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 Road's Abilities

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PostSubject: Road's Abilities   October 5th 2009, 4:15 pm

Being similar to Rozalyn, the techniques involving the roses are generally the same, only his roses are white.

Telekenesis- Ability to manipulate and control things with his mind. Can also use telepathy to read minds.

Hydrokenesis- Ability to create and manipulate water and ice. He doesn't need to use his mind for this, for using it is in his blood.

Dark energy manipulation- Ability to manipulate and create dark energy.

Frost Havoc- Ability to freeze things on an atomic level. The ice used for this is white, and can't be seen through.

Condensed negative energy- Its condensed to the point of being somewhat solid, like ice. It can be energy like as well. It has the ability to rob the abilities of what it condenses on, making it completely in effective.

Passive Abilities____________

Blue Blood- Constantly freezes outside substances that enter the body.

Absolute Shadow- Can use his shadow in almost any way he desires.

Guillotine- Can manifest any part of his body as any part of a guillotine.

White Roses-Same as onyx roses, but I'll make it anyway...-
Due to the Tenrai flame and plasma traits, the liquified Whites CANNOT be frozen but can be converted to a gas/mist by Road.
-They can range from absolute zero, to heat that surpasses the sun and still maintain its curent plant form/shape.
-They are very durable and are heat resistant all together. Seemingly as tough as steel, and can shify its weight by releaving some plasma nutrients to another plant, back into the earth, or even back to Road.
-Every Rose has blue thorns all over it, similar to the stem of a rose. With tenrai inside the plants, the thorns can be launched off similar to that of a rocket, being extremely quick and very deadly.
-When the plants wilt/die/get destroyed, they explode, releasing tenrai and plasma as well as thorns. The fragmens from the plants sprout rose buds on where they land, meaning even if they were to land on your weapon, guess what? A rose bud will grow, and use its energy for nutrients. They grow on almost anything, taking energy from it as a life source.

Tenrai- This silver chakra allows Road to control what it touches, being an object or a substance. Living things are harder to control, but far from impossible. Kekkei Genkai energies like "Azure flame" or "Absolution" can not be controled, for they are someones Kekkei Genkai. This isn't all the chakra can do, it can also convert what it touches to a liquid state, gaseous state, or solid. Rozalyn mainly uses this chakra in her flames to have better control over then that way. Like both Road's blood and frost, the Tenrai chakra can freeze at any given temperature.

Tenrai Matter- can shift into any being all the way down to the atoms of the substance or object and due to Tenrai chakra abilities, what ever is formed can be controlled by Road.
This Matter can be anything from The lowest possible temperature, to the heat of the big bang that started life. This is an extremely dense substance, and although it is liquid, it can not under any circumstances evaporate, unless it is exiting into the confinds of Road or his aura. What ever the matter gets near is weakened severely, and becomes weaker the closer the Tenrai Matter gets because it can can attract or repell plasma and Ether. While it is an extremely thick liquid substance, it can reject apart whatever is hit by it, or as dark matter does, hold together whatever it touches. This goes for substances as beams, waves, etc and solids as weapons, solid energy and maybe even people. Black holes can easily manifest within the Matter due to its property from Dark Matter, and with its Tenrai property Road can control it with her mind, keeping her hands free.

Converging- Can converge into the particles in the atmosphere, dark matter particles, and back at will. Can also become intangible, but can't attack while intangible.
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Road's Abilities
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