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 Mao Pai Shina and Mei

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PostSubject: Mao Pai Shina and Mei   September 17th 2009, 3:29 pm

well here is the story of how I meat Pai Shina and Mei the noyamano sister's well it's a funny story of how the four of us meat ok this is how it happened. one day while I was walking down the street to go get some food for my mom I over heard some people talking about three girls the at could change into weapons so knowing me I went over there to see was it true could there really be people who could transform into weapons, so as I was going over to see the people with this power some big monster thing stepped in fount of me and said I'm so bad ass that I pulled a sword out of my chest and I gave this stupid look and I said move so I can get pass and then he Sade no I guess by me asking him to move that made him mad because after I Sade that he started to attack me. so while I was getting my ass whooped I heard a voice and it Sade if you want power then all you need to do is be our servant and we will give you that power knowing me I could not say no so I told that person yes now give me the power I need to beat this clown and not a sec late three cutie girls came out of the blue and landed right next to me. and in a flash I was holding two swords and a gun god was I lost but I know what I had to do and that was to kill that ugly mother F***** and that's what I did so after the fight those same two swords and gun turned back into the three girls that I saw so they told me there names. Pai was the oldest and Shina was the second oldest and Mei was the yongest and Pai told me that I was there servent and of corse I know that and from that point on the fore of us stuck togher.



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PostSubject: Re: Mao Pai Shina and Mei   September 17th 2009, 4:18 pm

Ok I see some errors here as well, kid. Let's exploit them shall we?

1. There is no way for you to have three soul weapons at once upon your rank nor there is any abilities upon what each one does. You can only have one soul partner for now (Unless Maze or Khrona approves you otherwise) until you actually improve on yourself and your soul partner as well. Take a class or ask one of the higher ups in the village to help you with that.

2. The storyline is rather....interesting, but as usual you gotta edit it as well to only just having one soul partner (Once again, Maze or Khrona approves of this otherwise.) and how you met up with her.

3. You probably will have to speak to Maze or Khrona into getting your soul weapon first to make it official.
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Mao Pai Shina and Mei
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