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 Misery Des Gloomi & Despair La Discord

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Shinseigami, the Cosmic Overgod :: God of Gods, Balance and Reality

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PostSubject: Misery Des Gloomi & Despair La Discord   May 7th 2009, 7:29 pm

Name: Misery Des Gloomi
Age: 19
Origin: Unknown
Species: Human (Supposedly)
Weight: 127 lbs
Height: 5'8
Race: Weapon (Sword/Scythe)
Family: Khrona (Baby daddy/Husband/Meister), Despair (Partner/Wife/Weapon), Chroma (Daughter), Maze (brother), Zita (sister)
Soul Attributes: Insanity and Condemnation Soul


Misery's body is generally very typical, save for the fact she's a weapon and a few other demonic attributes. She's slender, but very strong, having more physical strength than Despair. Her skin is generally a very pale color, basically white to an extent, because of how she lives in the darkness of Khrona's pit and generally does not go into or like the sun's light. Also, her hair is two toned, being mostly black with hints of white in it. Her hair is also pretty long, but not long enough as to go past her waist. Widely unknown to most, Misery learned the powers of a demon when she was young... the power of a Succubus, to be more specific, though rarely shows her powers. Like any Succubus, she can drain the life force of people through physical contact and place hypnotic trances on people that makes their senses out of whack via pulses from her body, sounds made or images seen, as well as looking into her deadpan eyes. Not only that, but she can also 'influence' the actions of people in certain ways if she feels like. She rarely displays her powers because she's not really that into them. Because she is not a true Succubus and only learned the powers of one (and not even all of them), Misery has no wings tail. Her breasts are large and her legs are slender, and her face is cute (despite being so malicious), giving her the legendary sex appeal she is known for. Of course, Misery has the Black Blood within her body thanks to Khrona, which has mixed with her Weapon Blood and made her more powerful, in some ways. Her only truly notably physical abilities are her speed and her strength, both of which are very respectable.

Originally, Misery's attire was a bit unfit for fighting, however she got the job done. She wore a black tube top with a long, flowing dress of sorts, which was split down the sides so that her legs were easily seen. She also wore black, boots, one being thigh high and the other being only ankle high. She also could be seen wearing a choker if someone observed hard enough. In fact, this is a general look as what she looked like.

Currently, however, Misery has taken on an entirely different appearance after going through intense training. She wears an entirely black, uber skin-tight outfit that hugs and shows off her body to its fullest potential, and is specially made so that it has literally no wind or water resistance. Naturally, it is entirely black and slightly translucent in some places. She still sports her uneven black ankle and thigh high boots and choker, however. This is a general picture of what she looks like now.


Misery's Story
Khrona's weapon, Misery Des Gloomi (Sometimes known as Misery or Gloom/Gloomi) is a swordscythe who is a skilled Death Scythe. The blade of a sword in the front and the blade of a scythe in the back. This weapon has the ability to infuse elements with itself on the sword side and tear out souls with the scythe side. It is also extendable, to a degree. Also, Misery may choose to be either a scythe or a sword instead of being both at the same time. Now, for Misery's story.

Misery was a girl who was looking for answers... And souls She has an extremely sharp tongue, her words able to penetrate deep, deep into the souls of others, which she liked. She was incredible violent and had no mercy for anyone... And thus, lived up to her name, bringing misery to every path she crossed. She wasn't really approachable by many due to her doomsayer attitude and overwhelming power and violence, her intimidating goth appearance and her sharp words... Until one day where she met Khrona. She was fascinated in Khrona... mostly by his demeanor and how unstable he was... And how much he could actually fend her off in battle. They connected via their own insanity, and with that, became quick friends and great partners. That may be one of the only people that Khrona actually considers a friend after the family incidents, but that it only because Misery swore her life to help gain revenge and unlock Khrona's untold power... For that's what she wanted to do. Get to her untold power... Show everyone what happens when they mess with her... Misery's soul is the soul of of both Condemnation and Insanity. Her Insanity Soul only increases the power of Khrona's soul of Insanity. Naturally, the both of their souls have the ability to infect other souls and suck in everything they wish, and even moreso than that, they can create long, hand-like extensions made of purely their insanity to grab and infect people, as well. Much like Khrona, Misery can create illusions and such using Insanity, but also turn the illusions into real things. Very useful.

*Note* All of Misery's attacks can be used with or without Khrona. However, without Khrona, her attacks become significantly weaker.

Insanity Soul
Misery's soul is that of Insanity, just like Khrona. With the Insanity soul, Misery can do a large number of things via the power of insanity. For example, she can charge her body parts with her wavelength and shatter the mind of people that she touches, cause them to hallucinate, or even cause even worse things. Insanity has a high degree of power to it, able to cause other souls to slip into insanity and block any powers that they may have.

Zero Sanity: Misery concentrates her Insanity wavelength into her sword blade, slashing through the air to send out a projectile wave of said insanity. The wavelength of the insanity is so potent and unstable and concentrated that it literally distorts whatever it comes in contact with, even the air around it. Whatever is distorted has potential to be shattered and destroyed.

Zero Sanity; Psychotic Blade Frenzy: An upgraded version of the Zero Sanity, in which Misery continuously concentrates her Insanity wavelength into her sword blade and slashes wildly in every direction. With every slash, Misery releases gigantic waves of Zero Sanity shots, which serve the same purpose as they did before, distorting and shattering whatever is within their path.

Sanity Demise: Misery fluctuates her wavelength throughout her sword, causing it to glow with her wavelength. Upon touching something, she will drain either energy, chakra, magic or something of that sort from someone in large chunks. The contact with anything causes a large explosion due to the instability of wavelengths clashing.

Insanity Pressure: Misery focuses her own wavelength to flow through the air and pressurize it severely, condensing it in the surrounding area to try to either crush the opponent or make it hard for them to breath and move. It is said to be powerful enough to crush things harder than rock. In addition to the physical pressures placed on people by this ability, it also serves mental and spiritual pressures. It will cause mental blocking and extremely potent headaches, twisting and cluttering the thoughts of those within as if they were becoming insane. On the soul, it will disrupt wavelength and cause the wavelength of the soul to go out of whack as well as increase the insanity within it. Also, the pressure on the soul makes any use of Chakra or Soul Wavelength/Energy or Magic extremely hard to use, making it more costly and stressful on the body and soul to use them.

