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 Purgatory Wind... Fury unleashed.

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PostSubject: Purgatory Wind... Fury unleashed.   September 18th 2009, 10:02 pm

Ahemhem. This is Megaera's jutsu list. Please note now that shadows and darkness are nullified/purified upon Megaera touching them (naturally, if it is weaker or of the same power to hers) and light is just absorbed into these attacks to make them grow, as well as fire and wind respective to their own... attacks. Another thing, these attacks are holy. Meaning evil would be twice as harmed... by it. Meaning demons, spirits, imps, etc. etc. would be hurt more severely than a normal person would, however holy beings would be less effected by these abilities.

Sacred Fire
To be put simply, Sacred Fire is Holy Fire. It has been blessed by the gods and burns with the purest of all flames, turning all evil and impurities to ash. It has the special power to burn away Chakra from other beings and force what it touches to use up excessively high amounts of it, causing chakra depletion much faster to whatever it touches, since it has the power to burn things from the inside out. It also has the ability to purify Dark Chakras and the like, burning them away as well. It is both destructive or consuming and healing or regenerative, able to use its holy aspect to both destroy evil beings and heal those Megaera wishes. Sacred Fire burns not only on the outside of what it consumes, but on the inside as well, meaning it can burn and consume you from both the outside and inside out. It also has the ability to burn intangible beings such as ghosts and souls and the sort. As a given, the Sacred Fire can be heated up infinitely to any temperature. Those who are within the heat aura of the Sacred Fire can be sensed by Megaera, even if they are not seen, as long as they are within the heat aura. The ash and white flames created by the Sacred Fire is said to be able to heal any ailments from disease and poison to paralysis and broken bones. The potency of its regenerative properties are still widely unknown. Her right handed sword, Vengeance, has dominance over Sacred Fire.

Sacred Fire: With her sword, Vengeance, internally generating Sacred Fire constantly, Megaera swings her sword. Whatever makes contact with the blade is subject to the massive explosion of nothing but Sacred Fire released. Alternatively, Megaera can launch condensed Sacred Fire to ignite anything it touches or spontaneously combust on her command.

Burning Rocket: The internally generated Sacred Fire from Vengeance will totally engulf the blade. It is then launched at the foe at incredible speeds, homing in on their heat signature, their soul, or their Chakra/energy signature. Once it makes impact, it makes a massive explosion. Alternatively, Megaera can shoot out Sacred Fire condensed into the form of a rocket, which does the exact same thing, only if she fires them like that, she can create multiple rockets. The temperature of this attack constantly rises by 10 degrees Celsius a second, and it already starts out at 100 degrees Celsius.

Scorching Soul: Megaera's blade, Vengeance, heats up at an exponential rate and rips through everything in its way, literally melting or burning through what it touches. It has a higher effect on the spiritual and metaphysical beings, being able to purify, convert and absorb them for power once contact is made. Utilizing this, it can be used to cut at someone's soul/soul wavelength/soul energy and burn through it. The temperature of this attack constantly rises by 10 degrees Celsius a second.

Holy Molotov: Condensing a massive amount of Sacred Fire, Megaera creates a giant fireball of Sacred Fire. She can launch it at great speeds, and it makes gigantic explosions when it makes impact with anything.

Heaven's Grenade: The powered up version of the Holy Molotov. Megaera creates giant fireballs twice the size of the Holy Molotov and launches them at half the speed, making explosions thrice as large. The major difference is that Megaera can create multiple fireballs as she sees fit.

Super Crash: A very powerful ability in which Megaera generates a crapload of Sacred Fire within her and then causes a gigantic explosion from herself, which will cause many explosions to go off in the air as a chain reaction, combusting anything and everything that they can and leveling the entire area, changing it to nothing but ash. With every explosion, the flames drain the energy of whatever is there and bring it to Megaera so that her energy isn't depleted when using this attack.

Wildfire: Unleashes a horrific amount of Sacred Fire, which will instantly make whatever is near catch fire, even if non-flammable. It will eat away at whatever it can, only to spread itself some more and constantly consume what it can. It drains not only energy, but eats away at matter.

Furious Flame: Releases purifying flames that will pass through solid objects and possess them from the inside, whatever the solid object may be. As such, the solid object will burn, but it will not be destroyed It will be 'born anew' one could say, becoming a Sacred Fire creature under Megaera's control with the Sacred Fire as its weapon. If it was a living being that is subject to this, it will lose all of its original memories and powers once its insides are contaminated with Sacred Fire.

Heat Collection: As the name suggests, Megaera draws in any and all heat in the atmosphere gradually to herself, which will not only increase the power of her Sacred Fire, but also cause everything around her to melt as the heat rises, making it hard for foes to come near her. She may manipulate the heat around her in any way she pleases.

