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 Hebi Mibae Attacks

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Hebi Gorgon


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PostSubject: Hebi Mibae Attacks   October 17th 2009, 11:09 pm

Hebi Mibae’s Jutsu:

Normal Abilities:
Summoning Jutsu: Snakes

Fire Manipulation- Using my chakra I can control and shape flames around me how I please.

Earth Manipulation- Using my chakra I can control and shape the earth around me to the point where I can easily travel underground.

Animal Communication: I am able to talk to snakes and other types of reptiles.

Kekkei Genkai: Sune-Ku Kirikae (Snake Conversion/Adaption)- From the drugs I was given during my time trapped in that horrible building I have many snake like abilities written into my DNA. These powers includes having thick scales around my body that reduces body damage, flexibility, disconnectable jaw, a strong sense of smell, thermal heat sight and much more.

Snake Moves:

Hidden Shadow Snake Hands: This move allows me to release snakes from my wrist or sleeves. The snakes are used primarily to attack from a distance and, being snakes, can inflict multiple poisonous wounds on the victim's body or hold them in place.

Many Hidden Shadow Snake Hands: This move releases double the amount of snakes from my wrist or sleeves. Each snake can individually be doing something like intimidating, diverting, or capturing the enemy in a cooperative attack.

Myriad Snake Net Formation: I will release a torrent of serpents from my mouth. This wave will rise and rush towards my opponent trying to engulf and devourer my opponent.

Snake Arrows: I will use my chakra to turn my snakes into sharp arrows that I can load into my bow and launch at my opponents. These arrows can turn back into normal snake after being launched to bite or wrap around my opponent. Also while in arrow form the snakes are coated in strong poison.

Double Snake Bite: I will create a hand sign and then cause two large snake at appear from my sleeves and rocket toward my opponent trying to devourer them.

Snake Clone: This will create a clone of myself out of snakes although when hit or destroyed it will turn back into snakes that will lash out at my opponent.

Snake Whip: I will turn one of my snakes into a long whip that I will lash at my opponent. While whipping the snake at my opponent the snake will try to bit my opponent to hold or poison them.

Snake Crusher: From my snake enhancement my hand has the grip of a snake’s jaw which gives me massive grip power enough to crush metal.

Snake Cage: This move will create a cage of snakes around my opponent if my opponent tries to touch the cage to get in or out the snake will try to bite and poison them.

Snake Quake: This will cause a large amount of snake to erupt from under my opponent trying to bite them and drag the down under ground to be eaten.

Venom Body: I will emit poisonous snake venom from the scales over my body so if my opponent touches me or I touch them they will become infected with snake venom making there body become heavy and with enough time they will die.

Fires Move:

Spiral Flame: With a whip of my hand a large amount of fire will be released from my hands which will create a torrent of flames that will spin around and close in on my opponent trying to burn them from all sides.

Fire Claw: I will cover my hands in fire creating large claws and I will then attack my opponent trying to burn and cut them.

Fire Roar: I will take a deep breath and release a large and loud roar that will also release a large explosion of flames toward my opponents attack their body and hearing.

Jest Stream: I will release a large wave of fire from my mouth toward my opponent although unlike normal fire attack this stream move in angle like patterns creating gates of fire to corner my opponent.

Flame Serpent: I will create a large snake of fire that will drill toward my opponent. With enough control I can cause the snake to split into multiple fire snakes during its attack.

Serpents Fire: This move allows the snake that are wrapped around my body to release large blast of fire from their mouths. This move can only be done if the snakes are wrapped around me though.

Fire Element: Fire Dragon Flame Blast: I will release a stream of fire from my mouth that will rocket towards my opponent, in the shape of a large dragon.

Fire Element, Phoenix Fire Technique: a technique where I blow multiple fireballs from my mouth. It can also be combined with throwing weapons, which creates weapons engulfed in flames. These blast of fire can be launched from my mouth or from the mouth of the snakes wrapped around me.

Flame Tracker: Whenever my opponent is his with a fire attack I can activate this attack. With this I will leave a small trace of my chakra on them, with this I can use my thermal heat sight to fallow them no matter were they are.

Flame Arrow: Using my bow I will create multiple arrows made of fire chakra that I can load into my bow for unlimited amount of arrow, or at least until my chakra runs out.

Flame Punch/Kick: I will cover my hands and feet in hot fire and then attack my opponent with close combat type moves to try and burn them.

Earth Moves

Iron Rock Wall: I will create pillars from the ground that form a wall, blocking incoming attacks.

Earth Mine Field: I will punch the ground sending my energy around the area creating multiple balls of earth underground filled with energy. Hebi would then be able to sign causing the sections where the balls are will explode releasing a large wave strongly forced up earth which can be used to engulf and damage my opponent or simply use it to reduce their movements.

Earth Anaconda: I will cause a large amount of earth to rise from the ground and try to wrap around my opponent, and once wrapped around by the earth my opponent will be constricted until their body is either completely crushed or are unable to breath.

Fang Crusher: Using my earth control I will cause a section of the earth around me or my opponent to flip taking the form of a top section of a snakes mouth fangs and all which would try to crash down on my opponent or act as a quick shield.

Earth Wave Coffin: I will punch the ground sending a large shock wave though the ground which will center around my opponent causing the earth to cave in around my opponent trying to crush them with a large amount of force.

Earthly Snake Dance: Using a wave of acrobatic and snake like movement I will cause waves of sand to also move in sync with the movements crashing toward my opponent from different directions as different speeds and amounts of power to make it hard to avoid.

Supreme King Cobra Rock Crush: I will touch the ground and will create a large King Cobra out of stone which will charge toward my opponent. The King Cobra will try to either tackle my opponent with a large amount of force or swallow them up where a large amount of sharp stones would be waiting to rip them to shreds.
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Hebi Mibae Attacks
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