Insane Pulse: Misery concentrates her wavelength into her blade, then causes it to fluctuate. She will thrust her sword, releasing a cylindrical pulsating wave of insanity at her target as well as releasing a very high frequency sound. The sound, if heard, will block the use chakra, soul wavelength and magic by disrupting the flow with the high and unstable vibrations due to the insanity. It also works to physically immobilize the foe by vibrating their bodies to different magnitudes, thus causing their entire body to go out of whack potentially. Lastly, it is very forceful, thus is able to push away generally weaker attacks.

Insane Desire: Misery allows her wavelength to flow about the air as it pleases, manifesting itself into hands of Insanity. These hands are highly contagious and powerful, able to infect and absorb any other soul or mind that they wish within just a few seconds of contact with them. They will lunge at the foe and try to ensnare them or wrap around them completely, causing mental, spiritual and physical immobility. When that is done, they begin the process of consumption, bringing whomever is within into insanity, their minds and souls totally being messed up.

Pain of Misery: Misery begins to glow with her wavelength and Soul energy via resonance, causing her to take a different shape. Her sword blades extend out and splits into several segmented parts, becoming sword whips (Like Ivy from Soul Calibur, but the swords are WAY thicker). She can create an innumerable amount of these as well as extend them infinitely to her will. Their special power is to intensify the amount of pain felt by the opponent to extreme heights, making even being brushed lightly by this weapon hurt like a million punches to that spot.

Blade of Misery: Combining both her own wavelength with her Succubus powers, Misery increases the potency of her ability to drain energy by touch by incredibly heights. The blade will cut into the energy source of what it touches and literally siphon out anything and everything it can get to, be it chakra, soul energy, brain waves or even life essence. As such, the blade just drains energy constantly from literally everything. The only problem is that Khrona's power tends to be drained for fueling the weapon as well, thus if it is not satisfied with constant draining of energy, Khrona's power will start to be sucked in for fuel instead.

Dark Slicer: Misery concentrates her wavelength into her blade, letting the insanity flow wildly about it, yet concentrates and condenses it so much that it cannot escape the confines of the blade. Such condensing and concentration makes the blade extremely potent in cutting power, thus being able to slice clean through the chakra network, soul wavelength and magic with no trouble at all, causing each of them to become useless temporarily. However, too many hits with this attack could cause permanent damage. In addition to the obvious power to cut through those things, it can also alter the perception of pain in those it comes in contact with, similarly to the Pain of Misery ability does, intensifying the amount of pain felt by the opponent to extreme heights, making even being brushed lightly by this weapon hurt like a million punches to that spot.

Insanity Impact: Misery concentrates her wavelength or soul energy into the air to create a gigantic floating blade, which locks onto the target's chakra/soul/mind and moves to Misery's will. It has draining power that is so potent that it will not only deplete all energy from whatever it touches, but also explodes on contact with anything. The explosion has the same draining effects. Misery can create one sword or as many swords as she wishes.

Deadsword: The alternate version of the Insanity Impact, in which Misery concentrates her wavelength or soul energy into the ground to cause a gigantic blade to jut up from the ground or shoot up from the ground into the sky, locking onto the target's chakra/soul/mind and moves to Misery's will. It has draining power so potent that it will not only deplete all energy from whatever it touches, but also explodes on contact with anything. The explosion has the same draining effects. Misery can create one sword or as many swords as she wishes.

Insane Blade Impact: The advanced version of the Insanity Impact, in which Misery's wavelength is focused so much that it creates an astronomical sized sword in the sky. It falls from the clouds, stabbing into the planet with a great force attempting to hit the opponent. The resulting shockwave from the force of the impact is embedded with Misery's Wavelength, causing a distortion and fluctuation within even the very atmosphere, itself, giving whatever is within the radius the potential to be shattered and destroyed. Finally, just like the Insanity Impact, there will be a massive explosion of this wavelength that consumes a huge area, completely draining all energies in the area to nothing, leaving everything depleted.

Hellblade: The alternate version of the Insane Blade Impact, in which Misery concentrates her wavelength in the ground rather than in the sky, thus making a sword of the same size and caliber shoot up from the ground and releasing a powerful shockwave through the ground embedded with Misery's Wavelength, causing a distortion and fluctuation within even the very atmosphere, itself, giving whatever is within the radius the potential to be shattered and destroyed. Finally, just like the Insane Blade Impact, there will be a massive explosion of this wavelength that consumes a huge area, completely draining all energies in the area to nothing, leaving everything depleted.

Endless Misery: The highly advanced version of the Insanity Impact and Deadsword, in which Misery uses her wavelength to make a million or more Insanity Impact blades appear in the sky, twice the size and power of the original Insanity Impact blades. She causes them to rain down on the area and try to take down everything, regenerating once they explode or make contact with something so that the rain of attacks seems endless. Alternatively, Misery can cause the same thing to happen from the ground, blades jutting up and shooting upward and exploding in the same way as with the Deadsword ability.

Insanity Judgment Impact: The highly advanced version of the Insane Blade Impact, in which Misery uses her wavelength to create not just one astronomical sized sword in the sky, but several across the entire area, each having the same power and potency as only one Insane Blade Impact. They will all come down simultaneously, stab into the ground and release a powerful shockwave of Insanity Wavelength for literally tens of miles. Afterward, they will all explode simultaneously, covering the entirety of a city in explosive... explosiveness, draining and depleting everything within the blast radius.

Armageddon Strike: The strongest form of Insane Blade Impact there is. By resonating with Insanity itself, Misery uses all of her power and wavelength to create one astronomical sword that is of such a great size, it cannot even be harbored on the planet. It is surging with such great power that it drains energy from everything in the area that is within its reddish glow even though it hasn't touched anything yet. Misery will then bring it down from the outer limits and have it strike the area any amount of times needed, and completely depleting all energy sources and distorting and shattering
whatever it comes in contact with, as well. It is so potent that it can potentially rip through space, time and reality if enough power is put into it.

