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 Kaerui's weapons

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Kaerui Myurri
Spirit of the Depths
Spirit of the Depths

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PostSubject: Kaerui's weapons   August 6th 2009, 4:34 am

atarimae eye besides allowing kaerui to travel on sound waves she doesn't know what else it does but she knows it does something else

Kaerui's clan uses atarimae chakra which acts somewhat as a poison to normal chakra as it more less eats it but it does turn it into air when it comes into contact with it

she can also speak to, and control butter flies and bats

Kaerui has a flute that serves as her most used weapon the Wind Melody this flute releases sound that travels in vibration the vibrations hit your body and travel through your skin to hit your earlobes if it is to effect you so don't try putting something in your ears so you don't here the music because you can't get around

using a scroll she received from training with her mother she is able to release these miniature recking balls that are lightened by channeling her chakra through the chains but if some one is hit by the balls they would seem their natural weight

atarimae chains the aura around the chains is also what atarimae chakra looks like

the pendant given to her by her mother this chakra means the world and more to kaerui and is worth her life because of the bond between the pendant and kaerui, kaerui has the ability to call out to the pendant by playing a certain song that will make the pendant reappear on her neck

a rapier she always keeps on her that is used as a sword and a composers baton this is used some times to play certain songs to command and create butterflies

bat keeper a sword that is used to control bats and black butterflies

what her bats look like; they also release small spikes that are so small that they can not be felt but, each of them are lined with a venom that once it gets into the blood stream it causes a large amount of bleeding and they drain the body of it's chakra( she can only make 40 at a time they are actually quite small)

black butterfly she can only make and control 20 at a time
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Kaerui's weapons
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