Heaven's Curse: Megaera generates a lot of Sacred Fire within herself and releases it as a gigantic pulsing wave. Whatever is caught within the wave will begin to have its matter and energy drained and dissolved slowly without the opponent knowing. The Goddess will cause their power to slowly decrease, making them weaker and more sluggish the longer they fight. A secondary ability is to eat at the will of those whom are within the blast radius, making their wills go away until they wish to do nothing but serve the Goddess unconditionally.

Flare Booster: On her feet, Megaera will release rockets of fire so that she moves much faster than she does, moving like a rocket and incinerating anything in her way at the same time. The more fire output, the faster she goes, but at the cost of more energy.

Divine Wind
Also called the 'Breath of the Gods,' the Divine Wind shares the same blessed aspect of the Sacred Fire. It has the same purifying aspect, however has no healing properties whatsoever. Divine Wind centers itself more around protection and evasion rather than power and healing like the Sacred Fire. Divine Wind can pass through solids at the will of Megaera without harm, however that does not mean the insides of what it has passed through go unscathed. The insides of whatever this wind passes through will corrode, be sliced up and be compressed to Megaera's will. The Divine Wind can also generate extreme forces for protection purposes, and even can grant the ability of invisibility, intangibility and the ability to converge with the very wind, itself. Finally, her Megaera can use the Divine Wind to create vacuums, condense/compact and spread the air and pressurize the air at will. The true power of the Divine Wind is widely unknown, however.

Divine Wind: With her sword, Jealousy, internally generating Divine Wind constantly, Megaera will swing her sword, which will send a large amount of forceful winds to rip and slice through everything it comes in contact with, inside and out.

Wind Cutter: Releasing internally generated Divine Wind from Jealousy, it creates a blade of pure force that absorbs all wind and air that it comes in contact with so that it may become stronger, larger and more forceful. Note that it is a force and as such, only a force of equal or greater power can stop it. Alternatively, Megaera can launch a pure vacuum from the blade that can suck in all air and wind indefinitely to make the vacuum larger.

Wind Bolt: Concentrates a large amount of Divine Wind in one area, pressurizing it intensely to corm a bolt of air. She launches this bolt at a high speed, which will hit the foe and not only be able to rupture their soul wavelength and chakra network, but also break bones and harm organs with just the force and power alone.

Wind's Shadow: Utilizing the holy power of the Divine Wind, Megaera can become completely invisible. Not only her body is invisible, however.. Her energy/chakra/soul and stuff become invisible as well, able to mask it so well that people cannot even feel her presence. She cannot hold this for long, however.

Winged Feet: Utilizing the holy power of the Divine Wind, Megaera gains the ability to become completely and utterly silent in all movements and walk on the wind as if it were a solid ground. In addition to those abilities, she can instantaneously converge with the wind for a short period of time for quick escapes. Also, Megaera's attacks become completely silent as well, no matter how large or powerful or destructive they may be, they are silent. This ability has a final effect of tripling Megaera's speed as well.

Wind's Legs: Utilizing the power of Divine Wind, Megaera can increase her speed 10 times the original, making her exceptionally and blindingly fast. It does not only affect her legs, but all movements she makes as well, thus allowing her to make all movements at 10 times her original speed. In addition to that, she can concentrate this ability into other objects to cause them to float.

High Pressure: Using the power of Divine Wind, Megaera can pressurize and compact and/or spread air at will in the entire area for many useful tactics.

Empty Shell: Using the power of Divine Wind and her own Chakra, Megaera creates clones of herself made and filled with Divine Wind or Sacred Fire. They move and fight just like Megaera, however when destroyed, they explode with either massive amounts of Divine Wind or Sacred Fire.

Holy Light
The Holy Light, also known as 'Holy Sight,' is Megaera's most potent purification method. As its code name of 'Holy Sight' suggests, Holy Light allows illusions, shadows, darkness, genjutsu, etc. to be seen through clearly by Megaera as well as purify these things and thus get rid of them. It has the highest power of purification of the 3 and has a little bit of destructive power like Sacred Fire does and a little bit of support power just as Divine Wind does. The potency of its purification properties is still widely unknown.

Holy Light: With holy energy generated internally by both her swords, Megaera can launch expansive and explosive beams of purely condensed light that rip through all impurities it touches. The Holy Light increases in power constantly as light hits it. Upon contact, this light makes massive and powerful explosions.