Extinction Beam: Misery draws in all Insanity in the area into her blade, causing her own wavelength to fluctuate uncontrollably. She will then resonate with Insanity itself, then release gigantic and powerful beams of Insanity to shoot from herself, rain down from the sky and shoot up from the ground in an attempt to literally destroy everything in the area until there is nothing left and bring anyone and everyone around into Insanity, as well.

Condemnation Soul
A very powerful and dangerous soul. The Condemnation Soul has the ability of hyper influence over all other souls, causing them to be easily touched by the power of this soul. The Condemnation Soul puts curses on things, has the ability to inflict death and deadly things on people and also can hinder or restrict people physically, spiritually and mentally in similar ways as the Insanity Soul. Generally used for deterioration, as it can deteriorate and break down any substance, its more deadly abilities are usually influenced on more threatening opponents. With its power of deterioration and disintegration of the body, mind and soul as well as the ability to lay curses on these things and its influence over death itself, there are many things that the Condemnation Soul can do.

Condemnation Blade: By focusing a large amount of wavelength through the scythe blade, Misery's blade grows large and grim looking. It drains the life force of whatever it touches as well as places curses and blocks on the chakra network, soul wavelength and magic.

Reaper Slash: A two part attack which Misery increases the power of her wavelength to allow her to move many times faster than she already can move, thus making her leave afterimages of herself to make it seem as though she is in one place. Then, with blade ready and charged with Condemnation, Misery will slash at the foe, trying to sever their nerves, mind flow, chakra network, wavelength and/or magic with a deadly slash. The attack causes paralysis to the body if the blade is to touch them via Condemnation wavelength, which will eventually completely eat away at the body until it is no more.

Soul Ripper: An alternate version of the Reaper Slash aimed solely at the soul of the foe. Misery will use her Condemnation wavelength to increase her speed in the same way as with the Reaper Slash, however this time, when she strikes, she is aiming for the soul itself, being able to slice it clean in two if contact is made, thus upon contact it is drained into Misery and added to her soul count.

Death Ripper: A powered up version of the Reaper Slash and Soul Ripper, in which Misery creates a scythe blade of Soul Energy and Soul Wavelength jut up from the ground, reaching about the size of a house. This blade will quickly rip a hole in the ground that reaches out for about 10 miles, then will open up to make a gigantic hole that is pitch black within. This hole will suck in all forms of energy into itself, draining the power of all who are near it until their power is nothing or until it is closed. Of course, it also drains the life essence of those near, as well.

Grim Influence: Misery will start to synchronize her wavelength with gravity itself, allowing her to control the intensity of it to a degree in a specific area. Thus, in a certain area, she may cause gravity to become extremely heavy or extremely light for a period of time.

Cloud of Death: Misery will unleash her Condemnation Wavelength in the form of a gas, allowing it to not only contaminate the air, but resonate with it, making it more powerful as it takes over the air. This means, the further it spreads, the more potent it becomes. The cloud of death has power to severely weaken, cripple or make brittle whatever is within it, making it super frail. Not only this, but being within it constantly drains all of your power at an exponential rate. Staying within it too long could be fatal, causing death.

Death Wind: Misery charges her wavelength into the air, causing the very air to become deadly, much similarly to the Cloud of Death. Misery will then release the wind at a high speed, which has the power to sap life and energy from whatever gets in its way. It also weakens all aspects of anything within it, causing them to become brittle and extremely weak. The higher the concentration, the more deadly it becomes.

Condemnation Wing: Normally used with Khrona, Misery concentrates her wavelength to create a single, gigantic black wing made purely of Condemnation Wavelength. When it flaps, it releases either Death Wind or the Cloud of Death, but also has another function. It grows when more wavelength is placed into it and will constantly release a pressure from itself that causes physical, spiritual and mental harm to anyone within a certain radius of it constantly. The larger it gets, the larger the radius is.

Grim Slasher: Misery increases the power of her wavelength through her scythe blade, allowing it to move at ungodly speeds. With this, she will initiate an endless barrage of slashes at about 1,000 slashes a second to her target. Because her wavelength has increased her speed, it has also increased her strength, making the Grim Slasher able to cut through even extremely dense and powerful substances with little trouble.

Final Slash: Misery will focus her wavelength into her scythe blade, causing it to glow black. She will slash with it, unleashing a powerful and large wave of Condemnation from it that will take the life of everything that is within the wave. The wave grows exponentially larger and more powerful the further it travels.

Nil Life: One of Misery's most potent attacks, which she uses her Soul Perception as well as her power of Condemnation to see the Life Thread on people. She then charges her Scythe blade with her wavelength, and will slice at the Life Thread with her blade. If it is cut, then the life of her foe is gone.

Slash of the Damned: Focusing her wavelength of her Condemnation in a different way, Misery's scythe blade is able to extremely quickly break down and disintegrate what it comes in contact with, like a potent acid. Thus, being hit with this will cause whatever was touched to be disintegrated and broken down to nothing.

Hellstorm Damnation: An alternate version of the Death Ripper. Misery focuses BOTH her Insanity and Condemnation wavelengths throughout the area, creating a gigantic circle around the area. Whatever is within the radius of the circle will be trapped there by the high fluctuations of Soul Wavelength afoot. The circle then becomes a huge swirling abyss of horribleness.The Condemnation Wavelength and Insanity Wavelength will suck in the target and destroy their bodies and minds, consuming their souls. If their bodies are too strong to be destroyed, then their bodies will be consumed by the circle and changed into Misery's soul energy.

Misery's Fate: Using the Condemnation Wavelength, Misery concentrates its deadly power into a hole in the atmosphere, pitch black. This hole will absorb any sort of forces around it and take them in for power... After taking in some force, the hole will use that force and merge it with the Condemnation Wavelength, creating miniature reapers that resemble Misery in appearance, the Condemnation surging through their entire bodies. They will attempt to reap the lives of Misery's target relentlessly afterward. The more force the hole absorbs, the more Reapers appear.

Black Drain: Misery's arm will surge with Condemnation Wavelength, causing it to become completely black and then change forms. It will take on the shape of a large, monstrous claw with a mouth on the palm, fluctuating constantly with Condemnation Wavelength. It will unleash a powerful suction that has the power to suck out any spiritual thing it is pointed at. Not only this, but it can pass through solid object and touch intangible/metaphysical things before instantly consuming it. Anything consumed is put into Misery's power.

