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 Kit and Kyo and Yin

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PostSubject: Kit and Kyo and Yin   October 20th 2009, 1:28 pm

Weapon:Black Sword

Kit is not what you would call a normal person she is one of them people that must be right at all time Ya know sometimes it gets on Kyo's nerves but he does not tell here that. when you first see Kit you might think wow such a sweet little girl but dame are you wrong kit is the most meanest person you could find but if you take that away then you wont have kit so that's why Kyo puts up with all here BS so there you have it.


Kit's sole weapon form the black sword


Power Stealing: Gives Kit the power to steal any power from anybody and use it as she sees fit.

Copy Cat:This give Kit the power to copy any move done on here or me.

Call of the storm: Gives kit the power over the elements.

Body merge: Kit mearge here self with Kyo to creat the most powerful perosn know to man Arios the master of light and dark.

Vision Eye:This power allows kit to see 3 secands into the future witch makes it alot easer to dodge incomeing attacks.

Grasper Eye:The Grasper Eye allows Kit to see things in slow motion for about five seconds, and while it is less draining than the vision eye, it still takes a toll on her body.

Black Sole:Black sole is an power that kyo tought kit for some reason anyway the move allows kit to turn a pure sole dark exp is you take a good person and kit uese this power on that perosn that person with turn bad and attack anything our anyone I hope you can get what I mean.

Trans-Am :Kit's most powerful move this move turn kit into a fight master no one can beat her in this form she gains power beyond power everything goes to the max power speed everything.

Weapon gunblade

Yin how to tell this one let me see ok here goes nothing yin in a nice and sweet girl she does everything she is told and never asks for anyhting in return so I don't know why she acks like that but she does anyway every thing eles about yin I cant tell you because the reast is not for anybody to know but me.


Yin's sole weapon form gun-blade


Dusk Bullet:This move allows yin to fire a round of bullets into the sky and when the bullets come down the come down in rows.

Thunders mark:This move allows Yin to fire a small round of thunder bullets that paralyze you.

long range:Long range is a move that Yin can uses to fire small but strong bullets from a far distant.

Tempest blast:Bay charging up mass amounts of energy Yin is able to fire element bullets.
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Kit and Kyo and Yin
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