Tymonland, The Veritas (Dusk)
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 Venize, My Soul Partner

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PostSubject: Venize, My Soul Partner   August 3rd 2009, 3:13 am

Soul Partner: Venize

Venize is an very shy type of girl around most of the time, but is quite an bit of a outspoken adviser for Zesu in many different situations and an secretary coach towards his training since his sensei asked her to make sure he wasn't slacking off! Although the young apprentice and the lovely soul partner became friends right after the decision upon his weapon choice, the two still haven't learned anything about each other in a battle situation which results in lack of any tactical attacks and techniques as of yet until they get proper training for the time being. She also helps motivates Zesu all the time whenever he gets his ass handed to him in a battle, scolded by his sensei, or anything that may just either make him rage or depressed.

Venize Weapon Appearance:

Yeah I'd known you were expecting something badass like some guanlets, a bigass sword, or an portal gun! WRONG!! This his Venize in her soul weapon formation which attatches around his right wrist and hand along with such comfortability which makes him seems like he's just like Megaman! (LOL). It does pack quite a punch though since Venize can provide with her own water and can turn the nozzle to switch up the type of force to be used along with it. However, it also can be an draining weapon as a side effect due to the amount of water it uses only just by producing itself its own source.

The five types of nozzles used upon it:
-Sprinkle (1st Icon)
-Burst (2nd Icon)
-Hydro Punp (3rd Icon)
-Sting (4th Icon)
-Pierce (5th Icon)
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Venize, My Soul Partner
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