Death Impact: Misery will concentrate a large amount of Condemnation into a giant sphere... This, being a bomb. She will fling this giant bomb, allowing it to explode and engulf the area. It will take whatever it touches into Misery's Condemnation Soul, where all of their powers will instantaneously turn against the foe and be used to attack themselves, no matter what they may be. If they try to attack or alter this soul, their attacks will backfire, since it places a curse/seal on them. Just being in the soul slowly kills the foe. It also weakens their power severely and constantly until their power is no more, then until they are no more.

Dark Cross: Misery's most powerful Condemnation attack. An apocalyptic attack that combines both the Insanity and Condemnation Wavelengths to actually destroy reality and such as it is known, making nothing that is real or that exists able to thrive when hit by it. As long as something exists, it will not survive the attack if it is hit. The large, cross shaped explosion may extend infinitely, or until Misery runs out of power.

Kishin Hunter: Insanity Soul
Misery's sword grows to about 5 feet in width (that's really fucking big for a sword) and in height, it spurts out to a whopping 30 feet. On Misery's blade is some kanji that spells out INSANITY when translated into English. Misery's new blade form becomes jagged on one end and had large hook-like blades coming from the other side of it. Once using an attack, millions of soul energy Misery blades pop up from the ground in random places. They all begin to move, grinding up whatever they touch like buzz saws. They cover a great radius and fill the circle completely with blades.

Kishin Hunter: Condemnation Soul
Misery (Scythe) bursts into the shape of a skull, but still the shape of a scythe at the same time. It was difficult to explain, so a picture may be necessary... The scythe is extremely large and glows a bright black (yes, it can glow a bright black). During an attack, what she touches seems to rot and die insanely quickly, almost immediately. This scythe drains the literal essence of your life, soul and chakra/energy away. Afterward, from whatever damage it causes, whether it be cracks or explosions or what, many spirits of Death itself rise. They all fly up nonstop in a sort of shockwave formation, flying endlessly to kill whatever they touch.

Misery Forms

Misery; Condemned
A form granted to her by Khrona. In this form, Misery absorbs the power of Death. Whilst like this, Misery has the ability to release an aura that is pitch black and will kill whatever touches it or is around it, and she calls it the 'Deadly Influence.' This aura can kill in any way possible, whether it be simple dead or the ability to literally erase the literal essence or idea and existence of what is there. It depends on what Misery wants at the time. The released, depressing aura also deteriorates and disintegrates what is near and causes everything near to go down until it reaches a point of 0, or nothingness. While like this, Misery cannot use any resonance or ensue with any links to anything, or else her death will seep into the link and kill whatever tried to link with her, as the aura is indiscriminate. In this mode, Misery cannot die. Death only makes her stronger. The more death there is, the more power she gets. Even her own 'death' will cause her to come back with more power. If erased from existence as a form of 'death,' she will instantly be remade more powerful. The higher the power of death, the more powerful it becomes, as well. She needs death to survive. Though Life does not particularly sit well with her... Whatever, though. Death is all she wants.

In Condemned mode, much like Khrona's Dark Insanity, Misery can see and touch the lifespan of the foe. However this time around, Condemned Misery can shorten the lifespan of someone if they are within her Soul Wavelength. Also, her scythe drains the chakra/energy of what it slices and has the ability to become intangible and touch ideas and metaphysical objects. In addition to this, Condemned Misery can cause 2 skulls at the end of the scythe the become immense in size, float around and absorb the 'Life Essence' of everything in the area with a powerful suction. They are able to pass through solid objects and they weaken the power of all non-physical attacks that come out while they are out with their power.

Misery; Master of Fear
A form given to Misery by Khrona. This form is made when Misery's Insanity overwhelms her, causing her to induce fear into everything. This form feeds on fear and generates the very essence of fear from herself. Even if you have total control over your emotions, she will give you fear, FORCING it upon you and stimulate it in any and ALL ways possible. Her main way of executing this if her aura of fear doesn't strike fear into the heart is with giant floating skulls or her own eyes. If you have emotions, she will FORCE Fear into you. She can make everything you hate into reality and everything you are scared of into reality with total immunity to any and all of your powers. Her sword, though a part of herself, is called Fear Bringer. Fear Bringer takes the minds and wills of those who experience fear and causes them to be trapped in their own fear for eternity, constantly living out their fear and unable to die. Her speed is top notch and he can traverse through space and time at will.

In Master of Fear mode, Misery can see the fears of the foe, make them real and also shoot fear directly into the minds, hearts and souls of people just by looking at them in the eyes or if they are within her soul wavelength. Her eyes instantly instill fear into the hearts of others, and her giant floating skulls release the same aura. The same fate occurs if one is to look into their eyeless sockets. Finally, Master of Fear Misery uses her burning red left eye, called the Eye of Fear, to see the emotions of others. Their emotions will take on an aura of energy in which Misery can physically touch, and does so with her hands which are now claws, ripping through the emotions of others as they feel them. These special claws allow her to rend minds and leap into souls.

Misery; Trance
This is Misery in her Trance Mode. In this mode, her abilities focus mainly on death, turning reality into an illusion, energy/life draining, curses, plagues and mental destruction. Most of her abilities are manifestations of her own soul and body into solid forms, and will be able to weaken and drain the power of other things they come in contact with. She can fully negate any and all illusions, make illusions she things up become real or unreal at any given moment, or even merge with illusions, and her weapons can cleave through mental thoughts and psychic forces, as well as any other type of force unscathed by its effects. Her abilities have skyrocketed, as well, and she has gained other untold power. For example, she has grown wings for flying and can bend and alter their shape to anything at will. Her strength, defense and durability are astronomical and her reflexes are unmatched... And she's like. A super succubus. She is also able to creates manifestations of her power that move along surfaces like a shadow (but not a shadow), and being able to jut up from the ground at will in any form like extra limbs.

Devil Moon - Releases massive crescent wave blasts from self continuously that constantly absorb everything that they come in contact with.

Lust's Hold - Makes millions of tendrils resembling devil tails shoot from the ground or any surface to suck out the power of anything that they touch and drain them into nothingness.

Glutton's Indulgence - Creates a gigantic sphere that sucks in and absorbs literally anything and everything within its infinite storage and then instantly breaks it down into nothingness upon entering.

