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 Kuwa's Weapons

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PostSubject: Kuwa's Weapons   November 11th 2009, 8:35 pm

Shinkira: My clan's main weapon. Each person's Shinkira is unique to them. My Shinkira is made with the latest technology, and is quite special. The gold colored metal is a special metal that only allows for one way current of electricity, due to a special magnetic force that the metal inhibits. The gray metal covering it is also linked int the same way with this metal. The sword as a whole is almost totally indestructible, being almost totally resistant to temperature, environmental, and elemental changes. It also can absorb a very high rate of physical force, and cannot be cut. Though being long and quite thick, this Shinkira is light enough to be moved at high speeds, but heavy enough to add very brutal damage. The handle slides in and out for an either one handed or two handed style.

Akauchiwa and Kurouchiwa: Dual metal fans that I carry. Both are quite sharp, and can cut through some tough metals on their own. Adding wind chakra almost doubles their cutting ability. Kurouchiwa is the Black fan, which is the wind fan of the two, and has a seal within the dragon that allows it to repel and/or seal wind attacks/ Jutsu Akauchiwa is the red fan, which is the lightning fan. It has different seal on it that allows it to repel and/or seal lightning attacks and jutsu.

(Akauchiwa (red fan) and Kurouchiwa (black fan))

Shouten: This is the armband that I where. It is a focuser for my lightning jutsu. It allows me to create more powerful lightning jutsu with less chakra cost. My chakra consumption for lightning jutsu is cut down to 3/4 of whatever it was before, and the power increases for them 125% of the original.

I also carry basic ninja tools and weapons: Kunai, Shruiken, giant shuriken, explosive tags, metal wire, and senbon needles.
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Kuwa's Weapons
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