Angelic Rain: Concentrates holy energy into the sky, making a massive light of sorts, as if the light of heaven was shining down on the area, thrice as bright as the sun. From the blinding bright light comes hundreds of explosive, condensed beams of Holy Light, aiming to burn through everything in the area. The explosions released are so intense and so bright that they literally bathe the ground with nothing but light when this attack goes on.

Shining Sword: One of Megaera's swords gleams brightly and purges all shadows from the area, and if not the area, then at least from getting near or touching Megaera. This includes her own. The blade also absorbs heat and light and releases explosive waves of cutting light when swung. The amount of light and heat it intakes justifies how powerful the light waves are, however it is taking in light and heat constantly.

Evangel Cross: Releases a blast of energy that will hit its target, then explode outward, then high upward into the form of a gigantic, destructive cross. (Refer to the video.)

Light's Will: Controls the wavelength of light to absorb lights in the area, also able to control it and solidify or liquefy light to her will to create shields or pools whenever she can.

Light Shadow: Megaera plants 'shadows' on the ground made completely out of light. They move like shadows, but are made specifically to fight shadows and darkness. They will destroy any forms of shadow or darkness they come in contact with and become more powerful when they do. Finally, they can lift off of the ground and attack to the will of Megaera. They have no definite form, but change to her will.

Moonwatching: Whenever the moon's light it out, Megaera concentrates it onto herself and Megaera's Holy Light and Divine Wind become more powerful than before when this ability is active. Also, Megaera will control the light so that she creates 'Moon Armor' around herself, increasing her speed and defensive power by a great amount. Also, she may induce paralyzing effects on her foes.

Solar Power: Whenever the sun's light is out, Megaera concentrates it onto herself and Megaera's Sacred Fire and Holy Light become more powerful than before when this ability is active. Also, Megaera will control the light so that she creates 'Solar Armor' around herself, increasing her physical strength and reflexes/perception by a great amount. Also, she may induce burning effects on her foes.

Purgatory Wind
It is called the very fury of the gods itself. The Purgatory Wind, a special ability granted to Megaera through the Goddess of Fury within her body, is a combination of Vengeance's Sacred Fire and Jealousy's Divine Wind (and maybe some Holy Light somewhere in there.) As such, it gains all of the abilities of those 3 multiplied exponentially. It is said that long ago, the Purgatory Winds wiped out all life on a planet for their insolence toward the gods. However, no one had ever seen that Purgatory Wind since. The Goddess who controlled that power was sealed within the body of Megaera to both protect her and allow her to be the new user of the Purgatory Wind. It will grind all impurities down to nothingness. Generally, Megaera tends to make gigantic vortexes/tornadoes of nothing but Purgatory Flame when she does use it, or concentrates the tornadoes into gigantic burning drills to pierce through the heavens.

This is the Purgatory Wind.

Inferno Purge: Concentrates a massive amount of Purgatory Wind into an area and shoots it out in a massive beam-like fashion, causing an immense explosion that will cover everything in Purgatory Winds, literally disintegrating everything caught in the path of the beam.

Heaven's Wrath: The entire sky and clouds surge with Purgatory Wind, making a massive, consumptive and explosive amount surge straight down toward the ground, coating everything in it in aims of totally disintegrating everything below.

Burning Tears: Megaera focuses a massive amount of Purgatory Wind into the sky, forming it into many large meteors in the sky. She will cause them to rain down in a Meteor Shower sort of fashion, causing gigantic explosions and such to burn away and destroy everything, leveling everything in the immediate area.

Divine Protection: Megaera encases her entire body with Purgatory Wind, becoming very, very, veryyyyy powered up.

Form Change
Goddess Form: A form acquired when Megaera is in a dire situation or when her anger or blood temperature rises to insane amounts. The Goddess of Fury within her takes over her body with a portion of her strength, giving up more of her power than usual to Megaera. Her eyes become completely white, her hair becomes nothing but Sacred Fire, her arms become coated in Holy Light and her legs, encased in Divine Wind, giving her the power of all 3 to be used from her body at will. The Goddess takes over, constantly, but only slightly regenerating wounds and chakra for herself, and also gives her an array of other abilities... Though most have not been unlocked yet, however she strives to achieve absolute power infusion with the Goddess one day.

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PostSubject: Re: Purgatory Wind... Fury unleashed.   September 25th 2009, 2:31 pm

Awww man. I just get back and someone else likes to use light. Oh well. I like the exploding rain thing though XD. But invisibilitys for chumps.
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PostSubject: Re: Purgatory Wind... Fury unleashed.   September 25th 2009, 2:40 pm

I have that picture on a shirt o.0
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PostSubject: Re: Purgatory Wind... Fury unleashed.   

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Purgatory Wind... Fury unleashed.
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