Wrath's Reprieve - Makes continuous and nonstop explosions that break down everything that cover an indefinite area, constantly expanding until Misery runs out of power.

Sloth's Will - Releases an aura that slows down all aspects of the foe exponentially and continuously until their mind, soul and body are shattered just by existing.

Pride's Mirror - Creates a mirror that always and constantly shows the foe's face in it. Whatever is done to the reflection is done to the foe, like Voodoo. But the foe must look into the mirror so it make take their image, first.

Envy's Demise - Creates beings that constantly and continually adapt at an accelerated rate and live for the sole purpose of becoming immune to everything. Once one is hit with an attack, the rest become immune to it by any means necessary.

Greed's Dance - Whatever attack is being launched at Misery, her own power will increase by that same amount in accumulative stacks.

Bloody Ripper - Arm grows to epic proportions and the claw will rip through everything, breaking down and absorbing the power of whatever the claw touches.

Pandemonium - Releases an illusory, demonic force that sucks in all varieties of mental abilities. Once you are within the radius of this blast, it will suck out your mind and shatter your thoughts.

Hell Point - Points at something with her finger, and using a massive amount of energy, turns all of their energy into a singularity and forcefully rips it from their body, then absorbs it.

Devil's Plague - Omits a massive blast of painless energy that will cause any and all forms of pain to be felt by the foe constantly and nonstop until they exit.

Demon's Curse - Places a curse of someone's very existence via a special aura. Once this curse on their existence is set, there is no way to get it off unless they stop existing. The curse will cause them to fall to Misery's control, and allow her abilities and attacks to instantly lock on and follow the foe to the ends of reality, not ceasing until they hit their mark.

Succubus Calling - Opens a mouth on her chest that sucks in the life force of any living thing near.

Rubix Cube - Creates a cube around the foe of power that breaks down and converts and absorbs anything it touches. It rejects the transfer of energy, thus warping out is impossible. It will close in on you until you and it are nothingness.

Overload Sphere - Creates a massive sphere around the area that constantly breaks apart the molecules/atoms/cells/minds/energy of anything and everything within it.. Until they are nothing.

Demon Fist - Focuses all of the force and power of several thousand nukes into her very fist for a powerful attack.

One Thousand Dooms - Makes one thousand meteor sized balls of condensed explosions of her life absorbing energy fall on the foe.

Jaws of Death - Creates gigantic demonic mouths as her hands that serve only the purpose of consuming and killing what they consume.

Forest of Darkness - Makes an endless amount of gigantic spikes shoot from literally anywhere on the ground to break down and absorb whatever they touch.

Stop Wave - Releases a wave that stops all mentality for those who step into it, thus causing them to be motionless.

Devil's Infinitum - Creates an infinite amount of gigantic demonic claws that will press down, grab, and suck out the lives and break down whatever they touch until there is literally nothing left.

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Age: 18
Origin: Unknown
Species: Altered Human
Weight: 123
Height: 5'9
Race: Weapon (Explosive/Razor)
Family: Khrona (Baby daddy/Husband/Meister), Misery (Partner/Wife/Weapon), Chroma (Daughter), Maze (Brother), Zita (Sister)
Soul Attributes: Rejection and Despair





Despair's Story
Despair is Khrona's second experienced Death Scythe weapon who is a simple straight razor... that is also a bazooka/rocket launcher/grenade launcher/ whatever you wanna call it. In her straight razor form, she opens up from the tip of the blade and shoots small, but powerful explosives out. That is the secret of Despair. Her soul wavelengths are Rejection and Despair. Now for Despair's story.

Despair was a secret weapon of Khrona; in fact, she is the only other person other than Misery who can relate to Khrona deeply, which is why that is his second soul partner. Despair was rejected throughout everywhere she went, even though she was so very nice and kind. She had a tendency to repel people due to her Rejection soul wavelength and cause despair upon anyone she came in contact with due to her Despair wavelength. This led her to turmoil and a sort of depression. She then met Khrona, who was not rejected or despaired by her for some reason, most likely because he had already gone through that. She was so very happy for this, however her depressing demeanor did not fade. She is still very kind and helpful, but she's kind of a downer... One more thing, Despair's dress/cloak has a special ability to deflect elemental attacks and her cloak/dress has the ability to stretch, change shape and teleport (Similar to Zeon from Zatch Bell or Laharl from Disgaea), since it is made of an otherworldly, dimensional substance. This cloak is indestructible and unable to be ripped or torn, since it is not made of a material that tears or rips.

Everyone knows what a straight razor looks like, and she just looks like a normal one, so yeah. But here is what Despair looks like:

Rejection Soul
The Rejection Wavelength is a wavelength that is very simple to use, yet very complex to understand. It literally rejects whatever it comes in contact with. How? Well, Despair's wavelengths are highly adaptive and intuitive to what they come in contact with, and are also HIGHLY flexible as well. The Rejection only occurs because when something tries to pass through the Rejection, the wavelength will instantaneously force itself to become everything opposite of what is near it before it can touch it, instantaneously adapting itself as the opposite. Because of how flexible it is, it can Reject a large number of things without being overwhelmed. Not only this, but this rejection can be used in a number of ways rather than jut forcing anything and everything that comes near it... Like being able to make shields spontaneously out of nowhere or wherever a hand is waved. Also, if this soul wavelength is focused into a physical attack, it can cause a super powerful force to knock things away. Another thing, it is able to be transmuted into Rejection soul into shapes such as domes and boxes. The domes are made to curve and then reflect attacks back at them, or close into a complete sphere and seal attacks while the boxes are to seal an opponent in a box of the Rejection Soul. Since everything about it is rejected, no attacks will be able to touch it and will be instantly forced back upon the user.

Repulsion: A very basic ability of the Rejection Wavelength, in which Despair creates a pulsating wave from her body which forces away everything that gets caught in the wave for that moment.

Rejection: A powered up version of Repulsion, Despair omits her Rejection Wavelength as a large, expanding barrier over herself that will force away anything and everything that gets too near to it. Anything within the confines of the barrier that is not allowed shall also be instantaneously forced out of it.

