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 The Zombie's Weapons

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PostSubject: The Zombie's Weapons   September 12th 2009, 4:38 am

((While the poisons listed are the names of actual existing poisons and are based on them, they are not them. Please don't tell me if a certain poison does something or not. I know.))

Heartbreak - This is a sword she managed to pry from thefingers of a bounty hunter they happened across. When swung, it becomes like a whip, but it used the right way, it can remain like a sword. She wields an assortment of scalpels as a doctor, but there are 3 main ones she uses, each with their own skill.

Euthanasia - Despite the name, this is only used on those already dead (besides, Bijou doesn't believe and putting someone down easy). Infused with dark energy, it fixes up the body and brings the person back to life. Unlike if she uses aether though, the person brought back with this will be a zombie. Not the cool, superhuman type either. Just the plain old Resident Evil type, annoying, cannon fodder zombie. The type that can be put down with like 1 or 2 bullets to the head. Of course, if put down, she can just use Euthanasia to bring them back.

Thanatophobia - She's had this since she first started medical training. The only scalpel in her possession used to prevent death. It's infused with light energy and when used can take the sickness from someone or heal them completely. It's like that guy from the Green Mile in scalpel form. Needless to say, in recent times, this does not get used often.

Taint- Your standard, everyday scalpel. This scalpel has many uses depending on the blade's color besides the obvious cutting.
Green - Genotoxic. Someone cut with blade will have a special type of poison injected into their body. It's nothing that can kill, but what the poison creates will if left untreated. This poison can damage the opponent's DNA and can cause cancer wherever the cut was.
Yellow - Cytotoxic. Wherever the opponent is cut at, the poison on this blade will eat away at their flesh down to the bone (It takes 12 posts to for the poison to eat through to the bone, 9 if you're moving around a lot).
Pink - Pruritus. A very mild poison. It only causes a rash similar to that of poison ivy and dries out the opponent's skin. This is only when used when she just feels like irritating someone. Generally used on Taipan as punishment for nagging so much.
Red - Abrin. This is a very fast poison (in rp terms, let's just say 8 posts, 6 if you're moving around a lot). It affects the organs, causing them to stop working. Obviously, this needs to be treated extremely fast.
Blue - Tabun. This poison is faster than Abrin (5 posts, 3 if you're moving around a lot). It causes severe paralysis, starting from where the cut was inflicted. It steadily slows down the victim's heart so if left untreated, the heart will eventually stop.
Orange - Antidote. Cures all the poisons except for Pruritus.

While Bijou herself is a rather decent fighter, she would rather not dirty her hands. Thus, she has Taipan and Havok, mainly Taipan. Because they really aren't people anymore and are generally treated like weapons (Havok is usually treated like the child he was though), they get listed under weapons.

Taipan - The poor noble who wound up as Bijou's servant and lab rat (but surprisingly not a zombie). Unfortunately, the loss of her memory included her jutsu, but she was talented enough with earth that she can still do simple things like plant/dirt manipulations. Thanks to Bijou's constant tampering and her own experiences with venom, she's immune to most types. If she is brought down by some new type though, when brought back, her body will have developed an immunity to it. The venom running through her works the same way as Tabun and Cytotoxic and the same speed Tabun.

In terms of weapon use, Taipan generally doesn't have a need for them. Her strength is great enough that she can usually deal with a foe with her fists. She developed a love for firearms over the years though and always has a handgun of some sort strapped to her waist.

Her favorite. A buster rifle that she can't carry around on her back due to the size of it and the attention it would attract. She instead carries it inside of her and pulls it out of her mouth when necessary. It's designed to run off of solar energy due to the amount of time they spend away from civilization and a proper fuel source.

Because of her snake genes, she can become a naga herself. She transforms by shedding her skin as a snake would and the same happens when she wishes to become human once more.

Havok - Bijou's little brother. He's the same way as Taipan in the sense that he generally doesn't use a weapon and he's immune to a great number of poisons. His body has also been remade to remember the pain of an attack. If an attack does not kill him, his body will remember it and make it useless a second time.

When he does use a weapon, this is one of them. He never managed to perfect his use of the elements in life so he needs a medium. While he can't use jutsu, he's able to summon up an element into a specific type of blast. The sword can only use a max 3 elements at a time.
Water - He slashes downward to create a pretty standard wave as strong as the amount of force behind the swing.
Fire - He swings it in the direction of the opponent to send a fireball their way.
Earth - He strikes the ground to create an earthquake as powerful as the force behind it.
Wind - He slices the air to send a barrage of wind scythes towards the opponent.
Lightning - He stabs the ground to summon down random bolts of lightning.
Light Aether - He cuts the person to heal them.
Dark Aether - He cuts them, causing the injured body part to decay.

For all 3 of them, should they draw blood with their nails or teeth, the infected will become a zombie themselves unless treated immediately by someone who can reverse the process.
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The Zombie's Weapons
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