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 Waru the dividing Demon Blade.

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The Dividing Enigma :: Anbu of the Dusk
The Dividing Enigma :: Anbu of the Dusk

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PostSubject: Waru the dividing Demon Blade.   May 8th 2009, 1:08 am

Waru is Maruze's Soul Partner. His Soul Wavelength is the wavelength of Deception.

Waru is a demon that made a pact with Maruze to grant his one true wish if Maruze were to take him as a blade. Once they made that deal, it was revealed to Maruze that Waru would actually take the shape of his daughter. Maruze did not care, for seeing his daughter again was the only important thing. Waru has forced Maruze into an eternity of wielding him and him alone as a weapon. His whereabouts and origin are unknown, it is just known that he has a connection with Maruze and his Daughter...

Soul Resonance: Deception Resonance.

10,000 Hands of Doom: 10,000 large hands wielding swords appear from Maruze's soul and slash the foe nonstop. If the hands are not wielding swords, they can claw at a foe and slowly drain their soul.

Shadow Blend: Blends in with any shadow in area.

Negative Deception: Whatever Maruze slashes with his blade while this is activated is corroded and erased from existence.

Mind Break: A negative discharge that comes from Maruze's sword that shatter's a person's mind.

Negative Discharge: A spinning attack with his sword that distorts and shatters all oncoming attacks within the radius of his spin.

Negative Mist: Maruze's swords turn into pure soul energy, which them turns into a mist. Whatever is in this mist will be cut up quite fast by it, or even shattered and erased.

Raining Destructive Swords: Maruze makes an endless amount of Soul Energy swords rain down from the sky at a high speed, shattering what they will when contact is made with the blade of the swords.

Deceptive Darkness: 1) Uses all of the shadows in the area to attack the foe directly (including the foes own shadow) 2) Expands and explodes his own shadow into thousands of liquid orbs that either jut out into spikes, stick to the foe and cause immobilization while also draining their energy, or engulf the entire field in darkness.

Dark Wave: A tidal wave of darkness or Maruze's swords rolls down continuously, one after another, drenching the entire area in nothing but blackness where light cannot enter, or just drowning the place in an endless amount of swords.

Dark Reproduction: Whatever is infected with Waru's wavelength or his evil can be totally reproduced perfectly, especially if it were destroyed beforehand.

Demon Impact: 1) A giant Waru blade will crash down and create and explosion of the Deceptive Wavelength, which will infect everything it touches and drain energy. 2) Stabs at the ground and generates a shockwave of soul wavelength that will pressurize the field and infect whatever it touches with the wavelength. It will also suck things out of the sky with the pressure.

Death Null: Slashes that temporarily nullifies soul energy, wavelength and soul abilities in their entirety.

Demon Control: Sends out wavelength to make anything touched by it be infected with Waru or Waru's thoughts. As such, Waru will slowly make them cease to exist with his demonic power while within them.

Kill Wave: Releases a wave of energy that just... kills living things if they are within it.

Fake Switch: Creates a fake of Maruze or Himself whenever necessary, and these fakes are charged with both of their wavelengths greatly, so if touched, the foe will be shocked and affected by any effects of their wavelength. Terribly.

Night Cutter: Maruze's swords become huge and demonic looking, using soul energy to give them ability to cut through and each energy of all kinds to grow stronger. The more energy they cut, the larger and stronger they become, and they can release said energy in blasts of soul energy.

Dark Judgment: Astronomical swords of soul energy fall from the sky, destroying all light in the area as well as releasing huge explosions of soul energy when they make contact with anything. These blasts can and will drain all energy as well as paralyze whatever they touch, and will absorb any energy based attack in the area that isn't Maruze's.

Deception Soul Abilites: The Negative Impact, which makes any part of Maruze's body or sword glow. While it is glowing, it will hit anything that is used for defensive purposed and shatter it (For example, if someone puts up a shield while Maruze is using the Negative Impact, the shield will be shattered. Depending on how strong it is depends on how long it takes for it to be shattered.) This soul also allows Maruze to see through illusions and shadows, as well as the invisible.
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Waru the dividing Demon Blade.
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