Dark Repel: A powered up version of Repulsion and alternate version of Rejection, in which Despair uses her Rejection wavelength in a different way, this time omitting a barrier around herself that repels only the effects of everything that comes within the confines of the barrier. Thus, when it comes into the barrier, any secondary effects are done away with. (For example, a missile that is launched at Despair while she has this up will not explode once it comes inside. It will become a dud.)

Exponential Rejection: Powered up version of Rejection. Upon rejecting something once, it will come back with double its original power, then quadruple, then 16 times its original power, and so on and so on for infinity. This applies to after it has rejected something just ONE time. It can be applied to all Rejection based abilities.

Abysmal Rejection: Powered up version of Rejection. A force field that nullifies all things surrounds the body. It can nullify transformations, illusions and the like that others have done, and even the most powerful magics will be undone. Whatever is attempted to be done will not be able to be done because of the power of the soul, though it hinders Khrona's ability to fly and move his wings.

Eternal Rejection: Powered up version of Abysmal Rejection. Rejection that whatever it touches will instantaneously be rejected into another dimension, locked away forever.

Transcendent Rejection: One of the most powerful Rejections and the powered up version of Abysmal Rejection. Upon being even slightly touched by this wavelength will instantaneously make all of your own powers and anything within your mind, body and soul reject yourself, therefore becoming inaccessible. Completely.

Opposite Rejection: Powered up version of Rejection. A field of rejection that will instantaneously adapt itself to any attack used by the opponent and make itself the exact and polar opposite, thus canceling out both itself and all forms of the attack completely.

Adapted Rejection: Powered up version of Opposite Rejection. A Rejection that will adapt to anything and everything that can get through it and make sure that next time, it won't get through. It can be applied to all of Despair's Rejection based abilities.

Final Rejection: One of the most powerful Rejections and the powered up version of Adapted Rejection. Rejects literally ALL things that have to do with the reality of Vescrutia (except, of course, Khrona's own reality), thus making everything that is of this place rejected from its existence.

Heavy Decline: Despair charges a body part with her Rejection Wavelength, and upon touching someone, she will surge it to a specific part of their insides and cause that to shoot out of them. This ranges from their bones or organs to their soul or chakra network. If it is to hit the Chakra Network, however, it will not only block and hinder all use of chakra, but also make sure it cannot be repaired for quite a while.

Dark Force: A powered up version of the Heavy Decline. Despair charges a part of her body with her Rejection Wavelength to a very high degree, giving it the power to match the force of whatever is being launched at her to stop it, then repelling it with double the force and power of it. Naturally, the more forceful and powerful the object is, the more energy is expended into this ability.

REJECTED!!: A very potent and one of her most powerful abilities that allows Despair to concentrate her Rejection wavelength as a gigantic, omnipotent 'soul stamp.' This stamp, being imbued with the power of Rejection, will stamp something, thus imprinting a crapload of Rejection through whatever has been touched by it, thus instantaneously nullifying all of the powers and abilities of what has been stamped. As an alternative, it CAN be erased completely from existence, if she chooses.

Despair Soul
The Despair Wavelength is a very tricky one, focusing more on hindrances than actual attacks. It is able to weaken almost everything in the same fashion as Khrona's Fear Soul, however is generally more potent in other ways, such as inflicting negative emotions on people and destroying their wills and emotions, or causing them to go into severe depression. This gives Misery the ability to increase the size of herself infinitely to the heights of her own imagination. This would allow Misery to engulf everything inside of her, making his insanity corrupt it all. Also, the despair soul may cause dysfunction in the minds of the foe, making their thoughts very horrid and corrupt, which would also hinder their movement by a bit... only if physical contact is made. A special ability of Despair's soul in general is to make slicing cuts that explode on contact. She or Khrona can transfer this soul energy into whatever they need to, so if Khrona cut with Misery while having Despair's soul transfer into her, Misery's slashes would explode. Another thing it can do, if Despair puts her soul wavelength inside of you, the despair will devour and deteriorate your emotions, not only making you lose your will to fight or do anything, but have Despair regain power to fight. Another thing this soul can do, the Internal Shock, involves Despair physically touching you and electrocuting you by sending her Soul Wavelength through you, however unlike normal Soul Wavelengths, this one has the ability to stop your nerves or your organs from functioning as well as hinder your ability to think.

Tears of Despair: Despair increases the potency and negativity of her wavelength to contaminate the sky, causing everything to becomes extremely depressing, thus weakening and depressing whatever is within. With this, Despair causes gigantic condensed black spheres of her Despair wavelength to rain down from the sky and seep into whatever they touch so that Despair's wavelength will influence whatever she wants in any way she wishes within her capabilities. Alternatively, the spheres can explode and expand her wavelength even further, or accumulate themselves.

Glare of Woe: Despair concentrates her wavelength so much into her eyes that she can shoot the wavelength out as a simple stare at her opponent, naturally that can be seen. The laser wavelength has the ability to pierce through close to anything by forcefully weakening it's 'will' of sorts. Alternatively, Despair will shoot almost all of the power of her Despair wavelength into the very minds and souls of those she looks at, causing all positivity to be reduced to nothing and leaving them with only depression, sadness and no will to do anything.

Great Depression: Despair concentrates her wavelength so very intensely into her body, it has the capability to literally strip and seal all of the powers, abilities, will, etc. of the opponent if they are vulnerable and/or weaker than Despair (or if yo ass is just out of line.) It can strip individual or all of the foe's powers (For that battle, at least, unless stated otherwise.)

Blade of Despair: Despair concentrates her wavelength into her razors, allowing whatever solid object she cuts to be weakened down to the fragility of charcoal, thus with a touch it will turn to ash instantaneously.

Endless Sorrow: Despair floats into the sky and her cloak extends as far as the eye can see, making everything completely black. Her soul then begins to crush and deteriorate everything in its way by dripping downward from her cloak veeeery slowly. There is very little to be done to stop it, for if you manage to fly into the soul liquid and not deteriorate, you will fly into Despair's cloak and be lost forever in darkness, since her cloak doesn't rip or tear.

Black Rain: A powered up version of the Tears of Despair, in which Despair contaminates the atmosphere with her Despair wavelength. It will then downpour with rain that is actually extremely condensed wavelength droplets that deteriorate and disintegrate what they touch.

