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 Ken's Soul Partner

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Ken Minamino


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PostSubject: Ken's Soul Partner   August 7th 2009, 12:23 am


This is jean, Ken's past love. She was a confident, and quite the bold indivdual, and apparently a beautiful women. Since she was from ken's clan, she would be about 1220 years old, but wouldn't look a day over 19, similar to ken. When Ken and Jean aren't in battle, they are often seen reminsing the times they were together, amoung other things. She is also an experienced deathscythe.

This is Jean weapon form.

Devouring Soul: Her soul ability allows her to eat and utterly munch the very essence of things, including Soul Energy, Chakra Network etc..They also still focus as normal bullets.(Meaning if I shoot you in your mouth, your pretty much as good as dead.)

These are the bullets she fires

Soul Resonounce(sp?) Vector Cannon

This is Jeans Soul Resonounce Picture. She grows to the size of a skyscraper and fires a concentrated blast of both Ken's soul energy along with hers. The blast needless to say is big as shit and shot at almost 100 of a unit, meaning this shot RARELY misses when shot. It's basically almost a sure shot. Also, the blast itself has the potential to blast and eat through space and time amoung other things.


Ken's Soul: Ken's Soul is a soul of discord and chaos. With his soul, he can disrupt the chakra network or the soul network thingy of people to make it almost impossible to use chakra or soul energy etc properly. He can even disrupt the flow of one circulatory system, and even there thought process. He can use the chaos parts of his soul to ultimately crumble or destroy the soul of another person causing them to...well..die I guess, but only through physical contact. Ken's soul wavelength is extremely powerful and flexable. It has the abiltiy to manifest itself in the form of countless things, that allow him to do a variety of things. Such as: Stich a person's feet to the ground.

Soul Powers:
Soul Resonance: A technique that allows normally Meisters and Weapons to synchronize their own souls by continuously sending their wavelength through each other and amplifying them to increase power. With Soul Resonance, extremely powerful techniques and abilities can be unlocked. There are many different types of Soul Resonances.

Self Resonance: An advanced Soul Resonance technique that only requires resonance with oneself. Instead of letting your soul wavelength flow into another person, become amplified and them return to you to become amplified again and so on, you will instead focus your wavelength throughout your body and have it flow to and from your own soul to amplify itself.

Soul Perception: The ability to see, assess and analyze one's soul. By focusing on an individual soul, a skilled Soul Perception practitioner can actually "read" a soul and make accurate judgments about the person's characteristics, personality and wavelength. Knowing the wavelength of a soul can allow a skilled meister to match or disrupt the opponent's wavelength in or outside of combat. This can be used to hear or see one's soul.

Soul Feedback: An advanced version of the Soul Perception. The ability to feel and pinpoint one's soul from most distances in addition to the normal Soul Perception abilities. Unlike normal Soul Perception, Soul Feedback can see through a witch's Soul Protect ability, which is normally extremely useful. Aside from allowing someone to see through a witch's Soul Protect, Soul Feedback allows one to sense souls accurately over long distances and notice even the slightest changes in one's wavelength

Soul Menace: An adept Self Resonance ability that causes the user to amplify the wavelength enough to be forced through any part of the body via a physical strike. It normally makes powerful and rather explosive strikes, and can be damaging to the soul, the physical body and the mind all at once. Numerous hits to a non-trained body can be fatal.

Double Soul Menace - Two Palm: Basically just a Soul Menace used with both hands. Though it is simple, it is extremely difficult to do because of the fact that one must control wavelength equally into both hands for the best effect without messing up. Naturally, it has double the power of a normal Soul Menace.

Successive Soul Menace: An extremely HIGHLY advanced form of the Soul Menace which allows one to strike numerous times in succession extremely swiftly delivering any given amount of Soul Menace strikes as quickly as possible before the opponent is either sent flying or is utterly destroyed by the power. A very deadly technique that only the best can learn and the even better can master

Planet Destruction Cannon: An upgraded and HIGHLY advanced form of the Soul Menace, which is basically just the Soul Menace with a lot more explosive, destructive power and Soul Wavelength/Energy expended into it, thus certainly making it more powerful and extremely large.

Soul Infect: Infects someone else's soul with own soul to take control of it or seep properties of own soul into it (Example, Discord, which would make it so the foe's thoughts, chakra, flow, soul wavelength, etc completely disrupted and thrown into chaos amoung other things.)

Soul Devil: After touching someone's soul via wavelength or touching the physical body of someone with a Soul Menace, sends wavelength through soul that is so powerful that it literally destroys the soul on contact.

Soul Shot: Soul Wavelength shoots out in a forceful way that does not require physical contact to use. Same effects as Soul Menace but more damaging.

Wavelength Shatter: The ability to shatter one's Soul Wavelength to make sure that the foe cannot use Soul Resonance or use their Weapon or Soul Energy if they have it. It also nullifies the affects of one's soul temporarily.

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Ken's Soul Partner
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