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 Kayla Jutsu

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PostSubject: Kayla Jutsu   December 6th 2009, 12:02 pm

Kekkei Genkai: Solara

My kekkei genkai is the combined force of two ancient bloodlines that I have named Solara. It's expanisve power stems from the legendary strength of gods, and the great 7 elemental guardian spirits. These guardians spirits have been designated to guard and house the respective 7 eternal chakras within their being. Through the power of my newly manifested kekkei genkai, it is my responsibility to locate and host the 7 elemental Aeons, preserving their being and power. While there is more left to understand, I understand to little to fully explain it. The techniques of my bloodline are very many and very powerful. But the basis of this is the fact that my control over the elements isn't held in any weapons. It is buried in my soul and can be crafted into any shape. Blades, shields, armor, anything. When directly using the power of the Aeons, my elemental prowess and control is taken to dangerous new heights.

Aeons Found:

Flare. The Ethereal Inferno: The guardian spirit of fire, Flare. She was taken from her clan and designated by the celestials to guard and preserve the element of fire at the young age of two. She was chosen due to the destructive qualities of her spirit accompanied with her pure of heart. She has existed for as long as the element has, and has years of ancient knowledge and power to back it up, however, like most of the spirits, she looks relatively young. Her beast transformation is a monster whose mere presence causes all surrounding things to be set ablaze in a fire so intense, it cremates the soul. Our spirit fusion has yet to be used so it's power is unknown. She was found is the depths of hell, chained and held prisoner by the mighty demons whom reside in the ethereal abyss.

(elemental jutsu improvised)

Aura Control

The second part of Kayla's kekkei genkai, is her ability to control aura. Kayla has an aura field that stretches, passively, about 6 meters from her body. Once in range of her Aura field, kayla can inflict multiple aura based jutsu on her opponents.

Kaiza Wave- Kayla can manipulate her aura to repulse/attract matter away or toward him. Depending on the amount of force she puts in this jutsu, it can easily shatter wood, bones, stone, metal, or even some of the most powerful defences. By using this technique as a defensive measure, most attacks directed to the user will be deflected, no matter the size, power or mass; however, it has been shown that it is possible to withstand this technique. She can repel with enough force to lay waste to just about anything if the required amount of chakra is used. And she can pull with force relative to chakra usage.

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Kayla Jutsu
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