Pain and Despair: Despair's soul wavelength starts to increase in power as well as expand, engulfing the area slowly, rotting and draining the power, emotions and will of anything and everything within the vicinity of the soul. Those within this wavelength will also feel a constant pain and hear a constant sound. The longer they feel this pain and hear this sound, the weaker their capabilities and powers would become (ex. speed, strength, etc.)

Memories of Despair: Something similar to a genjutsu, Despair releases an explosive bright light and sound that is actually her wavelength. Those who see the flash or hear the noise will have horrible memories of Khrona/Misery/Despair's past flash before their eyes nonstop. During this time that they see these memories, all brain activity they have will come to a stop until they regain consciousness. It only works when you're within Despair's wavelength, otherwise it just looks like a gigantic orb of light surrounding an area.

Touch of Despair: Despair concentrates her wavelength into her razor as well as creates large/small razors of her wavelength appear in the area. A cut from any of these glowing razors drains the life out of whatever she may touch, making it withered and decrepit as well as restores her own energies.

Negative Wipe: More powerful version of the Touch of Despair, in which Despair concentrates her wavelength so intensely into her razor blade that anything she physically touches will be erased from existence. This ability is so taxing however that she cannot use her wavelength for a while after using it (usually about 3 posts.)

Negative Spark: Despair releases her wavelength as pure negative sparks. These wavelengths sparks will rupture the soul wavelength, the chakra network or the mind. It will cause both physical and internal damage to the body and can be excreted in large waves or slight shocks or even focused and condensed blasts.

Gaea Lacrimosa: Despair releases her Despair wavelength through the ground in the form of explosives, making millions of explosives shoot straight up from the ground or makes the entire ground filled with nothing but explosives, making them detonate with her Despair Soul to fill the area.

Weeping Needle: Calls upon suffering spirits from another dimension in the form of warping needles that penetrate the body and the soul, weakening the powers of whatever they touch until they have no more power whatsoever.

Woeful Illness: Being in Despair's presence within 30 feet or whatever the radius of her soul is at that time will make all living things that go into that radius become weak, decrepit and sickly, sapping out your health and power at a rapid rate via the Despair soul.

Nightmare's Grim: Being in Despair's presence within 30 feet or whatever the radius of her soul is at that time will make all things with a conscious that go into that radius fall into an eternal slumber, unable to be woken by anything or any force until they exit the radius or until Despair finishes the attack. She may also indirectly attack their dreams just by speaking.

Freedom Lock: Being in Despair's presence within 30 feet or whatever the radius of her soul is at that time will make all things that are able to move in any way unable to move or act by stripping them of their ability to move (even by warping), by any forces, or usage of any of their body parts. As such, until this attack is finished, the foe has no way of moving any part of themselves while within this radius.

Dark Memory: Being in Despair's presence within 30 feet or whatever the radius of her soul is at that time will make all things that have some sort of memory or all records of data and events of time erased and unable to be obtained. As such, anything with a memory will have no memory once stepping into this, anything that records things will have no records, anything that controls space and time will have nothing to control because it even wipes the events of the timeline while in here (not that anyone should be able to do such a thing if their memory is wiped, as well...)

Hell Razor: Makes the ground full of nothing but giant razor blades embedded with Despair's own Despair wavelength. Nuff said.

Spiraling Storm: Makes a tornado of pure and utter explosions of either Despair or Rejection wavelength nonstop, getting ever larger to Despair's will to destroy everything it can. However, it does not require the wavelength and can just be made of pure explosions.

Magical Death Slice: Despair concentrates her wavelength and surges it into whatever she looks at, causing whatever she looks at to be cut almost instantly, so long as she views it with little time frame to get out of it.

Cannon of Despair: Shoots out an extraordinarily large beam of Despair Wavelength that will drain the will power, soul energy, chakra, etc. etc. out of whatever is in its way, making it powerless.

Mind Break: Borrowing a bit of Khrona's psychic prowess and reality altering abilities, Despair embeds them into her cloak to make her cloak one with reality, thus destroying whatever reality it touches, making hers and hers alone within her cloak law, thus whatever she says, goes.

Nirvana's Deprave: A reality warping attack that allows Despair to nullify all attacks with a stronger force than her attacks without hesitation. So long as an attack has more force than hers, it will be nullified and erased, as if it had never been launched.

Grim Bazooka: Shoots a small shot of Despair or Rejection into the sky and lets it manifest by absorbing space and the atmosphere OF space, since this specific attack thrives on space and atmosphere (if its Rejection, it will merely just manifest itself) into a large, astronomical bazooka missile. After it has charged up to Despair's liking and has enough power, it will descend from the heavens and obliterate whatever is below it in a godly explosion.

Dread Touch: Despair has an either Green, Blue or Purple aura around her. Depending on which one is active is what the effects of this are. Green: The green aura expands to about 5 feet around Despair, constantly around her, whatever is within it will constantly feel horrific, terrible pain continuously and always. All of their senses except for feeling will be reduced to nothingness, their body will become weakened exponentially. Those who are within shall lose their wills, their thoughts and their emotions, thus causing them to be a lifeless dummy when within Despair's Green Aura. Blue: Anything Despair physically touches has an 'explosive' latched on to any part it can inside or outside of the foe, unable to be taken off by normal means or able to be seen or noticed. There is one for every time Despair touches the foe and at any given time, she can make them explode. If they cannot latch to anything else, they will latch to the foe's own existence/timeline. Purple: An aura that allows whatever Despair touches to be infected with an explosive that latches on, just like with the Blue aura... However, this one, instead of exploding, causes implosions.

Kishin Hunter: Rejection Soul
Despair's blade was glows a pale red color, bursting into a 4 sided straight razor blade, each of them long and curved into one blade at the tip. Another one hard to explain, so a picture might be necessary. The 4 blades will begin to rotate, making them look like a sort of scepter while they are glowing with that pale red Rejection Soul energy. Despair makes a large dome of powerful Rejection instantaneously expands from around her to a very large distance, however instead of pushing everything away from the outside, like normal, this resonance allowed things to come on the inside... only for an even worse fate. It seems as though absolutely nothing could escape from the inside once it was in there and everything on the inside was being crushed into literally nothingness. Once you are in, you are damn well not getting out.

