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 Remkaze's Weapons

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PostSubject: Remkaze's Weapons   April 30th 2009, 11:22 am

Giant Shuriken
Paper Bombs
Armor (thin, but very flexable and stronger than most strong metals.)
Bladebane: Sword of my family heritage, made of an alloy of rare metals of whose names I cannot be sure are even of this world. It can cut through most ordinary swords and weapons thus the name. It is said to rival the strength of adamantium, but Ive yet to test that theory)

Saiken (sealed form)
This is the Zampokuto that Akarui made from Bladebane, it still holds the properties that Bladebane had, except that it is also a Zampokuto now.

Saiken's Shikai Form)

Command phase: Saiken-Sit. Shikai form is a gauntlet with a red crystal on the back of the hand. It gives me the power to transform my body into any substance that I touch with it on. [EX: touch water, my body turns into water.] When transformed into an substance, the substance cannot be manipulated by an outside force [EX: Touch water, turn body into water, cannot be manipulated by a water ninja/water chakra of someone else.] I can also form a sword out of the substance that I touch out of the same substance that looks like the original sword above. [EX: Turn into water by touching water, can form a sword out of water that cuts]

Scythe Chain Whips: Made of a metal that is similar to my Armor, but more thick and less flexable, but just as strong.
Can use them like normal hand weapons or as whips. Also can manipulate with Kekkei Gankai.
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PostSubject: Re: Remkaze's Weapons   September 5th 2009, 12:25 pm

Weapon Gain, from Return to the Dream World.....

Gaian Pyramid of Metal: I found this after defeating a demon who had a very good control over metal/magnetic fields.
This artifact enhances my power over metal and my power over magnetic fields so that when I take it out, it enhances it 5x what it normally is. The Gaian Pyramid floats near me when it is activated, and can even exert its own force apart from mine, enabling it to control metal on its own without my direction, if need be.

From the mission with Rook:

Tech Suit: This Suit was my brothers, however I took it from him, and now can summon it around myself. It first and formost is made of a hybride of metals, which together form a super strong, almost unbreakable shield. It is totally resistant to temperature change, much like the Sky Iron, however, it IS A STRONGER METAL THAN SKY IRON. This allows it to be good for space travel. It also is quite resistant to blunt and piercing damage attacks.
It also as many weapons, like guns, laser beams, and missiles.

Heat seeking: Missiles that tracks by heat.

Chakra Seeking: Missiles that track by chakra signature.

Pulse Technology: These devises, which are all over the suit, are able to transfer chakra into a blasting pulse which is powerful enough to shred through tougher metals, and other substances. It can also be used to disrupt different things, also weaken earth, and structures, and solid material, if it doesn't rip through them entireally.

Dual Skin: Has two layers of metal so that the top can be removed and can be used as a weapon with my KG.

Hexo-Projectile Shield: A bubble like yellow tinted shield which appears floating around the suit. It has the power to deflect any projectiles the size of a large rocket or smaller.
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Remkaze's Weapons
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