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 ...Feather? Yay.

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Satsu Tori


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PostSubject: ...Feather? Yay.   October 18th 2009, 3:26 pm

SO. If you read Satsu's bio, you'll know of the existence of her awesome giant feather~....If you didn't? She has a giant awesome feather. And that is her weapon.
So. The feather...is unlike most feathers. It's strong. Durable. And can shoot out smaller feathers like uber awesome deadly bullets.

I couldn't find a picture... so you get to use your imagination. Basically, it's a giant feather.

NOW. Satsu is very protective of her feather. You fuck with the feather, you're gonna die. Basically, it has a few abilities that I'm gonna list before I get sidetracked...

Hell yes. Satsu can stand on the feather..and the feather will float around and stuff. Making her defy gravity. Fun. She can pretty much manipulate the direct of the feather by will, seeing as she's pretty connected with the feather,,,if that makes sense. If not? Deal with it. Now. I know what you're thinking...Oh~! It's a feather~! I can blow it away with my sick wind attacks~! ...Fuck no. It's a SPECIAL FEATHER. That weighs a hell of a lot more than a normal giant feather. The middle of it, and the little...fizzy things that are on it? Therefore making a feather? Yeah. they're like STEEL.

Yes. Like a gun, the feather cna rapidly shoot other smaller feathers out. NOT NORMAL FEATHERS. Again. These are like...steel-ish. So basically? These feathers? her version of senbon...in a way. However, these are far cooler... Oh. And they go faster than senbon. Because they get SHOT OUT LIKE A GUN.

..yeah. So. If she swings the feather? Like a baseball bat? HIGH SPEED DEADLY WINDS OCCUR. Yay.

..That is all.
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...Feather? Yay.
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