Kishin Hunter: Despair Soul
Despair extends very far, taking the shape of a giant glowing razor blade with many different missile launchers and grenade launchers and bazooka barrels jutting from all over the blade. A slash from Despair now makes deep slashes in objects (the ground, people, etc.) that seem to go on forever, and not only that, with every slash done, each and every one of the explosive barrels on the blade go off, firing at the exact same time. The explosions made are cataclysmic, being mixed with various soul energies that not only engulf the area completely, but disintegrated everything in the vicinity of Khrona or Despair within a few mile's radius.

Despair Forms

Despair; Red Velvet Form

An adaption of Khrona's formerly Paradox form, given to Despair by Khrona. Now one of the strongest forms of Despair, not only having all of the powers of Despair, but can open paradoxes and make paradoxes in literally anything... And basically... Paradox whatever she wants. There isn't really much to say about this except that all of the energy from all over the omniverse has changed her red, and also is merged with her dress. It is the Paradox of Paradoxes, meaning it paradoxes other paradoxes... And has the ability to surpass other paradoxes. Though, Red Velvet Despair drains her own power fast, and thus cannot be maintained for long periods of time. In Red Velvet mode, Despair can see any and all paradoxes, all dimensions... Basically, through the omniverse at will, as well as traverse it instantly via her dress/cloak.

Despair; Melancholy Form

A form of Despair given by Khrona. This form is achieved by Despair growing very sad and depressed or very happy and... depressed. She does everything in her power to make herself and others happy or sad. While in Melancholy Mode, as long as Despair is made happy or sad by something constantly, she is completely and utterly immune and invulnerable to anything and everything, however at the cost of insane amounts of energy. Other than IMMENSELY increased strength and speed, Melancholy Despair has no other powers except for total immunity and invulnerability to everything that anyone throws at her.. But once she feels the slightest bit unhappy, she loses this form. Maintaining this form is the hardest part of using it.

Despair; Trance

Despair in Trance mode. Here defense and her speed are exceptional in this mode, and her warping skills are now instantaneous. Her dress is now just broken and empty space and as she moves, she weakens the space around her so that she can destroy it at any given time. Her abilities mainly revolve around explosives, the destruction of space, the negation of all things and the weakening and destruction of all forms of energy. Just by existing in this form, energy is weakened severely as it comes near her. It weakens at an exponential rate. Her dress can also suck in space just for the purpose of destroying it. Her wings can become matter or antimatter, used to either suck in all other matters (matter form) or destroy and cancel out all other matters (anti-matter). She gains a ribbon around her that can gain an endless amount of strands to it used to cut through everything placed in front of them, slicing through energies at will. She can negate all forms of... Well. Everything. Laws of Nature, transfer of energy, space, time, reality... She can negate and reject all of these. She can also open up portals to her own dimension and replace any parts of the space she's shattered with said dimension.

No Future - Makes millions of nuke bombs shoot from her body and rain from the sky. They will explode and do one of 3 things; Destroy space, or release a force that rejects all forms of everything, or release explosions that exponentially weaken and break down what they come in contact with. Or a mix of all 3.

Broken Force - Releases a barrier that will negate and reject all forms of everything, leaving nothingness. If it touches something, its existence will be rejected.

Zeo Destroyer - Creates innumerable implosions around herself, causing everything caught in these implosions to be erased.

Weakness - Creates a sphere that weakens everything within it until it has almost no existence.

Giga Nuke - Makes an explosion from herself that, if at full power, will destroy a continent. This nuke blast will reject all forms of everything, leaving nothingness where it explodes... And then, it will implode on itself, rejecting nothingness so that everything Despair wishes will be returned to normal.

Spacial Blast - Accumulates a massive ball of pure space and throws it at the foe, causing it to break, shattering and eliminating all space in that area, including the foe's.

Null Wave - Releases a wave that will stop the foe from using any and all forms of their attack by nullifying the transfer of energy within what it touches as well as sucking out their energies at a swift pace.

Nightmare Syndrome - Makes numerous explosions in the area that causes all of the powers and abilities of the foe to be stripped from their body and sealed so that they can't come back.

Cannon of Despair - Warps into space and grows thousands upon thousands of times larger by rapidly absorbing space around her. She will then launch a MASSIVE beam from under her cloak that has the power to consume a few planets. It rejects all forms of everything, so combating it is really impossible.

Exponential Decay - An aura that causes everything around Despair to be broken down and deteriorated extremely swiftly, then disappear as if it never existed.

Crisis Core - Creates a massive sphere in the sky about as large as a meteor. It will suck in space to grow larger and then, Despair launches it and causes it to explode, destroying space within the area of its explosion.

Dome of Despair - Creates a massive dome around one specific area and makes anything trapped within the dome rejected in all forms.

Calamity Void - Sucks in all forms of space into one singularity and then shatters it.

Oblivion- Creates a pyramid of pure rejecting force that nullifies all things within it, but also seals people within its confines, unable to get out because there is no transfer of energy within it (and you should have all powers nulled, anyway.)

Supermassive Catastrophe - Makes a massive, cannon-like beam of pure destroyed space, making everything into nothingness.

Isolation - Sucks things under her dress that cause them to be trapped in an artificial dimension of Despair's will that is isolated from all other dimensions.

Dead Coffin - Creates a gigantic coffin that mimics the power level of whatever it is near. I.E. If something with a massive power level is near it, the coffin will grow to the exact same power level, then proceed to engulf the thing and destroy them within the insides of the coffin, which reject all forms of... everything.

Despair's Calling - Creates a massive sound wave that forcefully rips out the energy of everything that is within the vibrations of this sound wave, then destroys the energies.

Archaic Cannon - Generates cannons as large as skyscrapers that shoot out massive blasts of power that breaks down whatever they touch and absorb the energy so that they may fire more blasts.

Will of Despair - Creates a field of nothing but pain and suffering. Anything within this field will feel the pain of everyone and everything constantly and simultaneously. The best part is, Despair can intensify the pain at any given time.

Despair's Abyss - Creates a field that destroys the will of anything that is within it. It will destroy your cell's will to reproduce; chakra's will to flow; mind's will to think; body's will to move, etc. etc. BASICALLY making anything within this thing lifeless, mindless and powerless.
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