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 Takai's Moves

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Takai Kugutsu


Posts : 678
Village of Residence : Village Hidden In The Dusk
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Kekkei Genkai : Poison Conversion

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Character Race: Posion Humanoid
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PostSubject: Takai's Moves   July 30th 2009, 3:57 pm

Kekkei Genkai: Poison Conversion: This ability allows Takai the ability to transform liquid into poison. This poison conversion can also be done with Takai’s body fluided (drool, sweat, blood, etc.) which makes close combat dangerous to his opponent. This gives him strong immunity to poison attack and objects. Although when he is low on chakra he becomes vulnerable to strong poisons.

Poison Jutsu:

Poison Mist: Takai would release a large cloud of poison gas from his mouth that will rocket toward his opponent or will spread around the battle field.

Poison Wave: Takai will cause a large amount of poison to flow from his hands and then the wave of poison will move toward his opponent. This move can also be done by Takai touching a large body of water.

Poison Wolves: Takai will create wolves made of poison that will try to bite and scratch his opponents sending poison into the attacked person’s body.

Poison Blade: Using his chakra Takai will create a solid blade of poison that he can cut his opponent with and cause poison to enter the cut wounds.

Poison Whip: Using his chakra Takai will create a solid whipe of poison that will being to burn and infect what ever it touches.

Poison Dragon: Takai will create a large dragon of poison that will fly toward his opponent and then strike them full force covering them in deadly poison if hit.

Poison Clone: Takai will create physical clones made from poison that will attack his opponent. Although if when they are hit the will burst back into poison so it would be bad to attack close up.

Poison Claw: Takai will cover his hands in poison taking the shape of large claws and will then try to hit his opponent to infect them with his poison.

Poison Dome: Takai will create a dome around himself for defense, or he can try and create it around his opponent to poison them.

Poison Gyser: By punching the ground Takai will cause a large amount of poison to erupt from the ground around his general area which can be a few feet away under his opponent or right under himself for defensive purposes.

Poison Pufferfish: Taking a deep breath, Takai inflates his body slightly in order to withstand a physical blow. This can also cause poison to leak out from his body which will make it harder for Takai to be harmed.

Venom Road: Takai will cover his body with poison and he will then rocket toward his opponent. Although while moving by using his chakra he will leave a large path of poison behind him which will stay around until he make it disappear. This will create large areas of poison that will affect who ever touched it.

Poison Bubble: Creating a large amount of poison in his mouth Takai would begin to chew it and then blow it into a bubble like gum. This bubble can be full of ether toxic gas of liquid that will be release once the bubble is popped.

Chakra Threads: Takai can use these threads to control his puppets or he can use it for his chakra absorption jutsu.

Chakra Absorption: This move is used when Takai touches his opponent and he will begin to drain his opponent of their chakra. This will also restore Takai’s own chakra, he can also use this move with his chakra threads.

Poison Blast: With this move Takai will release a large blast of poison and chakra that will rocket toward his opponent. With this move the color of the poison will show what affect it will have on his opponent.

Colored Poison Affects:

Red: Causes high fever and dizziness.
Blue: Will cause the opponent to have strong and painful cold flashes.
Yellow: Will attack the opponents nerve system causing them to become numb and soon temporarily paralyzed.
Brown: Causes what ever it touches to begin to stiffen cause skin around a person to turn into wood soon turning them into a human looking tree.
Black: Cuases who ever is hit with this poison to go blind until the poison it removed from there body.
Purple: When this poison is release it will affect an opponent though skin contact enetering the body. Once inside the poison will move to the lungs were the liquid poison will turn into gas and reduce the amount of oxygen the lungs can produce, This will make it harder for the person to breath and if enough poison is taken in the opponent will be unable to breath until the poison is removed.
Green: n/a (must rank up)
White: n/a (must rank up)

Poison Body: This move will transform my body into a large blob of living poison. While in this form the use of physical attack become pretty much usless because whle in this form I my organs become poison. I can also grow shrink, muliple, hardden, and shape my poison body to keep my oponen on edge. Although if a part of my poison body is destroyed when I turn back to normal the damage will be shown on my physical body.

Poison Hydra: This move will cover my body and deadly poison and from my back three large dragons of poison would rise up. These dragons can move around that area going long distances without disconnecting from my back trying to bite and badly poison my opponent.

Poison Art: Vemon Demon: This is one of my most strongest poison based moves which will turn my body itself into poison and then I will take the from of a large green oblisk of poison. This would give me super strengh along with one of my deadly types of poison that rots away my opponents chakra along with making then very ill.

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Takai Kugutsu


Posts : 678
Village of Residence : Village Hidden In The Dusk
Join date : 2009-07-30
Cool Points (LOL) : 2
Hobbies / Interests : Playing with my hand puppets
Kekkei Genkai : Poison Conversion

Character sheet
Character Race: Posion Humanoid
Character Info (Highlight):

PostSubject: Re: Takai's Moves   November 9th 2009, 12:30 am

Fire Manipulation (Gained from my mission with Sanoske)

Fire Jutsu:

Flare Burst: I release a large wave of fire from my hands or mouth that will rocket toward my opponent.

Fire Chain- Using my fire manipulation I will crate a long chain of fire that I will lash as my opponent which will try to tie up my opponent and burn them.

Flame Quake- I will charge my hand with fire and then strike the grund causing it to explode with fire around the area.

Pyro Drill: I will create a large drill of fire that will cover my arm and will spin not only allowing me to drill thoug my opponent but while spinning I can have the drill release large waves of spinning fire.

Flare Kick/Punch: I will charge my hands with fire and then try to punch and kick my opponent each blow releasing a large burst of fire.

Fire Net: This creates a large net made of pure fire which can be used to capture and burn my opponent or be placed along the ground making hard for the to run or walk around the area.

Fire clones: Using the flames around me I can create physical clones that burst into flames when hit, some of these clones have explosion tags on them so when hit they explode.

Fire Threads: I will create fire like chakra threads that will burn anything they wrap around. The are also thin to the point were they are hard to see.

Fire Element, Grand Fireball Technique- A technique where I build up chakra in my chest and blows a large ball of fire from my mouth.

Fire Element, Phoenix Fire Technique- A technique where I blow multiple fire balls from my mouth. It can also be combined with throwing weapons, which creates weapons engulfed in flames.

Flame Shield: I will create a large shield of fire to block different attack from my opponent. The size of this shield can change from a small one around my arm or one 4 times bigger then my body.

Poison Flames: With this move I will mix my fire with my poison chakra creating a dark purple flame. These flames can burn very hot while at the same time badly poisoning my opponent. Also by coating the flame in my poison conversion chakra they become harder to put out with water based moves.

Kage Kyuutai: During the mission I also gained this black substance which is a a very resistant metallic substance that is produced inside my body. When removed from my body it first appears as a small black orb, but I can change the shape, mass, size, and density of the substance to how I see fit as long as I have enough chakra. Also the black substance has a strange ability that wounds given from it do not heal except with very powerful healing abilities which is most likely from its strong dark like energy properties.
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Takai's Moves
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