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 Goddess of Fury's weaponry

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PostSubject: Goddess of Fury's weaponry   September 18th 2009, 9:48 pm

Megaera wields only 2 weapons; Her two divine swords Vengeance and Jealousy. Both can use Light equally well, however each of them uses Fire and Wind differently. Also, they can change their size at maximum power.

Vengeance is the sword of Fire. As such, it eats fire and heat sources and can spew them back out purified, thus making it a sort of Sacred Fire. the Sacred Fire Megaera uses can burn you from the inside and the outside, however if it is used non maliciously, it can be used for healing. Sacred Fire also spreads at an accelerated rate than normal fire... So yeah. Another fun special ability of Vengeance is to continuously increase both Megaera's and it's heat within, which would normally kill a normal human, but Megaera is protected when it comes to her Sacred Fire. It is also the more powerful of the two and can increase the power of attacks that come from it, as well as Megaera's natural power.

Jealousy is the sword of Wind. As such, it can negate the effects of wind and other natural forces of its kind. It has the ability to eat a tornado. Being a sword of wind, it can spontaneously create vacuums of nothing but... well... vacuous force to get sucked into the blade or some other... thingy. It can also release huge, forceful gusts of wind and blades of wind. Naturally, it gives Megaera the ability to cut through wind and have her abilities easily negate the effects of wind, which is great within itself. Since it eats air, it is not best to be used in an enclosed space... But it provides Megaera with air when needed, such as when she is drowning or something, so I guess it's all good. It is also the faster of the two and can increase the speed and quantity of attacks that come from it as well as increase Megaera's speed, giving her the ability to move about as if she were the wind itself. Yay.

Jealousy and Vengeance combined release their ultimate abilities, the abilities of Purgatory Wind. This combined Sacred Fire, Divine Wind and Holy Light all into one fiery maelstrom of fire and light. Thus, it melts through defenses, rips through the toughest of solids and purifies and disintegrates whatever gets in its way. These horrible storms are a force to be reckoned with, being extremely fast to form and execute as well as able to make... numerous... amounts of them... at one time. They can also come straight from the heavens or straight from the swords themselves.
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Goddess of Fury's weaponry
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