his own type of nobodies that appear with the crusher flame on their foreheads. He calls these, Dark Knights.


No hearts are some badass mother fuckers (no keyblade, cosmos destroyers) they have complete access to all of Kham's abilities Kham can only summon 1. It is his heartless in a nobody form completely bent to Kham's will. It cannot move on it's own, it has to receive mental commands from Kham first. After it is destroyed Kham cannot summon anymore for the duration of the battle. It's a great sparring partner.

The Meteor Fist Taijutsu Style
The Meteor Fist style focuses on the ebb and flow of seismic energies within Khams body using them to buff Khams durability and increase the energy of his attacks, Seismic Energy is the force of an earthquake being 100 teratons (2,000,000,000,000,000 X 100 pounds) flowing through his body fueling EVERY attack. When an opponent strikes Kham the sesimic energy repels the attack making kham more durable, it is possible for a person to break the seismic barrier but it is extremely rare, even then the blow is lessened. Because Kham is flinging 100 tetra tons around a sheer flex of muscle can send anyone flying back a good ways or off his house. He can bring people close to him with these same flexes. When using the sphere of influence this becomes a DEADLY style

Death Style Taijutsu
The Death Style Taijutsu is what Kham will use against stronger foes. Because Kham has obtained full control of his PC his chakra network has expanded giving him the ability to manipulate his cosmic power to an even grater degree and furtherly expanding his chakra pool so he can fight longer. He would fire two small thin gaia cannons out of his hand and compress them to a point where they are like Xemnas' Arieal Blades extending out of his hands. Should these strike a foe they would suffer the internal damage of a Gaia Cannon to their very being. Kham can explode these at any given time and fire several of these from his hands causing the same explosions. While using this style, Kham will make passive use of dark corridors to run on space itself and teleport at will. It takes chakra to use this style for an extended period of time. Basically, Mahk-X becomes Wesker.


Global Fist: *Yellow energies surround Mahk-X's left or right arm, and he punches the opponent breaking the sounds barrier on the way* This punch is powered with seismic energy so it sends my opponent skipping across the ground if taken directly or blocked
((small note...almost everyone attempts to dodge this punch in some way))

Unstopable Force: *crimson energies are gathered chidori style into khams left arm...he then appears some distance away infront of the opponent and haymakers them elsewhere*
((small note...never usued this move))

Giga Unstopable Force: **special attack** *kham dbz charges the yellow seismic energies into his right arm and the power cosmic into the left...a giant house sized wispy crimson arm materializes on his right, and a yellow molten arm materializes on his left...kham then appears infront of his oppoenent and punches them repeadetly in rapid succession about 1,000 times*
((only used this move once...on kotonryu a final blow, event antagonist))

Cosmic Intervention: *kham takes a couple steps forward and the staticy cosmic energies surround him...he then leaps upward leaving a meteor sized crater in his wake...on the way up towards the stratosphere he spins and stops in mid air only to rotate downards...he then plummets towards the ground, and in a matter of seconds Kham would near the foe, and cause massive amounts of collateral damage. This is a charge move as well. GAMMA CHARGE!*

Mahk Fist: *kham appears infront of his opponent and strikes a hyuuga simalar 8 trigrams stance...he then unloads 700 repeated global fists in a row knocking his oppoent back and forth into equililbrium...the last blow kham stops and charges a tsunade flick that sends the opponent flying for miles only to have their bodies shatter into a display of bones and carnage on the way*


Earth-bending: Mahk-X would usually flick his wrist to do various earth like things...the result is whatever im feeling at the moment

Crimson Devastation: *kham brings the power cosmic in his hand and compresses it into a small ball...mustering all of his strength kham breaks the sphere destroying the planet and several other planets*

World Breaker: the world breaker can either be done in the ground or above ground....when im above ground it takes less time and effort to execute but im more vulnerable, but when im in the earths core im protected *kham opens a tear in the earth and falls down the earths core instantly millions upon millions of sears tower sized silvery diamond arms converge on the target maiming them/crushing them whatever i want them to do*

MAX VERSION Gaia Cannon: *After signing, Mahk-X would extend his arm towards his opponent and fire a laser like blast of cosmic energy towards his foe. Surrounded by this blast would be spheres of cosmic energy no larger than the size of a softball, their number is in the hundreds. The initial blast destroys whatever it touches erasing every trace and destroying every cell in the opponents body, while the spheres warp to the foe at point blank range and do twice as much damage. A concentrated gaia cannon, can destroy the planet*
--------------Thanks to Kham's training with Gaia he can fire Gaia Cannons out of his fingers like death beams and spam them nice and happily, the concussive power of them can be as large as Kham wills, the more chakra it will take to make a larger exploding gaia cannon. Kham has full control of what the explosion destroys. He can concentrate the explosive power of the Gaia cannon to one point or thing which makes it even more powerful naturally taking more chakra to do. The above manipulation is called the 'focused gaia cannon'

Sphere of Influence: A move that allows Kham to influence certain events, upon activation if nothing in is the sphere but Kham it is a great defense against physical assaults and energy based attacks. Kham can prevent any carbon based organism from entering the sphere using his kekkei genkai manipulation, point blank period. The sphere can only be retained for 5 minutes and can extend to a radius of 100 feet tops.
-----If someone is in the sphere Kham can do multiple things, if he understands the abilities of his foe he can make it so that the only powers the foe can use are the ones they share in common with Kham
-----Secondly, he can change aspects of the sphere, he can manipulate time in the sphere making the sphere a super condensed area of time making an instant an hour, manipulate gravity, or manipulate carbon atoms making the foe a carbon magnet making them constantly attracted to Kham pulling towards him at a high speed.
------Kham can only manipulate one aspect at a time and cannot stack aspects

The Equalizer: *Kham would simply exert a flex of muscle at the moment of impact before an attack exerting the same amount of chakra it takes for an individual to use a certain move rendering the move ineffective but using chakra on Kham's part. This nullifies any attack but Kham must sacrifice the equal amount of chakra it takes to use such a move.*

Cosmic Hell: *Kham would sign, activating his cosmic prowess to seal off the immediate area, and with it all powers and abilities, making it a pure fight of physical might. He can also exterminate the use of one particular power that him and his foe have in common.*
--The Cosmic Hell forces the two combatants to fight in perfect harmony with one another using any abilities that either doesn't have is out of the question and can seal the interloper.
--The way out is simple, if you can leave the same way Kham leaves then you can leave freely.

Last edited by Mahk-X on March 27th 2011, 10:15 pm; edited 15 times in total
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PostSubject: Re: I forgot I had jutsu...   May 4th 2009, 7:44 pm

aaaah...the world breaker...good times, gooood times
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PostSubject: Re: I forgot I had jutsu...   March 18th 2011, 2:28 pm

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PostSubject: Re: I forgot I had jutsu...   March 18th 2011, 2:38 pm

Geass is still there >.<
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PostSubject: Re: I forgot I had jutsu...   March 18th 2011, 2:47 pm

((coming up with a way to nullify everyone's geass))
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PostSubject: Re: I forgot I had jutsu...   

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I forgot I had jutsu...
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