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 Weapons of Kaerei... I guess.

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PostSubject: Weapons of Kaerei... I guess.   May 8th 2009, 1:14 am

Before I forget, I might as well put up Kaerei's weapons now. Her weapons include her bombs (Which need no real explaining, just go to the jutsu list and look up Geko Geko bomb, Swamp Grenade and Thanatos.) Kaerei's Geko Geko Bombs are infinite, and not really much of a jutsu as they are.. normal weapons, as is Thanatos, the 'god bomb.' The newest and best weapon for a shaman-like person... Voodoo dolls.Yes, Voodoo dolls. Her Voodoo dolls are entwined with spiritual threads, making them able to connect directly with someone's spirit via a beam of spiritual energy. Once this beam makes contact with a soul, Kaerei is able to copy the soul into the Voodoo doll and do whatever the hell she wants with it, and it will affect the actual body, also. Now, the person can still move on his or her own will, but Kaerei can control if they move involuntarily. With this, she can also control what happens to them through the spiritual connection. If she sticks a poison needle in the doll, it damn well hurts the person who's soul is in there, too. If she happens to... rip it in half, that's what happens, too. To tell which doll is which, the dolls take on the attributes of the person who's spirit is connected to it. So yeah. These are some badass dolls.

As of recently, Kaerei was given Magical Lily Pads by the Snake Witch, Medusa. These Lily Pads are magical, and thus can do things on the scale of magic, such as rip through energy unaffected, be used as barriers of varying intensity, multiply, slice through the hardest of solids and create huge gusts of wind that have slicing effects. Kaerei can use them as shurikens as well. They can cut through the air and water at will and can take on magical attacks without a problem. At will, vines and stems can grow from them that can also pierce through various substances and magic as wel as absorb life, energy and nutrients from other things. They may also grow Water Lilies. These Water Lilies may shoot out jets of water, plant seeds that sow themselves inside of people and can go through solid objects and cannot be removed by normal means since they are magical, and they can shoot out leaves that are as sharp as razors... and ultimately... the lilies can explode. These lily pads may also turn invisible and be used as cushions. That is all!
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Weapons of Kaerei... I guess.
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