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 Fenri's Technique

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PostSubject: Fenri's Technique   May 8th 2009, 11:05 am

Most of my techniques are improvised throughout the battle. The few signature jutsu I know are as follows:

Sheer Cold: Temperature drops to Absolute Zero, the temperature at which all molecular activity stops, freezing everything on the field.

Petal Dance: Petals swirl around me or any part of my body.

Howling Wind: I howl and the wind blows so cold at the opponent that it freezes them on contact.

Moonlight Shadow: The light reflects off of the ice and blinds the opponent.

Hypothermia: I freeze the blood in the opponent's bloodstream.

Absolute Zero: The temperature drops and the opponent is frozen almost instantly.

Pack Mentality: Many ice wolves come and pounce on the opponent.

Frostbite: Ice forms on all sides and closes in on the opponent.

Ice Beam: I shoot a beam of concentrated cold that freezes on contact.

Ice King: Ice forms around my body in many different shapes and forms. I learn more from what I see.


I have now added Articuno's fusion to my list of techniques.


My fusion with her allows me immense control over ice. My physical appearance changes from that of a man to one of a winged werewolf. The beast inside me awakens and combines with Articuno's power, leaving me a beast myself.


I have trained with Aeon and this has granted me the use of the element lightning. Since the training, I have only learned of its nature and left it to simple control, but I have also combined the lightning with ice to make freezing lightning. I have no dead set jutsu using it though.


One of my favorite jutsu

Hidden Mist Jutsu: A thick mist rolls in and hides me from sight. I can do many things from the mist out of sight.


A jutsu lost to time

Crystal Ice Mirrors: I form ice into multiple mirrors and reflect myself through them to attack the opponent.

My variation

Crystal Ice Spheres: The ice is formed into spheres of dense ice, freezing to the touch, damn near unbreakable. The spheres are placed into formation around the opponent and a field of electricity is send through them to further prevent escape. I move from each one at light speed to attack the opponent.

Azure Flame

Using Konpeki's Azure Flame, it allows anything its mystical flame touches to be frozen. This means that both the physical, i.e. swords, people, things, and the metaphysical, i.e. chakra, chakra networks, nonphysical attacks, can be frozen to my liking.

Ice Titan

the Ice Titan is a behemoth made of pure ice. That being said, he can take on the properties of any of my icy powers. He is created completely of the ice used to make the Crystal Ice Spheres and can hold the power of the Azure Flame, as per my discretion. It is somewhere around the height of six stories tall and quite angry... Quite angry. His size can be easily manipulated by the amount of ice used to make him.

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PostSubject: Re: Fenri's Technique   May 15th 2009, 11:33 am

I think you forgot one kid... Bigass icy type thing?
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Fenri's Technique
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